Gelatin mask P Before you start doing gelatin mask , would like to briefly talk about the preparation of the gelatin.
H avernyaka you know that this product must first be diluted, and only then mix with other components of the mask.
E If speaking in a nutshell, the gelatin powder (pellets or granules) is filled with water (milk, juice, or other liquid), the amount of which should be 5-8 times greater than the amount of gelatin.The powder should fully absorb the water, after which the dishes with it is placed in a water bath, and heated up to the point until a homogeneous Vodicka.And that's it for this you can add some water has other ingredients gelatin mask.
E If you have gelatin in the form of plates, where the plates 2-3 are equal to about 1 teaspoon of powder, they must be put in cold water for 10 minutes, after a good squeeze, and by putting in a pan (without adding water), put in a water bath, or very low heat.Now it remains only to wait until the swollen plate are dissolved to a homogeneous liquid

state (which happens quite quickly).

With more information on gelatin, its effects on the skin, and the basic methods of cooking, you can see on the page - gelatin for face.
T akzhe pay attention to the dissolution of gelatin your statement, which is written on the packaging.Perhaps it will be a little different, in that case, stick to it.

cleansing, soothing, rejuvenating and smoothing gelatin face mask for all skin types:
solution as described above, 1 teaspoon of gelatin powder, its bay a little cold water, and melt after swelling in a water bath.
To this some water, add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of sour milk, yogurt, or yogurt and 1 teaspoon of wheat flour - with a fat skin type.At a dry skin - 1 tbsp.a spoonful of milk and 1 teaspoon of oat flour (grind oats in a coffee grinder).
All stir, and if suddenly the mixture is too liquid, add a little flour to the average weight was on density.
While the resulting mass cools, brush clean face moisturizing cream, which you usually use, then top evenly apply mask gelatin.
Wait until the mask is almost completely dry up in the face, without speaking, and without making any facial movements, and then remove the cosmetic sponge, or a cotton swab dipped in lukewarm water.After thoroughly rinse with running water.In particular, the removal of the mask, it is good to wet the sponge in warm milk - with dry skin, or sour milk, kefir, sour - for oily skin.

recipe nourishing and rejuvenating facials gelatin, for rough, aging and sagging skin:
Pour 1 teaspoon of gelatin powder a small amount of water, and when he was swell, dissolve in a water bath.By the melted gelatin, add 1 tbsp.spoon the pulp of a ripe banana peeled and carefully rub all, and leave for a while to cool the mass.After
, chilled mass apply on face and hold for 20-25 minutes.When the timer expires, remove the mask, wet cotton swab, and then wash your face with cool water.
Basically in this recipe can be used not only banana, and many other fruits and berries.So, for example, fading and dry skin is well suited pulp of apricot, persimmon, tangerine, avocado, melon and gooseberry.When combined and normal skin - kiwi, orange, grape, peach.For oily skin - grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry, red currant, cranberry, cherry, pear.

moisturize and soften gelatin face mask, in normal, dry and aging skin:
In this recipe you will need in addition to the gelatin has a component such as glycerin (available at pharmacies).
Guided description above Dissolve 2 teaspoons of gelatin.Separately, in another vessel, dissolve 2 teaspoons glycerol 4 Art.spoons of pure water.
Connect with dissolved gelatin vodichku glycerol, and add another 2 teaspoons of liquid honey.
Now, all carefully stir (can be put back on the composition of the water bath to dissolve the honey is better), and move the resulting mixture into some small and sterile jar.The idea of ​​such a mask will be enough for a few times.It must be stored in a refrigerator.
Apply this mask gelatin evenly on clean face for 15-20 minutes, then removed with a cotton swab dipped in lukewarm water.

When oily, but already fading facial skin that will suit the following recipe gelatin mask:
Soak, and after melt 1 teaspoon of gelatin (as is done - see above).
In a separate bowl, whisk in the foam 1 raw egg white.Next, continuing whisking protein, pour into it the melted gelatin.A little more every beat, and the resulting mass apply on face evenly.Hold for about 20 minutes (during which time the mask hardens, so try not to make any facial movements), then remove the cosmetic sponge or cotton swab dipped in cool water.
This procedure helps to eliminate excess fat of the skin brightness and its mitigation, elasticity, and smoothes.

gelatin Whitening Facial Mask:
Dissolve gelatin in the manner described above, only the beginning, instead of water, the bay its freshly cucumber juice.By
gelatin has melted, add 1 tbsp.spoon (with slide) shredded mass of fresh cucumber, mix all, and let the mixture cool slightly.Then, apply the composition to the skin, for 20 minutes, then wash with water at room temperature.
This mask is suitable for any skin type, and contributes to its light brightening, refreshing, softening and moisturizing.

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