steamed mask steamed mask are analogous steaming person, only with more "soft" effect.Usually they are recommended in cases where the steam baths are contraindicated, for example, a tendency to couperose (problem with blood vessels), too dry and sensitive skin.

D To what do we need masks for facial steaming ?Perhaps you have already encountered (and maybe even, and tried) the funds from the sale Garnier firms Floresan, and others.All of them are designed to create a warming effect, promotes the opening of the pores and cleanse it from accumulated dirt.
course, completely eliminate the blackheads (comedones) steamed masks are not able, after their application should be mechanically impact the skin, namely, to purge the face hands.But even without such cleaning after using the skin is still partially cleared, improves skin tone, due to increased blood flow improves color entity, and the presence of anti-inflammatory components in the mask prevents pimples.

E If you do not really trust has finished c

osmetic products, steamed face masks you can prepare yourself, nothing complicated here absolutely not.

For example, here is the recipe homemade warming mask for deep pore cleansing on the basis of honey, which is recommended for relatively dry skin:
Steamed face mask Thoroughly grind 1 tbsp.a spoonful of honey with one raw egg yolk.You can add 1 tbsp.of olive or corn oil.Heat the mixture (preferably by means of a water bath) to very warm, almost hot state and then try to apply a small amount of it on the inside of your wrist.Ingredients in any case should not burn the skin, but the heat must be tangible.
Before applying the mask on the face steamed skin should be prepared - pre-cleared of cosmetics, and preferably poskrabirovannaya.
So apply warm mass on the face area a uniform dense layer.Above all it is desirable to secure the film pieces of food (without affecting the nose, mouth and eyes), and the mask will not drain, and the vapor effect will be greater.
After 15 minutes, cooled down as it rolls off the mask with his fingers, soaked in water, ie,massaging the skin is as if peeling.Then one washes the face completely with warm water until the purification and in the end necessarily lubricated moisturizer or nourishing cream.

!!! This warming mask due to the presence in it of honey is not suitable when the presence of rosacea , or skin tendency to allergic reactions !!!

But just at the close-to-skin and dilated blood vessels on the face, as well as excessive sensitivity skin can make steamed masks at home on the basis of oatmeal or semolina.
prepared oatmeal or cream of wheat (preferably with milk and no added salt or any other spices).Rolled oats can be simply steamed hot milk or hot water.
then give porridge to cool down to a comfortable warm state, and then profusely impose it on the face.For convenience, fasten the mask cling film (as in the previous recipe), and after 15 minutes wash off with lukewarm water, carefully massaging the skin with fingertips.

If we add to oatmeal soda, you get a wonderful steamed mask for deep pore cleansing to oily skin.By
3rd full article.spoons of porridge (on the water) Doda 1 teaspoon of baking soda.Tolerated hot (but not scalding) weight applied to the face area, secured the top flaps of plastic film, and after 15 minutes the skin is thoroughly massaged with wet fingertips, then wash off the mask with cool water.

Even as a homemade mask for steaming the face, you can use mashed potatoes (without salt) on the same principle as the previous funds.

!!! home from steamed masks should be abandoned if there is any rash on the face of pyo-inflammatory !!!

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