Gymnastics for the neck B it gives the woman's age?Face?Yes, of course - on the face while leaving a trace.But there is another part of the body, which can be treacherous to talk about your age, even if on the face you do not have visible wrinkles.It is, as you've probably guessed, about his neck.

H and actually, neck, or rather, her skin is very delicate and thin.In addition, it is at least the neck subcutaneous fat (as well as on the hands).In this sense, the skin of the neck can be compared with skin around the eyes.
In by many women only on the neck do not pay any attention.Is that buying a cream for that area of ​​the body, and even then not always.And it turns out that the more fresh and young face, we have already flabby, and in some places and stale skin on the neck, chin, and the rest is not too attractive a time stamp.After all the fat deposited around the neck before the face.A weakness of the neck muscles leads to the formation of that same second chin.

B do something?No, it is not necessary to run

to the plastic surgeon - this always have time.As you know, the best treatment - is prevention, so in this case it is necessary to care for neck before the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, and start to do it in his youth.
F formula is care neck simple: well-chosen cosmetics, plus exercises for the neck .Yes, exercises that strengthen muscles, and significantly enhance the skin tone.After all, you are doing exercises to keep the body in good physical shape?Here and neck must be correctly matched load, and further described exercises for the neck may help slow its age-related changes.

Exercises for neck H e should not think that these exercises for the neck take a lot of time.It will be enough for 10-15 minutes a day - you hope you can afford it?
And so, actually exercises for the neck:

1. Tilt the head back.Relax your jaw and mouth slightly open.Now you need to sum up the lower jaw, as if trying to cover her upper jaw.Lift the jaw slowly, with force, the maximum straining muscles near the chin.Try lower lip "get" to the tip of the nose (though it is impossible).
2. For training genial muscles Clasp your hands together in a "lock" and move them under the chin.Throws his head back with a resistance (as if someone does not give you to do).If you do everything right, you will feel the tension genial muscles.
3. now train neck.Flatten the breasts, put his fingers on his shoulders.And now strongly pull up neck and shoulders press down with your fingers down.Inhale, count to 10, then exhale.
4. After this stretch, relax the shoulders, lower arms along the body.Head dropped to his chest, and begin to "roll pie" - head rolled from the left shoulder to the end, and then - back then - on the right shoulder and chest.Now the same thing, only in a different direction.
5. Turn head to the right, touch your chin shoulder.Do exercise 4-5 times for each hand.The shoulders are not raised.
6. Now do the same, only need to touch the shoulder ear.These two exercises are good for stretching muscles.
7. neck Pull forward and lift the chin up.Now, post your neck back, and push the chin.
8. again train the muscles of the chin.Elbows put on the table, fingers engages in a "lock".On the fingers of his chin.Hands lift the chin up, but he has to "resist."Now drop the chin down, or rather, chin lose heart."Resist" Hands too.
9. Now squeeze your fingers into fists, fists put one on the other.Fists keep in the air at the neck.Chin rest against fists and try to lower his head.Hands at the same time should "resist" pressure.
10. strengthen a broad neck muscle (at the same time working on his voice) - pull his lips and say the sounds of A, G, I, U, N.Articulation must be active.
11. Another exercise.Lower the corners of the mouth down, tighten your neck muscles.After a few seconds, relax.
12. put his hand on his forehead.Now try to lower his head down, but to overcome the resistance of hands.
13. little porisuem.Take in the mouth pencil, pull the chin forward and draw in the air circles and ovals.
14. These exercises for the neck are useful for those who have thin and sinewy neck, above the collarbone have depression.So, put your hands on the shoulders, elbows, lift at the shoulders and elbows make a circular motion.Forward movement 10 and 10 backward.Keep your hands at shoulder level.
15. And the last exercise, aimed not only at strengthening the muscles of the neck, but also on their relaxation.His hands behind his head, and hold it while trying to tilt his head back.

In se exercises for the neck is slower without fanaticism, about 10 times each.The number of repetitions can be increased twice after 10 days of employment.Gradually it is to increase the number of each exercise 30-40 times.Time it will take longer, but the result is worth it - for a long time you will not even remember about plastic surgery.
H about not only exercises for the neck muscles will retain her youth.Just three simple 'no' will also help you with this:
- do not sleep on a high pillow;
- do not tilt the head too often, but if the job requires it - in the breaks do gymnastics;
- do not slouch and keep your head straight.

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