Collagen H avernyaka many have heard this name as the collagen , but not all, especially those who are younger age, imagine what it is.But collagen plays a significant role in the life of the whole organism.
P redstavte itself, from which we are made?All of our bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments - in the whole of this part of the collagen.And that collagen is responsible for their durability and smooth operation.
And governmental words, this is a special collagen-adhesive protein, which is the basis of connective tissue of all our organs.

H have and, of course, a considerable amount of collagen contained in our skin responsible for its elasticity.
H of the older we get, the more collagen slows down the process of generating the body, and above all it is reflected on the skin, it can be said that the lack of collagen - this is the main reason for starting its aging.The skin becomes less elastic and resilient, noticeably thinner top layer it appears dry, and as a consequence, the format

ion of the first wrinkles.

And not infrequently we ourselves contribute to the acceleration of the aging process by destroying collagen fibers.This can serve several reasons.
About bottom of them - is an active facial expressions, which in connection with some of the tension of the facial muscles, damaged collagen fibers, resulting in wrinkles are formed.
By other reasons can be attributed bad habits such as alcohol and smoking , skin exposure to sunlight, pollution of the environment, all of this is also a significant impact on the loss of collagen.

H and actually practices his fill there, but let's look at it they are all effective.

In our time many cosmetic companies release funds as part of which there is a collagen.Manufacturers promise that the regular use of these drugs, collagen deficit in the skin replenished.
About dnako in some studies it has been proven that the size of collagen molecules pretty big, and they are in no way can not get along with the cream to the deepest layers of the skin where wrinkles are actually formed. P oetomu action of these funds do not have a particularly high efficiency.
By f course, their use is not entirely useless, as based on collagen creams help protect the skin from moisture evaporates, and thus provide it with adequate moisture.However, their operation occurs only on the superficial layers of the skin, and capable of preventing the natural process of collagen degradation.

X hotel would add a little about what kinds of collagen used in cosmetics.
in the first place - is the animal collagen, which is produced from the skin of cattle, and that is most often used in the preparation of cosmetic products, because of its very inexpensive price.
F The animal collagen is the least effective, due to its inability to penetrate deep into the skin cells.Also, this type of collagen substantially incompatible with the human skin, resulting from its use may even greater deterioration of the skin, or the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

With o the next type of collagen - a vegetable collagen, which is made from wheat proteins.However, its production is still quite complex and requires considerable financial costs.
B elovecheskaya skin perfectly assimilates the vegetable collagen, besides its molecules are much smaller than animal collagen molecules, so that they penetrate deeper into the skin.
H about not all cosmetic firms can afford to use this type of collagen in the manufacture of its products, due to its overly expensive cost.

And the third type of collagen - a marine collagen, which is produced from the skin of sea fish.Marine collagen structure closest to human collagen, and like vegetable collagen, it has a good ability to penetrate into the deeper skin layers.
P roduction and storage of this type of collagen requires compliance with more stringent regulations than the production of the same animal collagen, and therefore the price of cosmetic products, which include marine collagen, significantly higher.The only drawback, which is available at this collagen is that it can cause severe allergies.

H he most productive methods of filling the deficit of collagen in the skin collagen injections are considered.Such procedures are capable of some time to restore the skin's elasticity and smooth out existing wrinkles on it.
T akzhe collagen injections often used for lip augmentation.

H on again, many clinics use animal collagen injection, which, as already stated above, hardly compatible with human skin, and can cause an allergic reaction it.Therefore, usually before the procedure is administered a small dose of collagen to the forearm, and after 14 days, this operation is repeated.And if the skin reaction to the allergy was negative, only then have collagen injections are used for other purposes, and then only after 4 weeks after the second injection in the upper arm.

H have and as for more simple ways to replenish collagen fault, according to scientific research, to stimulate the production of collagen helps vitamin C.
P oetomu will not be out of place to eat plenty of foods that contain this vitamin.Namely - citrus and kiwi fruit, bell peppers, rose hips, black currants, gooseberries, cranberries, and viburnum.Also, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, green onions and parsley.

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