neck Massage D elaya heroic effort to remove make-up before going to bed, we were tired, remember that the cream should be applied not only to the face but also on the neck.Some careless finger movements - that's the whole care neck , who allow themselves to most women.They do not even know (or simply lazy), it is sufficient to give the neck at least 10 minutes a day, and can significantly prolong youth and beauty of this "early-aging" of the body.
X otitis learn how to - read on!

H anesenie cream is certainly important for the neck skin.But the effect of the cream can be improved several times, if before that make neck massage .This will help relax the muscles of the neck (it turns out, we do not know how they are tense!), To restore normal bloo

d flow and contribute to a better absorption of skin nourishing and moisturizing substances.
By the way, fatigue in the evening: a small neck massage helps to give you courage, even after the worst of the day.The fact is that massage helps to restore normal blood circulation of the brain - you will experience what is called "clearing in the head."When persists tension in your neck and shoulders, you feel that if you instantly get rid of the heavy burden of daily cares.

E slit one attack, which effectively combats neck massage - it's insidious wrinkle.As we know, they occur suddenly (sometimes quite early - it depends on lifestyle, heredity, skin characteristics, and care for her) and cross out neck deep grooves, which already does not hide.
T akzhe neck massage can be used as one of the measures against the second chin.

With uschestvuet many techniques and options for neck massage, but all of them can be divided into two categories: the massage is done on their own or with the help of another person.
H about further we consider it self-massage of the neck , which, being very easy to implement, can quickly relieve the tension of the neck muscles, and every day its implementation will contribute to the prevention and removal of existing signs of aging of the skin of the neck.

By ak do self-massage of the neck - sitting or standing - not so important.Most importantly - do not slouch and do not strain your neck muscles, shoulders and back.It is quite difficult, because the movements of the shoulder muscles of the arms, one way or another, are involved, so as soon as the hands are tired - take a break.In order to better control the process of stand (sit) in front of a mirror.Do not rush to finish the procedure quickly, have fun - and neck massage will bring you much more value!
In particular, so as not to stretch the skin of the neck, very good to use for massage oil (eg, coconut , almond , peach , olive , et al.).

D To start - warm: stroking neck with fingertips from the top down, from the hairline to her shoulders.Do not try to stretch the skin too.Start behind the ears - fingers in the end have to meet the spine.Continuing downward return the arm to its original position.

P azminaem the front of the neck: alternately with both hands pat the neck from the chin to the chest.Participants not only cushions - the inner surface of the fingers completely.Do not stretch the skin - it is very thin.
W ATEM back of both hands stroking his neck, starting from its bottom, and gradually moving to the chin.Hands stroking each time moving sideways (each on its side of the neck), and up to the earlobes.

D la prevention of double chin you must do the following self-massage:
P rizhmite close to each other fingers of the right hand and the back of the hand, pressing it firmly to the chin, perform a circular motion several times in both directions.
P After all recommended the same back of the hand "pat" for some time under the chin.

About ain part: the front part of the neck no longer touch.Pads of four fingers to make circular movements over the rest of the neck.To avoid getting lost, start from the bottom of the clavicle on both sides and work your way up to the hairline behind the ears.Then down again, but not on the same line, and next.Continue as long as your fingers will not meet again in the spine.
P Static preparation area - the same, but now you need to pinch the neck with your fingers, moving from bottom to top and vice versa.Power need not apply, but with nails for this exercise will have to part.

W When you have completed self-massage to completely relax the muscles of the neck can be easy once again stroking the skin with fingertips, moving from the chin down, and so on throughout the neck until your fingers will not reach the spine.
D elat all above a neck massage is recommended for at least 10 minutes every day, in the evening, after the neck skin cleansing procedure, and only then apply the nutrient or moisturizer.

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