Before applying mask pineapple sure to check your skin sensitivity.To do this, attach a piece of pineapple pulp to the wrist, and hold for 5 minutes, if there was not any irritable reactions, it can be used on the face.

Masks from pineapple People beauty recipe for dry and aging skin: Thoroughly mash 2 slices canned pineapple, add 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 tablespoon of olive or other vegetable oil.Mix everything and apply on face for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.This mixture can be used for hands.

Recipe purifying mask of pineapple: Mash 1 slice of pineapple, peeled.Add a teaspoon of honey, and a little oat flour to form a thick slurry, which is applied evenly on the face.After 10-15 minutes, remove the wet cotton swab.Do not worry if you feel a slight tingling, this eliminates dead skin cells during the procedure, the skin is renewed.

If you have oily skin face, then wipe it with a slice of fresh pineapple as possible in the morning and evening.Or simply apply slices of this fruit

all over the face and lie down with them in a relaxed state for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

And this recipe for homemade beauty will help to whiten the face and make less noticeable freckles and other pigmented spots: 4 tablespoons of fresh pineapple juice mix with 2 teaspoons of liquid honey and with 3 tablespoons of yogurt.Leave the mixture to infuse for 5-10 minutes, then apply a layer of abundant on the face.After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Nourishing Mask Pineapple: Take 1 slice of fresh pineapple, a tablespoon of the pulp of banana and 1 teaspoon of honey.Thoroughly mash all the ingredients until smooth, which is superimposed on the face for 10 minutes, after which rinse with warm water.It is recommended to use a moisturizer after such a procedure.

beauty recipe for moisturizing dry skin person: Pineapple pulp mix in equal proportions with sunflower or olive oil.Liberally apply the mixture on the face, and after 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Soothing Mask Pineapple: Chop peeled 1 slice of pineapple, add 1 tablespoon of sour cream and 1 teaspoon of honey.Mix everything and apply on your face.After 10-15 minutes, remove the wet cotton swab, then rinse with warm water.

To make the skin smooth and soft, use this mask of pineapple: Take equal parts of pineapple pulp, banana and kiwi fruit (you can even add papaya), and carefully raztolkite puree.Put the resulting mass with light massaging movements, and leave for 15 minutes.After remove the cloth or cotton swab and wash with warm water.

Moisturizing beauty recipe: Beat in a blender quarter cup of coconut milk (if not present, you can use regular milk) with the same amount of pineapple pulp.Heat the resulting mass slightly, and brush her face.After 10-15 minutes rinse with warm water.

Masks from pineapple can still be used to moisten the lips: Clean mouth with a piece of pineapple, then lubricate with Vaseline.

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