Exercises of double chin E If you wish to prevent the emergence of, or remove existing double chin exercises - this is one of the most effective methods.Just 15 minutes a day, and in the near future you are going to see the result visually.
About sobenno is important to those people who have a sedentary job, becausebad posture when sitting down and lowered his head - this is a direct and fast way to the formation of double chin.So if you spend a lot of time at work, for example, on a computer, then you just need short breaks.And the eye can relax and tense muscles of neck and back does not hurt to stretch our, and 5 minutes can be spent on exercise of double chin .Well, if at least 3 times a day to make such interruptions, and to pay for 5 minutes as described further exercises, soon on the planned second chin will be over.
In other cases, if you can not do 5-minute breaks during the day, try to find at least 15 minutes for "submental gymnastics" in the morning before work or in the evening, for a while before goin

g to bed.So there you go!

P ervoe recommended exercise of double chin, or rather not even really an exercise - it is a pat on the chin with the back of the hand.At the same time the fingers should be tightly pressed against each other, and fast movement, so that after a while began to go numb chin.
D elayte such slaps as much as you can, but not less than 1-2 minutes.
T Which procedure is not only very effective against double chin, but also more convenient because it can be done at any time after utreshnego and evening applying the cream;while sitting at the computer;when watching a movie, etc.

With Next- exercise helps to get rid of double chin - a walk around the room with a book on his head.It is advisable to take a heavy book, and in the performance to keep your back straight, lift up your head, so that his chin was not looking forward, but was a little zadrat to the top.
D annoe exercise is also very effective, and contributes not only to the elimination of double chin, but also improve posture.5-7 minutes per day on its implementation will be quite enough.

E slit four exercises of double chin, which can be done at any time of the day:
P redstavte that your chin hung heavy load, pull down.With the strength of straining muscles of the chin, raises the load up slowly throwing her head back.You can do in a sitting position.
P oocheredno push the tip of the tongue on the upper and lower sky, with great effort, to have a good sense how tense the muscles of the chin.
P astyagivaya serried corners of the mouth, greatly strain the muscles of the chin, slightly pushing it forward.
P ytaytes language to reach the tip of the nose, holding it in this position for 10-15 seconds.Or his tongue, and do they recommend one or the other direction (it is possible to draw a figure eight).

A yagte on your back on a flat floor, raising his head and look at the fingers of his feet.Count to 30, then lowered his head.So 2-3.
With new lie on your back, only this time on the bed so that your head is hanging down.To raise and lower the head, doing 3 sets of 10 times.
E two minute exercise is especially good to help get rid of double chin, but only if patients with spinal and vascular diseases make them contraindicated.

And zbavitsya of double chin can be a daily exercise program by doing the following:
W ADRA head up, pull the lower jaw forward, hold for a few seconds in this position, and return back.Repeat 7-10 times.
H apryagite chin muscles, pull forward the lips, and say with clarity the letter O, V, VI Each letter by 7-10 times.
H apryagite strong chin muscles and lower lip with a good draw the inside, and returned, and so for 1 minute.Then rest a little, again tighten the muscles of the chin, and now pull the lower lip forward, setting the stage for it on the upper lip, as well, about 1 minute.
P ovno sit down, put your elbows on the table and put his chin on the fingers.Strongly tighten your chin muscles somknite teeth, just pull the chin forward and raise it up rhythmically, for 1 minute.
P rizhmite chin to your chest and grasp the back of the head with closed lock in your hands.Now, with the strength of straining muscles of the chin, try to pick it up, resisting the pressing on his head.

EXERCISE In the second chin is called "the giraffe┬╗:
In become straight, put the fingers on his shoulders, and, pull your chin up squashing them with the power-down (in the sense of the fingers on the shoulders).Starting exercise, inhale, then hold your neck in a stretched position for 10 seconds, and then exhale, lower down, and relax.Repeat 3-5 times.

With yadte exactly, put your elbows on the table and punched in the chin rest against.Now, with the strength of straining muscles of the chin, try to lower it, while, on the contrary, try to raise their fists chin up.Hold tight position 10-15 seconds, and then relax.Execute 5-4 approaches.

With Standardized exercise of double chin, which is recommended to do at the very end of the gym:
With yadte, keeping your back straight.Slowly lower jaw down, hold it there for a few seconds, and then just as slowly Zaderey up similarly apprehended him at the top.Then return the chin in a straight position (so he looked straight), and in turn, turning her head to touch them right and left shoulder (7-10 times for each arm).
With new return the chin in a straight position, and now, touch the right ear to the right shoulder, a little linger in this position, and then, in the same way, the left ear to the left shoulder.
P donkey lower jaw down and slowly make it circular roll, up over his right shoulder, and down over the left shoulder, until it again will be on the breast.Then do the same thing, only in the opposite direction.

In s can do, as well as all the above exercises on the second day of the chin, or only some of them, or every alternate day exercise, as long as a day, the amount you have paid such studies at least 15minutes.
P After the end of the exercises, it is desirable to put on a neck skin moisturizing or nourishing cream.

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