comedones black dots on the face present in many people, and, as women, and men, regardless of age.Maybe it's not such an unpleasant phenomenon, as such, pimples and blackheads , but, nevertheless, the facial skin, the presence of blackheads looks pretty messy.
B ernye point, or speaking words scientific - comedones , are formed due to blockage of the sebaceous glands of the face excess sebum, dead skin cells and fine dust particles.The result is that the pores become dark, that actually gives the visual effect of black dots on his face.

About bychno appearance of comedones subjected to T-zone face, which is the fat and the most problematic area, so often you will notice black spots on the nose, forehead and chin.

P richin same, which are formed by the black dots on the face, there may be several.One of the first - this is the wrong skin care, or the lack of it cleansing.For example, it is very important to clean your face every morning, and especially every night before bed.Try to never go to sle

ep without having washed, or using other means to cleanse the skin, for example, lotion .
T akzhe to prevent comedones, preferably at least 1-2 times a week in addition to clean the skin of impurities and harmful toxins using a cleansing mask, and facial peels.

In Torah cause of black spots on the face can be unhealthy diet and poor performance of the intestine.Drinking large amounts of fatty foods, sweets, coffee and alcohol can also serve as clogged pores, and as a result - the formation of comedones.
And contrary, eating foods such as fish, dairy products, flax, corn, red and orange fruits and vegetables, spinach and broccoli, not only promotes normal bowel functioning, but also enrich the skin it needs nourishing fats and oils, vitaminA, and vitamin E.

T akzhe causes of black spots on the face can be a change in the hormonal background, the use of cosmetic products of poor quality, or other cosmetic funds are not suitable to your skin.
By f course, most clearly determine the cause of comedones can best dermatologist.

And s an a lot of home masks and other folk remedies to help get rid of blackheads on the face , but still, the most effective way to eliminate comedones - a professional facial cleansing at the beautician.But again, such a procedure can afford not all, and so the use of the popular methods in this case is the best option.

And zbavitsya of blackheads on the face and can be on their own, at home, with the help of steaming the face, and then manually squeezing comedones.But this method also has many shortcomings.
In for starters, you can bring some infection in the skin, which will facilitate further the emergence of black dots, or, even worse, acne .
In a second, under the influence of steam you can strongly dry up your skin.
H on, however, and many continued to successfully continue this method is to get rid of comedones.And if you also decide to try this method, be sure to read the recommendations listed below:

D A to steam face , use steam baths, namely, pour in some capacity (pelvis, pan) very hot water with the addition ofherbal infusions and decoctions, such as chamomile or linden.Refined tilted face over the steam coming from the water, but the main thing is not to lean very close, otherwise you may get burned.For greater effect, can be covered with a towel on top.Steamed face is recommended no more than 10-12 minutes.After the expanded pores, you can begin to squeeze out blackheads.

W We recall, your fingers, and the nails must be thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected with alcohol or even vodka.Also, in order not to damage the skin, it is desirable to have short fingernails and enveloping fingers clean towels.When squeezing blackheads, be careful, do not crush them with high pressure.Usually after steaming blackheads come out easily, even with light pressure on the skin, but if this does not happen, and extrusion procedure is given to you hardly leave this venture until the next time.

X ochet to warn those who are on the face of the expanded vessels, such decoupling you absolutely contraindicated.
steam bath are also recommended to use no more than 1 time per week, and even less often.

P After you have completed the procedure of squeezing blackheads, wipe the involved areas of the skin cleansing lotion, preferably with a disinfectant, or hydrogen peroxide.
W ATEM is necessary to narrow the enlarged pores, becauseafter squeezing comedones sebaceous glands are trying as quickly as possible to fill the sebum resulting empty channel to prevent direct penetration of bacteria on it in the deepest layer of the skin.Therefore, immediately after you have rubbed the skin with lotion, use a tightening mask or other means of narrowing the pores.This mask may be made of clay , masks from egg white with the addition of lemon juice, wiping of the skin or ice cubes.

And the last stage - skin moisturizing.Once you have done all the procedures, lubricate the face moisturizer.Also for this purpose it is well suited wiping the face with liquid glycerine with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice.

E If, however, to remove black dots you use a cosmetic patch, apply it as well after steaming the face.But then again, no more than 1 time per week.

Folk remedies and masks of blackheads

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