Masks from dairy products D omashnie mask of milk and dairy products are one of the most accessible means for care facial skin at home.After all, these products are available in virtually every home, so why not use a small part of them with benefit and for our skin.
T ak, for example, masks dairy products such as milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream and so on perfectly capable of refresh, soften and moisturize the skin.
Masks of fermented milk products - kefir, yogurt, sour milk, yogurt and other fine also refresh the skin and eliminate its shine.Very often the mask of such products used for skin whitening and lightening freckles.

H have and, of course, for making masks is better to use homemade natural dairy products, which have a much more healing qualities than shoplifting products.

M olochnye and milk products are used in many recipes for cooking face masks, but here we have tried to collect some recipes based on each of these products.

Masks milk - Milk is commonly used for additional skin h

ydration.And even without mixing it with other ingredients, milk can be used as a folk moisturizing and cleansing tonic for the face.
H in and as part of other products, from milk can be cooked many masks with different actions, as well as for dry and oily skin.

Masks yogurt - This milk product having a considerable number of useful properties, such as yogurt is increasingly used in the care of more oily skin.And yogurt can be used as a skin cleanser, just wiping his face with every day, and for the preparation of cleansing, refreshing, and certainly dries whitening masks.
of H, nevertheless, from yogurt may also be prepared for a mask and dry skin type, fir mix it with other nutritional products.

Masks cream - Sour great fit as it is for hydration, nutrition and softening dry skin and for toning and refreshment oily skin.
T akzhe as yogurt, sour cream has a mild bleaching properties.
H as its basis, with the addition of fruits, berries, vegetables and other home products, you can prepare a large number of masks for all skin types.

Masks curd - Curd mask perfectly nourish, refresh, soothe and soften any skin.Especially good to use cottage cheese as a nutritious mask for the care of a dry skin type.
H about in this section, you will find a few recipes of masks from cottage cheese and care for oily skin.
H in and, just like many other dairy products, cheese is well suited for the preparation of bleaching masks that help lighten freckles and other pigmented spots.

Masks sour milk - this delicious dairy drink will give a pleasant sensation of the skin, and when it is applied externally.Pets mask is based on a sour milk or in mixtures with other products it will give the skin surface softness and tenderness, palpable freshness and radiance.
Suitable for all skin types.

Masks of butter and cream - Cream and butter are among the most fat dairy products, and do not have a small number of healthy and nutritious properties.
M asci of these products simply are great for dry skin.

Masks yogurt - yogurt - a great tool for face care, especially for oily and combination skin.Yogurt cleans the skin, but it has still softening, soothing and moisturizing effect.Also, thanks to its content of lactic acid, yogurt helps to regenerate skin cells.
H and yoghurt can cook wonderful cleansing, refreshing, toning, moisturizing and brightening mask for all skin types.

Masks from curds and whey - Another good one sour-milk products for oily and combination skin of the face are yogurt and whey.
M asci made on their basis, well clear, refresh and tone the skin, eliminating its shine, and having a light clarifying action.

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