Vitamins for Skin With TATUS our skin is highly dependent on the internal state of the body, so if the body suffers from a constant lack of vitamins, all of this, of course, appear on the skin.For example, the skin may become more coarse, start to peel off, premature aging, and even the appearance of her acne and acne may indicate a vitamin deficiency.

D omashnie masks from natural products help to some extent to enrich the skin with vitamins from the outside, but do not forget about the saturation of its vitamins inside.
And later in this article you will find out what the basic vitamins needed for good health and condition of the skin, and which foods are rich in their content.

H achnem with vitamin A , which is responsible for maintaining skin moisture and elasticity.Lack of this vitamin leads to dry and flaky skin, and is particularly strong in need dry facial skin.Even oily and normal skin in some periods may suffer from lack of moisture, again accompanied by increased dryness, roughness and peeling of

the skin and directly indicates a deficiency of vitamin A.

Useful products for skin , rich in vitamin A -this animal products such as pork, beef, veal and fish liver, fish, especially fatty varieties of it (herring, salmon, trout, mackerel), egg yolk and some dairy products, especially butter, sour cream and cottage cheese.
A also herbal products that contain provitamin A (carotene), and from which the very body synthesizes vitamin A. This carrots, pumpkin, parsley, spinach, sorrel, lettuce, green onions, cabbage, tomatoes, green peas, green beans and chanterelles.
And fruits such as melon and berries, plums and prunes, avocados and papayas, peaches and apricots, blackberries, mountain ash and sea-buckthorn.
B To vitamin A is well absorbed in the body, it should be consumed together with fats.Therefore, for example, dishes of vegetables are best to fill with oil.

O ne of the most important vitamins for skin is vitamin C .That vitamin C actively promotes the formation of collagen in the skin, which is responsible for its firmness and elasticity.At deficiency of collagen skin begins to age rapidly, becoming more flabby and dull.And thanks to the adequate consumption of vitamin the C, the rate of formation of collagen fibers is greatly increased, thereby prolonging the beauty and youthfulness of our skin.
P omimo effect on the elasticity and firmness of the skin, this vitamin has anti-inflammatory properties, accelerating the healing of various skin lesions (wounds, abrasions and so on.), Produces less bruising, and strengthens blood vessels.
About schuschenie constant fatigue and lethargy, poor appetite, pale skin color, dryness and fatigue, are the main signs of a lack of vitamin C in the body.

H Your body can not produce their own vitamin C, so to make up for the lack of it, it is recommended to use the following products:
H have, firstly, it is, of course, all citrus fruits, especially oranges.
T akzhe vegetables such as potatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower and pickled cabbage, radish, parsley and spinach.
In a second, it is more sour the taste of fruits and berries.Good sources of vitamin C are sour apples, kiwi, cranberry, black currants, cranberries, rose hips, and walnuts.
And Keep in mind that in a state of nervous stress, or at high physical exertion, the skin supply of vitamin C significantly reduced.Therefore, in these periods, consumption of foods containing the vitamin should be increased.

o the next C vitamin, which also extends the youth of the skin - it vitamin E .Because vitamin E renewal of skin cells is greatly accelerated, and this vitamin helps protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation.
P Recreatives Products, which contain a sufficiently large amount of vitamin E - it is, first of all vegetable oils, namely oil germinated grains of wheat, sunflower, cottonseed, sesame, peanut, flax, corn and olive oil as well as oil from soybean and peanut butter sandwich.
H emalo vitamin E found in corn and sprouted wheat grains, in sunflower seeds, oats, beans, wheat and corn, almonds, peanuts and legumes.
B regards the animal sources of vitamin E, then a fish salmon and boiled eggs.
H A bit of the amount of vitamin E is also found in foods such as milk, butter, herbs, beef, lamb, peas, tomatoes, bananas and carrots.

H e less important vitamins for skin is a complex and vitamins B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B10) .
T ak, such as vitamin B1 helps prevent premature aging skin, and vitamin B2 adequate intake contributes to the improvement of the color face.Lack of vitamin B6 may activate dermatitis, and vitamin B9 helps protect the skin from various harmful our environmental influences.
T akzhe all B vitamins promote good skin hydration, and largely accelerate the regeneration process of cells.

H cities account for major amounts of vitamin B1 contained in dried brewer's and baker's yeast in germinated grains of wheat, barley, oat, wheat and buckwheat groats, bran and bread from wheat flour.Also in red meat and liver, to the fish in the brown rice, legumes, eggs, potatoes, green vegetables, and the hazelnuts.

In itamin B2 is found in most fruits and vegetables, especially peaches, pears, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and sea-buckthorn berries.Also, in some dairy products (milk, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese), in the liver and kidneys, yeast, eggs, almonds and mushrooms.

P Recreatives Products rich in vitamin B6 - is a grain of wheat, salmon, mackerel, herring, chicken liver, beef, rice, avocados and bananas.
A foods containing vitamin B9 - is spinach, cabbage, lettuce and green onions, beans, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, oranges, bananas, melons, mushrooms and nuts.Also, bran, oats and buckwheat, yeast.
And s animal products - is the liver, lamb, beef and pork, chicken, tuna and salmon, egg yolk and cheese.

By Which even vitamins are essential to our skin, so it vitamin PP , vitamin D , and vitamin K .
In itamin PP helps restore the protective functions of the skin.With its lack of the skin condition may deteriorate significantly, ranging from the loss of elasticity, and ending the deterioration of its color and peeling.
P Recreatives Products that contain vitamin PP - is chicken, pork, beef liver, fish, eggs, milk and cheese.By the way, this vitamin is better absorbed most of the products of animal origin.
P Recreatives Products of plant origin, containing this vitamin - it's peanuts, wheat germ and wheat bran, buckwheat, carrots, broccoli, and brewer's yeast.

In itamin D helps slow down the aging process, and keep its tone and youthfulness for a long time.This vitamin is able to be produced in the body from sunlight and found in foods such as butter, eggs, sea fish and seaweed, as well as cod liver.

In itamin K good help in the fight with freckles , and other pigment spots, reduces swelling and inflammation of the skin.A sufficient amount thereof is contained in the cabbage and carrots, spinach, tomatoes and pumpkins, and berries of mountain ash.

By f course, we have listed not all the vitamins that improve skin condition of the face, but a balanced diet of foods containing vitamins A, C, E, B, PP, D, and K will be enough to maintain the beauty, health andyour youthful skin.

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