Aging skin By Unfortunately, aging , as in other matters, and the entire body - an irreversible process, and someone it occurs earlier, and someone later, but avoid it could not be anyone else.
T ak so our nature is.And sadly, but sooner or later we find at the very first signs of aging , which often occur in the first place on our skin.
And if the skin of our body, we most of the time hiding under the clothes, protecting it thus against the harmful effects of the environment, the facial skin is almost always insecure.Yes, as is known, on the skin face structure differs significantly from the rest of the skin, being much thinner and more vulnerable.And it was on the face appear first signs of aging first of all.

With amye clear and visually visible signs of aging of the skin - this is, of course, wrinkles .
About bychno very first appear nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the forehead. W ATEM already appear wrinkles around the eyes first not very conspicuous at the outer corners of the eyeli

ds and under the eyes, and then have more distinct lines that seem to be a fan of diverging from the outer corners of eyes.The people are wrinkles known as "crow's feet".
And the last thing wrinkles tend to appear on the chin and around the mouth.
With age, all the wrinkles deepen even more, become sharper and more pronounced.

T akzhe addition to wrinkles, the first signs of skin aging can manifest as loss of its firmness and elasticity.The facial skin becomes more dry and thinned, often violated its pigmentation, and under the skin begin to show through the mesh of blood vessels.
D but also change the color person, when it acquires a yellowish tint, may indicate an already incipient skin aging.

By As was already stated above, skin aging can not be stopped.But that's only someone first signs of aging are clearly seen in the 25 years, while someone and 30 years is not even the slightest hint of them.
H esomnenno, an important role is played by genetics and genetic predisposition, but on the other hand very often, and we are their way of life are accelerating the aging process for several years.

D alley from our article you will learn the basic reasons that largely affect the premature aging of the skin, and how you can prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging for a long time.

H achnem, of course, with care skin.
By ak known, dry facial skin is more prone to the early formation of wrinkles, and, conversely, to oily skin wrinkles appear much later.Therefore, regular and adequate hydration of the skin, it is one of the main factors that prevent aging.
B then it is understood?Well, firstly, it is the daily use of moisturizer suitable for your skin type.If you have dry skin it is recommended to use a nourishing cream, with more oily skin need to pick up some light moisturizer.
A ILC must be lubricated cream after each washing or other skin cleanser.Typically, this occurs twice a day, morning and evening.

H e should wash with soap and water in the presence of dry skin, it can contribute to its further drying and flaking .It is better to use for this purpose other means, for example, such as foams and gels, especially suitable for dry skin type, or cleaning moisturizing lotions .
H have and do not forget the extra moisturizing skin using home masks are recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

Recipes masks

By the way, be careful with creams and other anti-acne agents , because, usually, they are strongly desiccate the skin and the appearance of wrinkles in this case does not take long.
E If so dries without creams you just can not use them, even if only on those areas of the skin where there are acne.
And here are the areas of the skin, which generally appear the first signs of aging (the middle of the forehead, nasolabial part, as well as the skin around the lips) grease in a different moisturizer.

About pecial attention should be paid to skin care around the eyes.For is not the name of subcutaneous fat, the skin in this area most prone to dryness and tension, which primarily leads to the formation of early wrinkles. P oetomu it also needs regular nutrition and hydration, and with youth.
D will residually every morning and evening lubricate its light moisturizing gel or cream designed specifically for skin care age.Also suitable for this purpose are well natural oils , such as grapeseed oil or peach pits.
A here using anti-aging cosmetics, hurry, especially not worth it.Begin to apply them already only when the first signs of skin aging is clearly made themselves felt.

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B else significant effect on premature aging of the skin, so it's impact on her sunlight and otherwords - ultraviolet radiation.
P odstavlyaya your skin under the bright rays of the sun or under the solarium lamps, we will significantly accelerate processes such as dehydration and dryness of the skin, reducing its elasticity, tone and elasticity, and this is a direct way leading to the formation of wrinkles.
P oetomu define for yourself what you importantly, tanned, but quickly fading skin, or naturalness, which contributes to a longer extension of the youth?

E it does not mean that you need to completely abandon from the sun, yet the sunlight needed by the body, is simply not worth it to overdo it.
T ak, for example, if you come on holiday and want to enjoy the sun, try to do it in the morning, but not longer than until 11 o'clock, or the same in the evening after 16:00.At this time, the sun's rays are less active, and the risk of skin erosion is reduced to almost zero.

E If you go out into the street in a bright sunny day, try to always wear sunscreen on your head headwear (cap, Panama, etc.), and be sure to sunglasses.This is to some extent protect the skin from solar radiation and from the appearance of her earliest signs of aging.

T akzhe pay attention to the day cream that you use in the sunny season.It is desirable, in addition to moisturizing action, he had also sun functions defined SPF factor.For normal skin protection will be sufficient to use a cream, SPF is equal to 8-15 units.

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E slit one of the reasons that contribute to the earlier formation of wrinkles on the face - is an active facial expressions, which can display all our feelings and emotions.This is especially true habits often wrinkle the forehead, raise the eyebrows, squint your eyes and do his lips.
In this case, there is nothing left to do but try to control its activity as much as possible.

H e less important to preserve youthful skin it is and what we eat.For example, in some studies it has been proven that regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially such as apricots and cantaloupe, as well as products such as olive oil and other monounsaturated fats (nuts, peanuts, avocados) significantly slows the process of agingskin.
And conversely, excessive consumption of processed meat products, whole milk, margarine and sugar can significantly accelerate the appearance of the first signs of aging.

W To prevent premature aging, skin need to moisturize not only outside but also inside.It is therefore recommended drink a day 1.5-2 liters of clean water .
E that help avoid dehydration, which leads directly to the old age, and, as we know, water is responsible for cleansing our body of toxins and other toxic waste.And not intoxicated and clean the body - this is a direct indicator of youth, beauty, health and longevity.

With leduyuschie reasons which significantly affect a premature aging of the skin - it is constant stress, excessive nervousness, and, of course, abuse addictions such as cigarettes and alcohol.
E five reasons in some way, even interdependent, as not infrequently happens that a person tries to remove your stress using the same alcohol or a pack of cigarettes.Perhaps, in this case, he achieves his goal, but that's only at the same time greatly increase its chances to find at the first signs of aging in a pretty short time.

And s an and many other reasons, which bring the aging, for example, enough dramatic weight loss, or vice versa as amended, stiffness, poor environment, air pollution, lack of sleep, but fully insure themselves against all this is almost impossible.
H about in any case, compliance with at least some of the above tips will certainly benefit and will help at least to some extent, to longer preserve youthfulness of your skin.

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