steaming the face Steam baths for the face are the best way to reveal the skin pores and rid them of the accumulated dirt.Many people use this method to remove the comedones (blackheads on the nose, forehead, chin), some, so try to eliminate and prevent acne.

By f course, one steaming face against acne and blackheads is not enough, after the procedure, they must be self-squeeze toes wrapped cloth.And if you do not know how to do it correctly, it is better and it is not necessary, in order to avoid further exacerbating the problem.
But this does not mean that by steaming facial skin should be avoided altogether, because you can do after using cleansing scrubs and masks that also do a good job with cleaning pores.In addition, the skin after the steam bath becomes like a sponge and absorbs in itself all the useful components applied to its means.

P asparivat person as you can with the help of a special apparatus, and through the usual bowl or basin and towel.We consider the second option, as well as how you ca

n improve the effect of steam baths addition of herbs.

By lassichesky option baths for persons at home:
Boil medium-sized pot of water.Next, pour the water into the bowl (or leave in the same container), and position it so that it was possible to bend over it, and it would not cause much discomfort.For example, do sit down on a chair, preferably higher, and a bowl of hot water, put on the table.
Before you start steaming the face, be sure to wash, it is possible with the use of scrub.In the dry type of skin after washing is better to lubricate the face moisturizer.
hair is desirable to remove at any cap.
After the boiled water, you need to give it a little cool.Too hot steam can cause burns.Try to independently determine the suitable temperature of the liquid, lean over it for a few seconds, it should be feeling like in the bath, ie,quite hot, but nice, with no hint of the painfully searing sensation.

Baths for persons And so, the very process of steaming the skin face is this: sit down, bending over with hot water, not very close, but so that the effect was quite palpable.The skin should be comfortable hot, so that the sweat appeared on it.Top cover with a large towel.Sit for 5-7 minutes for dry skin, and 10-12 minutes at other types of skin.
Then you can immediately, without getting up, massage the face of pre-prepared homemade or ready-made with purchased scrub (in this case, the washing before the procedure should be without peeling), rinse it used water and then wash with more than cool water, to narrow pores, extendedfrom the action of the steam bath.At the end of
lubricate the face cream.

By Why are baths for the face also contribute to the improvement of its color, which is obtained by increasing blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin.

H esomnenno, there are contraindications to the decoupling face at home.First of all, it presence of spider veins on the face , called rosacea.
particularly strong vospalennnost, excessive dryness and increased sensitivity of the skin.
In such cases, you can taste more sparing steamed face mask .

By As was already mentioned above, in the water you can add a variety of herbs, as well, and essential oils.
For example, it is convenient to use a daisy bags (available at pharmacies).Just dip in a bowl of the boiled water just a couple of packages, it will give a steam bath for the face and soothing anti-inflammatory properties.
If you add hot water to the daisy (or separately) a small handful of dried or fresh mint leaves - Add a refreshing and tonic properties.

A yubiteli natural oils can be added to the basin of water 5-7 drops of essential oil tea tree, camphor, pine, clove and rosemary with problematic oily skin.Or ylang ylang, orange, lemon, lavender, patchouli and geranium - with other types of skin.

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