Care of the neck care neck and decollete should begin at the same time as the regular care skin.After all, as you know, aging issue not only appeared wrinkles on the face, but also the condition of the skin of the neck and décolleté, which in the warm season is almost always open and visible.
And the thing is that in these areas a layer of subcutaneous fat much thinner in comparison with other areas of the skin, and the number of sebaceous glands in the skin of the neck and décolleté order is less than, for example, in the skin of the face.So thin and delicate skin in these areas simply require additional nutrition and hydration, otherwise it will start very quickly wither.
D well and apart from the cosmetic treatment of the neck and décolleté, or rather its absence, there are many other factors influencing the premature aging of the skin.And if we neglect the given below tips, you can ensure that the skin of the neck and décolleté, even at a relatively young age, will begin to lose its firmness and elastici

ty, becomes flabby, and begin to form fine transverse wrinkles on the surface.

H have, first of all, every morning and evening (and every time after showering) lubricate the neck moisturizing or nourishing cream that you use for the whole body.
E If you do not use creams for the body, make sure you apply on the neck creams used for skin (but it should be a cream with moisturizing and nourishing action, not podsushivayuschee means for oily skin).Or better yet, buy a separate cream, specially appointed to care for the skin of the neck and décolleté.

E If you do not take a shower in the evening, during cleansing face, the same is done with the neck skin (wash your using a foam or gel or wipe with cleansing milk and tonic after).And especially you should always clean the skin of the neck before going to bed, if it has a decorative cosmetics (foundation or powder).
have Trom, when washing, will be sufficient to rinse the neck with cool water, or rub an ice cube.
P donkey as already stated above, do not forget to grease the neck cream.
T akzhe, about once every two weeks is recommended to make easy peeling of the skin of the neck, using sparing scrubs to remove deeper dirt and dead skin cells.
H have and, of course, is not more than 1 time per week doing household, moisturizing and nourishing mask for the neck:

recipes of traditional masks for the neck and décolleté

E If you have already started to form the firstwrinkles on the neck, they help to smooth warm compresses on the basis of vegetable oils, which are recommended to be used 1-2 times a week.
B To make a compress, it is necessary to moisten in a heated oil (such as olive ) flap flax or cotton, and apply it to cleansed neck.Then, on top of the neck wrap gauze bandage soaked in hot water, and even on top of a warm towel or a special compress paper (and on top of the paper towel already).Keep these compresses about 15-20 minutes.
P After removing the compress well to massage the skin of the neck, as it is easy pinching it with your fingers, and then apply a cold compress for 10-15 minutes (soak a piece of gauze in cold water).After a cold compress to wash the neck is not necessary.

X watering to maintain the elasticity and tone of the skin of the neck, in other matters, as well as the rest of the skin, helps to douche.This includes alternately pouring the body with hot and cold water.But if such a procedure for any reason is unacceptable to you, then at least every time when bathing, washing at the end just to stoop down and spray the within seconds the neck abundant stream of cold water from the shower.

E If you've wondered - how to care for neck , then pay attention to what kind of pillow you sleep.For example, sleep on a high pillow can lead to the appearance of double chin .By the way, the same problem is a permanent stoop, and the habit of low lowered head down in a sitting position, and walking.
B To avoid double chin, try to always keep the chin parallel to the floor, gently pulling it forward.

External Expansion in appearance and elasticity of the skin of the neck largely depend on its muscles are in what condition.
M s, of course, all know that regular exercise helps to maintain our body in good shape, and so, and separate exercises for the neck longer contribute to the preservation of her youth.

How to do exercises for the neck.The exercises for the neck.

In particular, to reduce fatigue, eliminate muscle tension and pain in the neck, we recommend that a neck massage, which you can easily do yourself.

prolongs youth and relaxing neck massage

B ashche all when it concerns the care of the neck, many pay attention to only the front part of it, and about the back of the completely forgotten.This is not right, and back of the neck as needed, albeit not in such a thorough attention as the front, but at least in the regular nutrition and hydration using the creams.Do not forget it!

B regards the care of the neckline, this area as well as neck skin needs constant moisturizing and nutrition.Actually the recommendations for the care of this area are similar to the care of the skin of the neck.
E then again repeat, regular nutrition and hydration (morning and evening, and after every shower).For this purpose one can use the same cream as for the neck.
(Actually, of course, to care for neck and décolleté is recommended to select a special cosmetics (creams, serums, etc.), which includes collagen (the protein responsible for skin elasticity), nutrient fortifiedcreams, moisturizers, and a large percentage of water content).
P Continually:
E the daily décolleté skin cleansing (in the morning and in the evening, if you do not take a shower, you can just wipe the area with ice or a cotton swab dipped in cold water, or alcohol-free cleansing tonic).And every two weeks to use exfoliating scrubs.
E the extra food décolleté using home masks, reference to which was given the recipes above.The use of warm compresses of oil for the prevention of wrinkles on the skin of neck and smoothing existing.Douches, or at least to "massage" the skin cleavage strong jet of cold water from the shower, every time swimming (for example, at the end of bathing can be strongly lean forward, and pour cold water only his neck and décolleté).

And finally I want to note two things that can contribute to early withering, and the formation of wrinkles on the neck skin.This abuse of tan, and a sharp weight loss.In other matters which may harm not only the neck area, but also the entire body skin in general.

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