P Representing you a variety of options for home recipes of masks and other folk remedies against acne on the face.

How to get rid of acne on the face - homemade recipes
To combat this problem, you can successfully use a variety of means, ranging from pharmaceutical tablets, blue cosmetic clay, and ending with the leaves of aloe that grows in virtually every home, some vegetablesand berries, and products such as honey, oatmeal, yeast.

How to remove pimples - folk remedies for acne
These traditional methods include the use of self-prepared lotions, herbal decoctions and infusions that help reduce inflammation, and quickly dry up existing pimples, as well as components such as ordinary toothpaste,or juice squeezed from plants.
In particular, describes a method of steaming the face.

masks acne at home
Recipes of homemade and simple compositions for drying and the prompt removal of lesions on the face of the most diverse ingredients: soap, yeast, tea tree essential oil, some herbs, green cla

y, quail eggs,fruits and other foods.

mixtures of essential oils to treat acne
In this article you'll learn about the most effective essential oils used in skin problems.How such agents are used, how much (which is very important), as well as any natural vegetable oil needed for the base.After all, as you probably know, the essential oils are almost never used in pure form (sometimes possible to spot-on, but only on the pimples themselves).

Folk lotions and tinctures from acne
From what we can prepare special liquid detergents recommended for lotions and rubbing the problem areas of the skin.There
recipes and lotions from home wormwood with the addition of salt and other components, pine oil, some herbs.As well as medicinal tinctures made from various herbal mixtures, flower petals or even broth recipe for ingestion.

Application leaves and aloe juice against acne
This is all familiar house plant has many medicinal properties, and because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, rapid healing and therapeutic effect, it helps not only to eliminate existing acne, but also to prevent their further occurrence.
True leaves, cut from the plant, must first prepare a certain way.How to do it, and how to apply them in the compositions of folk masks, or as a standalone tool - read the article.

methods of using sea salt and conventional acne
can not say with certainty that the salt can be irrevocably and finally get rid of the rash on the skin, but dry quickly and reduce their further spread - it is a force.Usually
brine preparation and masks using natural sea salt, but the fit and regular table salt.

Home Recipes against spots after acne
not rarely happens that the abundant rashes on the face are due to the treatment or elimination of their causes, but in place of their localization remains unattractive consequences - visible marks, scars and pits.
Unfortunately, much deeper pits some folk remedies do leave, but the dark and red spots can become almost invisible, if you regularly use the methods described in the article.

How to get rid of blackheads on the face - masks and folk remedies
Another aesthetic problem with the clogging of the sebaceous glands in the skin of the face dead cells, dust and dirt - it comedones, to put it simply - the black dots, often visibleon the nose, forehead, chin.
But fortunately, there are traditional recipes that help to remove black dots, at least for a while.

Spots on the skin Pimples on skin - this is one of the biggest dermatological problems of youth in puberty.But people in the age of 20-30 years can also suffer from of acne on the face, back, chest and shoulders.
E If short, the appearance of acne is associated with inflammation and disease of the sebaceous glands, and the violation of their work.We will not delve much into this, but look at some causes of pimples on the skin.

P omimo puberty in adolescence acne may occur due to lack of skin care - infrequent washing, poor cleaning, since dirt.Since acne is mostly found in oily skin owners person should be very careful to choose the means to care for her.

About byazatelno wash 2 times a day, morning and evening.For oily skin will be useful washing with soap (Not too often, so as not to dry up the skin is enough to use soap 1-2 times a week..), Especially with the economic - it is a great help in getting rid of acne.And most importantly, try to never go to bed with makeup on his face!

X hile least 1 time per week should be used scrub or exfoliating cleansing facial pores.And do not forget about moisturizing the skin, mistakenly think that oily skin does not need this.Water - is the main component of any moisturizer, skin produces the fat and the fat and water are completely different things.Lightweight moisturizer applied after washing, will only benefit.

P ryschi on the skin can also occur due to improper nutrition.For example, the abuse of such products as cheese, coffee and sweets very often contributes to further acne.
H emaluyu role played by the mental state of the organism.Fatigue, stress, nervous excitement, all this aggravates skin problematical.

And Using too much makeup on the face (foundation, powder) can adversely affect your skin, especially if you use these tools in the heat.Are mixed foundation, powder, dust or sweat, thus clogged the pores of the skin and pimples "black spots".

H and in any case do not press the pimples on the face!This will provoke even more their appearance.

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