Sensitive skin in cosmetology can be subdivided skin into four main types - normal, dry, oily and combination skin.But there is another type of skin, which can be called one of the most problematic - it sensitive skin .
And if a problem skin usually means oily skin, with the presence of acne and acne, sensitive skin that also gives its owners of not less trouble and discomfort.
B astye redness and irritation of the skin, feeling of tightness, itching and peeling, the appearance of different spots, unevenness and roughness, these symptoms are directly indicate the presence of sensitive skin .

T Which skin can be irritated by almost everything from her makeup applied, and ending with a variety of weather conditions.Washing with water, the use of cosmetics and makeup, frost, sun, strong wind, polluted air, all these factors are almost the biggest enemies for sensitive skin.

B Sensitivity skin from birth is rare.Normally, skin sensitivity is acquired in a more prolonged age, and this can serve a number o

f reasons.
About bottom of these reasons is the wrong facial care or frequent change of cosmetics.
s an And also many other reasons that may affect the sensitivity of the skin, such as the transfer of such skin disorders like rosacea facial , psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis ;
psychological factors, such as increased nervousness, frequent stress and depression;
poor diet, particularly with regard to the excessive use of salt, spicy and spicy food, soft drinks, black tea and coffee;Of course, such bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes;
contaminated water, which is used for washing, and general pollution, as well as too dry, hot, humid or cold climate.

B ashche all is dry and bright facial skin becomes sensitive to the effect.This is due to insufficient amount of subcutaneous fat and protective pigmentation, which serve as the primary prevention of skin surrounding external influences.

H e rarely skin sensitization confused with an allergy.But in fact, sensitive facial skin and skin prone to allergic reactions - are two different things.
About bychno allergies can be caused due to a skin reaction to one or a couple of cosmetic products, or on certain foods, and this reaction manifests itself mainly in just a few hours.
B Sensitivity skin on the contrary, shows a response almost immediately, and as already stated above, may be irritated by almost any of the procedures, cosmetic tools, and many other factors.

E If some types of skin requires careful maintenance, the care for sensitive skin should be kept to a minimum.What does this mean?
H have, firstly, it is not recommended the use of many cleaning and exfoliating agents, especially such as scrubs and lotions.Even the easiest peeling person is able to instantly cause severe skin irritation.
T internally as sensitive skin may react and various cleansing lotions and tonics, which include alcohol.Even home-cooked lotions , do not contain alcohol, which are based on a variety of teas and infusions of herbs, or fruit juices, can cause a negative reaction of the skin.

B else can cause skin irritation, so it is a bad tap water, washing your face with soap and water, use of the active cosmetic preparations, such as creams against acne and wrinkles.Also here can be attributed to various other lavishly perfumed creams and gels for the face, and many salon treatment.

About ne short note, the more cosmetic products and procedures you will use in the care of sensitive skin is, the more it will blush, flaking, itchy and irritated.

In the course of sensitive skin should be minimal and easy.With
desirable morning wash with lukewarm water, naturally without the use of soap and other cleansing foams and gels.Remember, it is the warm water, as hot or cold water on the contrary may further provoke peeling and skin irritation.

T akzhe pay attention to the water that you wash.If even a simple washing of the skin reaction is poor, so that water does not suit you.In this case, as the use of washing drinking non-carbonated, boiled, or melt water.
M ozhno try another wash spring water or very weak brew green tea.But again, I do not know how it will react sensitive skin, so if after the first washing of the skin immediately, showed a sensitivity of spring water or tea should be discarded.

H emalo worries can deliver and the choice of the cream for sensitive skin.Some cosmetologists are advised not to use any creams, but for many owners of sensitive skin is not an option.
In ed, as we know, sensitive skin is often dry skin, therefore no additional moisture it will peel off even more, which also may be accompanied by unpleasant and even itching.
By f course, exclude this option is not necessary, and if your skin reacts adversely to absolutely any cream, it is still worth a try some time not to use them.Here are all individually.

H have and if no cream you can not do, then pay attention to some of the recommendations at its choice:
D To care for sensitive skin should be selected only creams intended for nutrition and moisturizing the skin, which will be"hypoallergenic" label.
D ate that ordinary cosmetics tested on healthy, normal skin, while hypo checked already prone to allergies, as well as sensitive skin.Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that this tool is for you, but it reduces the probability that it does not suit you at all.

T akzhe pay attention to the cream.Very well, if the list of the components will be present allantoin.This product has anti-inflammatory properties, and acts as a protecting sensitive skin from exposure to the corrosive other cosmetic components.

D To care for sensitive skin, you can try to choose the creams of a series of drugstore brands, which are intended for patients with psoriasis.Such tools are very mild and usually does not cause allergies.
And as one French beautician said, when choosing a cream, be sure to smell it.The organism reacted to the smell alone is able to determine, this cream will suit you or not.Just try to feel it.

E If you still can not manage to find the suitable cream should consult a dermatologist or beautician.In addition, many cosmetologists can offer you and your services for the preparation of individual natural cream that can be very effective.

And Meite to yourself thermal water, which spray on the face several times a day.This will help soothe sensitive skin in case of irritation or inflammation, and protect against moisture loss and drying out.

About chen is not recommended in nursing experience to her new funds for sensitive skin, when you are under stress.During such periods, the skin is very susceptible to sensitization, and can react very negatively to any drug.Whereas in a normal mental state drug might come to her and.

B else can badly affect the sensitive skin of the face, it is the use of decorative cosmetics.Of course, the best option would be completely give it up, but not all of this variant.
P oetomu and in this case, please note some suggestions to make:
E If you apply daily on the face tone cream and replace it crumbly or compact powder.As a rule, powder contains a much smaller amount of harmful preservatives and other components that can affect the skin irritability.

B To avoid irritation of the skin around the eyes, do not use waterproof mascara.After all, usually to wash it, requires a special liquid, which together with the ink, and removes the natural protective layer of your skin produced by the sebaceous glands.Without this layer, the probability that formed irritation on the skin is significantly increased.

T akzhe not to cause irritation of the skin around the eyes, try to use only black ink and pencils, as it is believed that the black dye of the least allergenic.
H not use liquid eyeliner, sensitive skin can tolerate a very bad they contain latex.Regarding the choice of shades, then give preference to lighter, bed and warm tones.In cold and darker shades contain more dye, which can cause a negative reaction of the skin.

In as a makeup remover is best to pick up milk, especially suitable for sensitive skin.

have attracts homemade mask for sensitive skin of the face is also not recommended, as there are many products, such as honey, pineapple, tomato and others, which can cause even more skin irritation.
H of all, we have picked up some of the most safe recipes masks, which help to relieve irritation, soothe and soften sensitive skin:

Recipes masks to care for sensitive skin facial

H in and the last thing I want tosay it add to your life more positive!Walk, have fun, practice your favorite things and hobbies, smile, get the new life pleasant emotions and impressions.This positive attitude will certainly reflect on the condition of your skin.Checked!

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