Mud mask about the healing properties of mud known even from the depths of history - resorts built by the Romans and the Jews on the banks gryazeistochnikov always enjoyed great popularity.And today the mud are widely used in cosmetics and medicine.
Mud facials occupy a special place among cosmetic masks. Therapeutic mud , which is used in their preparation, does not have a normal mud nothing to do, both in appearance and composition.This shiny, oily mass of special pearl-gray or black color is a product of vital activity of the whole complex of organisms over many years of complex physical, chemical and biological processes.The base mud is made up of tiny particles of clay and sand, mud colloidal structure determines its toughness and ductility.
P USAGE therapeutic mud in the home does not cause too much difficulty - the mask is applied very easily and uniformly, and also casually washed away from the skin at the end of the procedure.
A echebnye dirt include in its membership in microdozes gases suc

h as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methane and many organic substances with significant antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.Just imagine what this utility has a set of biologically active substances containing antibacterial ingredients, vitamins and biostimulants.

A echebnye mud masks stimulate blood circulation, improve the exchange of material in the cells of the skin, promotes natural skin regeneration, reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, as well as the overall slow down your skin's aging process.With the help of a medical dirt, you can give the face a healthy appearance, clean and protect it.During the penetration of dirt in the pores of the skin is their purification, dissolve grease tube.
P gular application of therapeutic mud masks on the face has a lifting effect, smoothes wrinkles grid , improve the elasticity of the skin.

With explores take into account that the mud masks are applicable not only for the face - you can effectively use the dirt in the fight against obesity.Overlay mud applications on "problem zones" stimulates blood flow and oxygen saturation, which activates all metabolic processes that provide a warming effect generally leads to the breakdown of fat.Thanks to its high heat capacity, using mud as anti-cellulite gel with a massage, you can get the best possible health outcome, which is stored for quite a long time, even after the termination procedures.
D To strengthen the hair and their roots, reduce hair loss rate can be applied mud packs and applications on hairy skin of the head area.The use of such procedures will make hair strong and give them a beautiful appearance.

With amymi known and proven mud that will suit you for making home facial masks are a few dirt gryazeistochnikov, below is a list of them and the content of active substances g / l: Anapa silt sulfide mud (31.5 g / l), silt mud of Saki Lake (29.5 g / l), dirt Tambukansky Lake (60 g / l), Dead sea mud (300 g / l).
With alignment mud shows the highest concentration and, as a consequence, profitability Dead Sea mud - there is the highest concentration of trace elements, plus they have another important feature - the smallest grain size (about 45 microns), which provides it with the fine greasy consistency, facilitatingapplying a mask and facilitates deeper penetration into the pores.

Important: before applying a mud mask is required to check the absence of an individual allergic reaction - it needs to be tested for skin sensitivity, apply a small amount of dirt in the place where the skin is most sensitive - in the elbow or behind the ear.If after 5-7 minutes showed no allergic symptoms - you can safely proceed to the use of mud as intended.

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simple mud mask:
To prepare the masks need two tablespoons of dry mud and warm water.Gradually adding hot water and stirring well to avoid lumps left, bring weight down to a thick cream (dirt can be in the ready state).
mask is applied evenly to the face, aged 10-30 minutes and wash off with clean warm water.

Mud Mask with sea buckthorn oil :
Since the treatment of acne, usually used drugs with vitamins A and E, help to reduce hyperkeratosis (skin actinic), the addition of mud mask sea buckthorn oil makes it a good tool in the fight againstacne and dermatitis of various origins .
To prepare the masks need to warm up 1 tea spoon of dirt, crushed 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers, carefully Stir with mud and then add 1 teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil.Application to the face mask is maintained for 10-20 minutes and wash off with clean warm water.

Mud Mask with milk or cream:
Adding milk softens too active action of dirt and makes a lot of vitamins and minerals.Two tablespoons of the dry mix with the mud warmed up to 40 degrees with milk (cream) slowly pouring it carefully and stirring until smooth dough without lumps.Apply to face and withstand up to 30 minutes, then washed off with warm clean water.

Mud Mask with chamomile and mint:
This mask has enhanced anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect.For its preparation you need 30-40 grams of dry mud, and one tablespoon of chamomile flowers and mint leaves.Fill the cup boiling water mixture of chamomile and peppermint, insist 30 minutes and filtered.Gradually add the resulting infusion of dry dirt, knead until a smooth dough without lumps.The resulting mask is applied to the face and held up to 30 minutes.

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