tired skin of the face tired facial skin evidence of possible overwork, stress, lack of sleep or ailments.A person becomes a lifeless gray hue, the skin becomes lethargic, appear the more noticeable wrinkles available , and the overall appearance is different tarnish and dull.
By f course, you can try to eliminate signs of fatigue on the face with the help of makeup, and at first glance it may seem that the removal was successful.But keep in mind that after a couple of hours fatigue on face can occur with even greater force, and the subsequent use of cosmetics will only worsen the situation.

B in such cases offers home cosmetology?If it is possible, even before leaving the house, you can try to refresh the appearance of the skin with the help of various folk methods.
T ak, if you have 15-20 minutes of time, it is recommended to do one of the following home masks:

potatoes from fatigue skin Recipe mask for tired skin of the potato and sour cream :
Clean a raw potato and rub on a small grater.2 tbsp.spoon the resulting mass mix with

1 tbsp.dollop of sour cream.Add a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.Apply copious composition layer on the face, and after 15-20 minutes wash with cool water.After
apply a light moisturizer.
Potatoes can be replaced by a cucumber, in this case, the mixture will have a slight lightening effect.

well tones the skin fresh watermelon or apple juice .
pretty enough to wipe the face with a piece of watermelon, and you will notice how it will become more radiant and refreshed appearance.
In the off-season, or for lack of a melon, squeeze the juice using a juicer of the more acidic or sour-sweet varieties of apples, soak a cotton swab in it, and carefully wipe the face.
can not wash and put the cream after the juice dries after these procedures.

Oil mask for tired skin person:
For this recipe will need to purchase vegetable oil peach, apricot, mango, pumpkin, wild rose or chamomile.By 1 tbsp.spoon selected oil should add 2 drops of essential oil orange, lemon, basil and incense.
The resulting mixture should be well greased face, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash with warm water.
more suitable for dry skin type.

Another face mask of fatigue from seaweed kelp :
However, for the preparation of this tool will take time, but the striking result is noticeable immediately after application!
So, get in the drugstore dried kelp, powdered, measure out 2 tablespoons and pour about a half cup of water at room temperature.Leave for 1 hour, and then press the swollen mass of excess water and apply it on your face for 25-30 minutes.When the timer expires, remove algae using cotton pad and rinse your face with warm water.
, this procedure is done in the supine position to the algal mass is not dripping during application.

good tone the skin and relieve fatigue on the face ice cubes .They can be frozen out of cucumber, watermelon, apple or citrus juice (orange, mandarin, grapefruit), as well as welding green tea or normal mineral water without gas.Application
ice is as follows: taking one die napkin, it should be led across the area of ​​the face, moving from the center to the temples, beginning with the chin.It will be good to capture and eyelid skin, it will help make smaller bags and black eyes .Avoid hypothermia of the skin, do not stay in one area for more than 5 seconds.This procedure
ice immediately noticeable refreshing the face, giving it a natural glow and healthy radiance.True, it is not suitable for close-to-skin and dilated blood vessels.

By f course, if the face looks tired, it is better to go to sleep at least a few hours and look immediately returns to normal.Unfortunately, this option is not always possible, so there is hope for other low-cost methods for time.

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