Gelatin -wrinkle Gelatin from wrinkles effective because it is a product derived from animal collagen by hydrolysis.This protein (collagen) provides strength and elasticity of human skin, and his bones, tendons, cartilage, forming the foundation, along with elastin connective tissue.
With age, as well as due to various life circumstances the amount of collagen in the body is reduced to maintain the beauty and health of his need to get outside.However, the molecules are too large natural collagen.They are not only able to penetrate through the epidermis, but not absorbed by ingestion into the gastrointestinal tract.

replace the natural collagen product is capable of denaturing - gelatin .It is made of bone, cartilage, tendons, skins and other sources of animal connective tissue by prolonged boiling.The result is a colorless solution, which was then filtered, evaporated and dried to yield the well-known edible product.
collagen protein during the process breaks down to short chains of amino acids that can easily p

enetrate through the skin barrier, so a mask of gelatin of wrinkles helps from the first application.

F elatin facial wrinkles produces a noticeable lift facial contours, tightens sagging cheeks and chin , smoothes fine lines and reduce deep, improves cell regeneration, protects against free radicals.

Natural mask made of gelatin instead of wrinkles Botox is perfect for those whose lines have not too deep.
In addition, this product has a culinary softening and slight whitening effect, eliminates shine, improve local blood circulation, stimulates the improvement of metabolic processes, increases the tone of facial muscles, it helps to create a moisture barrier of the skin.This impact is not only useful for mature and aging skin, but also the young, especially fat, prone to acne.

Gelatine facial wrinkles F elatin wrinkle can be used in the form of plates (sheets), granules, pellets, powder.Good quality product generally tasteless and odorless, its color may range from pale yellow transparent to slightly brownish.

Gelatin sheet - high-quality material that is most convenient to prepare, because the easier it becomes a homogeneous mass, it is not komkuyas.The basis for the mask wrinkles therefrom were prepared as follows:
In pot or bowl with cold water spread plates alternately one on another (not stuck together) and left for 5-7 minutes to swell.Then, excess water should be overcome (conveniently using gauze) and drain the excess liquid.Then put the pan in a water bath with boiling water or a low heat and stir constantly until the creation of a homogeneous mass.

To prepare gelatin from granules, grains or powder tea l.Product pour 5-8 liters of tea.cold boiled water or other liquid (juice, milk) and allowed to swell.Depending on the quality and quantity of gelatin granules may take 10-60 minutes.More precisely, this period is usually indicated on the package.Then
container with a solution placed in a water bath and cook until smooth, stirring constantly and not letting boil.When boiling the gelatin molecules are destroyed it, it loses its beneficial properties.
remaining masks ingredients are added after the mixture has cooled slightly.

P etsept gelatin wrinkles may also include fruit and vegetable juices and purees, dairy products, cosmetic clay and other substances.Among the most popular glycerin , it perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin, it is necessary to maintain its tone, preventing and slowing the aging, sagging appearance.
mask with gelatin and glycerin especially useful during the first signs of aging of skin.To do it, you must first prepare the gelatin one of the methods described above.If the powder or granular product, it will take 2 teaspoons l in the case of plates -. Necessary to take pieces 6 and a corresponding amount of water.The resulting solution is put together with 4 of Art.l.adding water and a pair of tea l.glycerol and liquid honey, then mix well all.Such a mixture can be stored in a clean covered container in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.

Gelatin glycerin from wrinkles perfectly combined with dairy products.It suffices for preparing the gelatin to the water to change the milk, cream, whey, or simply add art.l.yogurt in the finished mixture.
Cream - ideal for dry and aging skin, yogurt - for oily.
Ready composition is applied to the pre-cleansed face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes.Try not to move at the same time, relax the facial muscles, do not smile and do not talk to maximize the lifting effect.
mask should be held for 20-25 minutes until it dries and then rinse with warm water.Tear off a dried composition can not be, it often leads to irritation or damage to the skin.

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