Masks mango Masks for mango persons do not often as for example, of our local fruits: apples and pears, plum , grapes, watermelon and melon, etc., or of imported, but not less.common - banana, citrus or kiwi.But for a long time the mango can be found in almost every supermarket, and certainly there are not few fans of this pretty tasty fruit with soft and juicy flesh.
Many people think that to taste the fruit is very similar to the carrots, and truth in this transaction.But if we compare the carrots and mangoes on the content of nutrients, the exotic fruit practically in no way inferior to our carrots.

Masks mango also beneficial for the skin, thanks to its many properties.It's nutrition and hydration, fortification and mitigation, recovery and healing of the skin.And they can be used perfectly with any type of skin, but particularly well, of course, they work on a dry and aging skin.

P ristupim to recipes.

Standard mask is very easy for a person mango .Ripe fruit should be washed under warm water, p

eel, cut and remove the bone.It remains only to rub the flesh into very fine grater, and put the resulting mass is abundant layer on clean skin for 20-25 minutes.
just washed off the mask water and then use moisturizer or another your daily moisturizer.
Frequency of use 1-2 times a week.Suitable for all skin types.
For added convenience, chopped mango pulp is better to impose on the person lying down, well if there is an assistant.After application of the mask can be fixed with plastic wrap.

mask Tropical mango and orange:
mango pulp is pulverized in the same manner as in the recipe above, but now its about 2 Art.spoons mixed with 3 of Art.tablespoons of orange pulp (naturally peeled and pitted).
composition is applied to the face for 20-25 minutes.
mask perfectly tones and revitalizes the skin, and it is suitable for all types.

And, of course, you can arbitrarily experiment with the addition of mango variety of other natural food products.

So, at a fat skin type face to the standard mask mango recommended dodavat dairy products: low-fat sour cream, yogurt, whey, sour milk, yogurt (the proportion of take on the eye, that as a result of mixing grated mango pulp and selected products are obtainedmass medium density, easy to apply).This will improve the degreasing and matting properties of the mixture.
For a better cleansing oily skin, and matting and eliminate greasy well add even ordinary wheat flour, white or blue clay .A raw chicken protein helps boost astringent and drying effect of the mask.

For dry skin perfect face mask of mango mixed with products such as raw egg yolk, fat sour cream, milk cream, vegetable oil, mayonnaise.
Again, the proportion of components can define yourself.

A for rejuvenation and toning flabby aging skin mask made from grated mango pulp of this fruit, coupled with chopped leaves of aloe and, for example, with vegetable oil avocado (can be replaced by rosehip oil or ordinary olive).Aloe vera and mangoes are taken in approximately equal amounts (mango a little more) and Doda oil so as to obtain an average density paste.

particularly for aging and sagging skin is well suited mask of mango and orange in honey mixtures.1 full time Art.spoon grated mango pulp mixed with 2 Art.spoons comminuted orange pulp, and add 2 teaspoons of liquid honey.Keep on the face for 15 minutes.

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