improve complexion By rasivy and smooth complexion indicates first of all not only about the health of the skin, but also the whole organism.
And very often it happens that waking up in the morning, we notice, looking at himself in the mirror some gaunt and tired skin, with a pretty unattractive extinct gray or pale shade.
E that unpleasant phenomenon can serve as a considerable number of reasons, the most common of which - is the wrong or insufficient skin care, abuse addictions, such as coffee, alcohol, nicotine, and others, as well as unhealthy diet and poor performance of the gastrointestinal-kishechnogo tract.

And further your attention we offer 10 of the most effective ways to help improve complexion , and keep it that way for a long time.

Method 1: Of course, in the first method will be discussed is about caring for the face, and everything connected with it.
- Rule one: Always clean your skin every day in the mornings and evenings.This may or washing your face with soap and water or using oth

er cleaning agent (as anyone more suitable), or rubbing of the skin cleansing lotions and tonics .

And even if for a day, you do not applied to the face no makeup, evening skin still need to be cleaned.After being on the street, at home, and in other areas, you can not avoid settling on the skin of various small particles of dust and other pollution.

E If you regularly use foundation, powder and other cosmetics, remember - never, under any circumstances, do not go to bed without clearing the skin from it all.Going to bed with makeup on your face, you are exposing your skin to the strongest stress, and about any improvement in the complexion there can be no question.
B else can serve as skin contamination, since it is my own hair, which is very well absorb dirt and dust, so try to make sure that your hair as little as possible touch the skin of the face, especially as concerns the long hair.

T akzhe to further cleanse the skin 1-2 times a week, use an exfoliating agent, called scrubs .
W We recall, without adequate cleansing of the skin, you are unlikely to significantly improve the complexion.

- Rule two: Even if you are still young, and such a problem as a bad complexion you are not particularly worried about, do not forget about the regular moisturizing and skin nourishment.Otherwise, it will certainly affect the future, as in the color of the face, and on its condition.
P After cleansing the skin is required to lubricate your best nutritional or moisturizer daily, morning and evening.
D A supplementary feeding and hydration of the skin is well suited homemade facials, recipes which you will find on our site without difficulty.

- Rule Three: And the last rule to improve the complexion can be described as follows: "Everything should be in moderation."This means that, despite all of the above recommendations for the care of the face, do not overdo this.
And it is not necessary to put a large amount of the cream on the skin, in order to further moisten it.One should not get involved in scrubs, making them too often, and thus actively massaging the skin, and so on.

Method 2: second method, which helps to improve the complexion is healthy and proper nutrition.
About bychno if we do not sit on a diet, it is very rarely pay attention to what we eat.And in other words, we eat what we want.
A because factors such as incompatibility consumed at one time in food products, inadequate intake of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and also vice versa excess eaten unhealthy foods, such as fried, sweet, different chips, crackers, etc.all this, of course, and displayed on our complexion.

- Rule one: improve the complexion, as in other and more (figure bowels) will separate meals.This means do not mix per meal products are incompatible with each other.Table of the compatibility of products, you can easily find on the Internet, using any search engine.

- Rule two: second rule to improve the complexion is to incorporate into your diet healthy foods that are rich in vitamins necessary for our skin, namely:
P ybu, which is not onlyeasily digestible and nutritious product, but also directly affect the nutrition of the skin due to its content of nutritional fats and oils.
H Necessity for health and beauty of our skin is also sufficient protein intake.Of the meat products recommended lean meat and boiled beef, chicken, rabbit, and seafood.Among other products, it is, of course, eggs, raw as well as cooked, cheese curd, and bean protein.

H ie less need our facial skin vitamins A and E that contribute to its nutrition and hydration, as well as prevent premature aging.
P Recreatives Products rich in vitamin A - is cod, pork, beef and veal liver, butter, eggs, cream, milk, cheese, fish such as fatty herring, carp, chum salmon, sturgeon caviar.Also, carrots, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, tomato, green cabbage and lettuce, melon, papaya, plums, apricots, and other yellow fruits.
P Recreatives Products rich in vitamin E - it's nuts, sprouted grains wheat, barley, oats, rye and oats, vegetable oils, soy, herbs, corn and peas.Even eggs and liver.
By Which foods help further improve the complexion so it is flax grains, watermelon and melon, beet, carrot and citrus juice.

- Rule Three: If you really want to improve the complexion, it is desirable to completely abandon such harmful food all the various canned goods, sugary soft drinks such meat products like sausages and sausage, mayonnaise, margarine,hot spices, fried foods, and, of course, chips.
H in and try to limit the use of salt and sugar.If you stop salting every dish is prepared, then a week later you can easily get used to the taste of unsalted.Sugar can also be replaced with honey, and if it is very much like sweet, you can eat a little dark chocolate.

Method 3: We all know that one of the most important elements to sustain human life is, of course, water.And it lack of water in the body directly affects the premature aging of the skin , and of course, and its color.
P oetomu to improve the complexion, try to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day, thus your skin will be moisturized regularly, getting enough moisture from the inside.
P od pure water refers to fresh spring water, or even better - the melt water.For information on how to properly prepare melt water, you can also easily found on the Internet, with the help of search engines.

Method 4: Another important element, as well as for a healthy complexion, and for the full operation of all functions of the body, and indeed for the vitality and well-being is the fresh air.
E If you spend a lot of time working in confined spaces, keep in mind that the body at this time is bad enough enriched with oxygen.
D but also to the same indoor air is saturated with noxious vapors of different varnishes and paints, and many other poisonous substances.Again, all of this, of course, leads to the extinct and gray complexion.

In ed sure many have noticed that after a sufficient pastime outdoors, for example on holiday, or just after a walk, the facial skin becomes more fresh, rosy and healthy.
About tsyuda we conclude that in order to improve the complexion, you need to nourish our skin with oxygen.So try as often as possible to go out at every opportunity, even just to walk, without any purpose.

Method 5: Equally important for good appearance and maintenance of skin tone is a movement.And even despite the fact that it seems that the movement only affects only the state of our body, but not on the face, it is not.
In ed movement is still largely contributes to the improvement of metabolism, and thus cleanse the body.But these processes have a direct impact on the state of our skin.As is known, and that the inside and the outside mainly.

P oetomu do not neglect exercise, and even if you do not have a possibility to visit fitness clubs, try at least to do morning exercises, and move more throughout the day.
A walking outdoors - it's just a great option to improve the complexion.

Method 6: not less than the movement, our body needs and proper rest.And besides, the skin cells to regenerate and update it at night during sleep.
And if you still quite often do not get enough sleep, you can be sure that sooner or later it will impact on your complexion.
With well, you need to pay at least 7-8 hours a day, and to improve the complexion, it is recommended to go to bed early, but not later than 10 pm.

Method 7: What more greatly affects the deterioration of our skin color, so these are bad things like cigarettes, alcohol, and even coffee.
P oetomu think about it, if you really so much you need at least the same smoking ?
H about here is what's inside a person that, even knowing full well that this addiction is not only does not give him any advantages, but on the contrary, alone only cons, it still continues to smoke.All this certainly affects, as well as on health and on the color of the face, and on the general state of vitality and vigor.
By the way, for those who are seriously thoughtful about that to stop smoking, we can recommend a good book - Alan Carr's "Easy Way quit smoking."
T about same goes for coffee and alcohol.And if you can not completely give up these drinks, then at least try to reduce their use to a minimum.

Method 8: Increased nervousness and stress, all of this also affects our skin.Conversely, a stay in a calm emotional state contributes, as well as improve the complexion, and the maintenance of health of the whole organism.
By f course, do not worry and do not be nervous in difficult situations is a pretty daunting task.But on the other hand, all these states are not only able to help you solve the problems but only exacerbate the whole situation.
P oetomu, no matter how primitive sounded this advice, but in order to improve the complexion, try to somehow control their emotions.

Method 9: ninth and penultimate way to improve the complexion is your smile and good mood.
By hen you easily and happily in my soul, all this is reflected not only the radiant light in your eyes, but also a pleasant skin radiance.
In ed almost always when a person is happy and cheerful, it does not have dissatisfaction with their appearance, but on the contrary, he seems to himself and others cute as ever.

Method 10: Well, finally we come to the last and the process helps to improve the complexion of the skin.And do not be hard to guess based on the topics of our site - it is, of course, homemade masks and other traditional remedies.
And further on the link, you will find recipes for most of these masks and other home cosmetics to improve the complexion.

Folk remedies and mask improve the complexion

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