Cosmetic clay In home care face addition berries , vegetables , fruits and other natural products are well popular and cosmetic clay .This is a unique tool for the health of the skin.It is rich in mineral salts and trace elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphate, nitrogen, and many others.

By osmeticheskaya Clay perfectly cleanses the skin, removes excess sebum, eliminates peeling, irritation and redness of the skin.Masks made of clay in the care of the face can be used for both oily and dry skin.All depends on the color of clay, and from components with which it is mixed.

H aturalnuyu cosmetic clay can be bought in pharmacies or stores of cosmetics, it is sold in powder form, and is of such colors as white, blue, green, red, yellow and black.

White clay (kaolin) increasingly used in masks for oily and combination skin face.It is well dries, purifies and tightens the skin, absorbs excess fat on her, visibly tightens pores.Kaolin has a slight bleaching properties, it h

elps to align the shape of the face.White clay is also a good antiseptic, it is often added to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents for face.

Masks made of white clay (kaolin) for all types of skin

Kaolin.Masks made of white clay - p. 2

Blue clay Blue clay has anti-inflammatory effect, prevents acne, promotes healing of wounds on the skin, cleans it and improves the complexion.It helps to smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin, making it more elastic, lightens freckles and age spots.Like the white, blue clay is more suitable for oily skin types.

B Regarding the mask of blue clay, you can safely apply recipes from white clay , using instead the blue.
T akzhe here are a couple of popular recipes for face:

T olubaya clay, with regular using it may very well help you problem skin , get rid of acne, even out the skin, significantly improve its color: In half of Art.tablespoons of clay, add 3-4 drops of natural apple cider vinegar and a bit of cold boiled water, while stirring to form a slurry.Apply it on the face, and after 10 minutes rinse with cool water.

T oniziruyuschaya vitamin mask for oily and combination skin: Half Art.tablespoons of blue clay, mix with the same amount of sour cream (low-fat), and add 1 h. spoon of melon flesh, and the flesh of any of crushed grapes.Apply the mask on your face for 10-12 minutes, then wash with cool water.

Cosmetic facial masks

Green clay Green Clay widely used in the care of the person as the main ingredient for many cosmetic preparations.By its action on the skin, it is similar to the blue and white clay, mask, respectively, out of it, you can do on recipes from white clay .Masks made of green clay perfectly clean facial pores, removes shine have a drying and tightening effect.Restores moisture balance of the skin, improves its blood circulation, promote longer preservation of youth and beauty.

In home care face green clay can be mixed with other clay, such as white:

B aynuyu spoon green clay mix with the same amount of white clay.Add 1 teaspoon spoon of oil of grape seed oil or peach.A mixture of dilute mineral water so that a thick paste.Apply on face for 10 minutes, then rinse with water at room temperature.This mask is well suited for normal and combination skin.

And here's another recipe firming mask for aging skin :

In ozmite 1 fresh sheet of white cabbage and put it in a bowl in which you prepare the mask.Then bring to a boil with about a quarter cup of milk or cream, and immediately pour them a cabbage leaf.When it softens, carefully rub all to obtain a slurry, which add half art.spoons of green clay and 1 egg white.Once again all mix well until smooth and apply on face for 10-12 minutes.After a rinse with cool water.

red clay Red clay is perfect for sensitive, prone to allergic skin reactions.Masks from a cosmetic clay help to relieve irritation and redness on the face, remove the flaking and itchy skin.Used red clay for dry, dehydrated, aging and flaccid skin.It improves blood circulation, promotes greater saturation the skin with oxygen.

P When sensitive skin red clay is diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream and put on face for 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

And there's a couple of recipes :

By The red clay is well soothe dry, irritated skin: Half Art.tablespoons red clay, spread fat cream until thick homogeneous mass.Add 2 teaspoons of the juice squeezed from the leaves of aloe, stir again and apply on face for 10 minutes.rinse with warm water, and after time.

D To care for dry skin is well suited following screen:. 2 teaspoons of red clay mix with the same amount of sour cream or any vegetable oil.You can add 2-3 drops of essential oil orange.Apply the mixture on your face, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm water.Instead, you can use sour cream egg yolk.

Pink clay - obtained by mixing white and red clay.Perfect for the care of any type skin.You can use it to smooth out fine wrinkles , enhance facial contours, soften and rejuvenate the skin.Also pink clay has nourishing and cleansing effect, it makes the skin more supple and velvety.

M Asuka out of it is exactly the same as of other colored clay: powder is diluted with water to the dough, and is applied to cleansed face for 10-12 minutes.

E If you have dry skin, pink clay can be mixed with products such as sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, cream and egg yolk.If skin is oily, mix with yogurt, yogurt, egg white and yogurt.

yellow earth Yellow clay more suitable for oily, combination, and for aging, dull skin.It is able to bring such harmful toxins in inflammatory processes, such as acne, well enriches the skin with oxygen.In addition, the yellow clay is an excellent tonic, using it can significantly improve the complexion.The most classic version of its application for face powder is diluted with a little cold water until the consistency of thick cream, and apply on face and neck minute 10.

P ri is very well suited oily skin cleansing mask following recipe: 2 hours. yellow clay spoon mix with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with the same amount of honey and lemon juice.Add a little boiled water to form a thick, with stirring, a homogeneous mass.Apply it on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

A with aging skin, use a mask: Stir 1 tbsp.a spoonful of raw egg yolk with Art.milk with a spoon, and with so many clay powder to form a thick mixture, with stirring.Add a few fresh mint leaves, pre-shredded.Once thoroughly mash all the ingredients and apply the mask on your face.After 10 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature.

About steel recipes you can find on the pages:
Masks made of white clay (kaolin) for all types of skin
Kaolin.Masks made of white clay - p. 2 ,
using yellow clay instead of white.

Black clay Black clay , which includes strontium, quartz, iron, magnesium and calcium, which is an excellent cleanser for the face.Cosmetic black clay absorbs in itself all the harmful toxins and skin contamination, and significantly reduces the facial pores.
H Elzy say with certainty which type of skin is more suitable black clay.

D To some it may seem like the softest of all types of clay, which is not only perfectly cleanses the skin but also has a nourishing effect.For someone on the contrary, Black cosmetic clay may be the most tightens and dries.
H ere all individually, and if you have dry or combination skin, simply apply a small amount of black clay, dilute water to a creamy mass at the driest and a small area of ​​skin and hold about 7 minutes.Then rinse, and look at the reaction of the skin, as well as on the difference between the treated area from the rest of the facial skin.

T akzhe much will depend on, with what ingredients you mix black clay, making of her mask.For example, at a dry clay skin milk is recommended to dilute or mix with products such as sour cream, cottage cheese and egg yolk.For oily skin can be added to the clay egg white, lemon or other juice squeezed from acidic fruits and berries.

And spolzuya black clay, however, like other any clay can be cleansing facial skin, which helps to get rid of blackheads:
D To do this, apply a diluted water-clay on the face, hold it until it driesand then soaking the fingertips in the water begin to gently massage the skin, not much pressing on it, but so that the clay is beginning to roll.After processing, so that the entire surface of the skin, rinse the clay, and you can then make easy peeling of the face, such as using oatmeal .

D A normal, oily and combination skin is very well suited mask of black clay , prepared on herbal infusions.Thus, for example, to care for normal and combination skin, try a cleansing mask:

With first prepare infusion of chamomile, bay 1 tbsp.spoon of dried flowers of a half cup of boiling water and leave to cool.And then spread the powder this black clay strained infusion to make a thick homogeneous mass without lumps.Put the mask on your face for 10-12 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

D middle to dry, clean and refresh oily skin, dilute 1 h. Spoon of clay powder 2 Art.spoon a succession of infusion and 1 tbsp.spoon infusion of mint leaves.The resulting structure, apply on face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with cool water, can be supplemented with soap.

By ak Practice shows that regular use of black clay helps to eliminate acne on the face, and helps to make the skin clean, fresh, pleasant and healthy in appearance.

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