Double chin second chin , if the language of medicine, it is a large concentration of soft fatty tissue in the chin area.
About list of double chin is often observed in obese people, however, not less often it may occur, and for those whom nature has protected from the problems with being overweight, even insulting.You must agree, the presence of double chin can spoil the whole appeal, even with a perfect slim figure and beautiful appearance.
H on, as they say, there is always a way out, and there are many methods to help remove a double chin .Just let us first look at the main reasons for his education, knowledge of which will help many to warn this is a very unpleasant phenomenon.

On the bottom of the first causes of double chin - a genetic predisposition, in other words, the folds of fat on the chin can be transferred to you by inheritance.Sad, is not it?But do not be upset, remove the double chin is always possible (this will be below), including hereditary.In the meantime, reminisce faces of your

parents, grandparents, consider if there is a carefully and photos of your probabushek prodedushek.If none of them has such a "defect" means the cause of the double chin you are likely not to heredity.
T akzhe to the formation of a double chin inclined people with unexpressed jaw.

For the following reasons double chin include age-related changes of facial contours, when the skin begins to lose its firmness and elasticity and the muscles of the neck is much weaker.To prevent this, you must regularly do simple exercises for the neck, as well as an exercise of double chin, links to which you will find below.
H from and how it has been stated earlier in this article, the reason for double chin is often obesity and sudden weight loss or sets.
And s because of what may still appear double chin, so it is a result of violation of the thyroid gland, or in connection with the disease of diabetes.Therefore, it never hurts to be checked up at the endocrinologist.

By remaining possible causes double chin include:
- permanent stoop and lowered head while walking, including when sitting, for example, bad posture when working at the computer or reading;
- sleep on a high pillow;
- poor diet (too frequent consumption of high-calorie fatty and spicy foods).

P irst of all, let's think about how to prevent the appearance of a double chin?
And zbezhat this primarily helps elementary gymnastics.So, if you regularly, every day to do some exercises for the neck muscles and against the second chin - it will help to maintain muscle tone of the chin, and avoiding the postponement of fat in this part.In particular, such exercises are very effective, as in the only scheduled and when already clearly expressed the second chin.

exercises of double chin

Gymnastics Neck

Massage of double chin

With ootvetstvenno should initially keep your posture, try to always keep your head up, just pulling the chin forward, not lowerit to his chest, to sleep on the low cushions, and do not abuse too fatty food.Following these "rules" also helps to prevent a double chin.

T EPER actually about how to remove the double chin.Of course, in our time, there are many procedures to get rid of a double chin.It myostimulation, lymphatic drainage, lipomodelirovanie, special massages, lifting treatments, and even surgery.Any of these procedures, costs money and is not very cheap.Sure, if you have the means, then consult with a specialist, you can do one of the "operations" above.
H about what to do in the event that money to the elimination of double chin by these methods you are not there?

By As was already mentioned, it helps to remove the double chin exercises.Moreover, it is one of the most effective ways that does not require anything other than a small cost of your time.
And, of course, there are the folk remedies of double chin, such as masks, compresses, recipes which you will find by clicking on the link below:

Home remedies and masks against a second chin

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