Massage of double chin Massage of double chin , with regular its implementation, helps to stretch your body fat in the chin area, and the procedure does not require you a lot of time and effort.
D elat a home massage is recommended, for example, immediately after applying the cream on the neck, in the morning or in the evening, and the best course in the morning and evening.

H e despite the fact that massage should contribute remove double chin , it is always necessary to begin with strokes, to prepare the skin to become more active.
P oglazhivaniya best done with the back of both hands, gently moving them from the middle of the chin on both sides to the ear lobes.At the same time to scroll through the chin, first up and then down.
P ass well will make a circular rubbing fingertips, moving across the chin area.

T EPER start pat on the chin with the back of the fingers of both hands, moving as well as when stroking, from the middle of the chin to the lobes of the ears, moving up and down.
In Posted in General, this action is very effective in getting rid of double chin, and it should be done at every opportunity throughout the day (for example, while sitting at the computer, watching movies, etc.).Usually it is recommended as follows: very quickly clap chin with the back of his right hand, until such time as the hand begins to tire, and chin area "numb", then exactly the same with the left hand, and so, alternating hands as you can.

D cial massage from the second jaw includes tweaks chin of the thumb and forefinger of both hands.At the same time try not to stretch the skin, but rather, as it were, pressed her on every pinch.

P ass slaps and pinches active again go to the circular Rubbing his chin, and complete the initial massage strokes.
H and the whole procedure of this, and you will agree, is very simple massage from a second chin should go about 7-10 minutes.
By the way, during this action, you can use anti-cellulite creams or gels.

T akzhe to remove the double chin, during a home massage is recommended to use some products, such as the honey .This will contribute to better skin tightening, just be careful, becausepure honey can cause allergic reactions very negative.Therefore, to avoid this honey is recommended to mix in equal proportions with low-fat cottage cheese or sour cream.
T ehnika massage with honey is the same as described above, is performed only on clean skin (without applying the cream), after which the equipped area is cleaned by washing or just the tonic, and then to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

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