Paraffin cosmetic Cosmetic paraffin - is of the highest quality paraffin wax without coloring agents, often with the addition of a variety of active substances, vitamins, and other ingredients beneficial to the skin.So selling unusual to find fruit or honey wax, paraffin oils, aloe and other soothing, moisturizing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory elements.
D To what are meant Cosmetic paraffin, and how effective properties it possesses?

eychas With almost all modern beauty salons can offer you such service as paraffin - restoring and anti-aging treatments to improve the parched, dehydrated, aging and tired skin.Moreover, the wax can be used for both face and body skin, and the skin of hands and feet.
And further we will talk specifically about the use of cosmetic wax face , about the benefits brought by this action, and the implementation of technology in the home paraffin.

With am paraffin process is as follows: the molten state to a liquid wax is applied evenly with a thin layer on the face (excep

t around the eyes, which are put cotton pads) using a special brush.The top face is covered with gauze with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth, and already on the cloth is applied several layers of liquid paraffin.Then expectant about 20 minutes to complete solidification of the mask, after which the cloth and wax residues are gently removed from the skin.
By AWO person before the session have to be cleaned and oiled after moisturizer.

X hotel would pay attention to what happens after the application of the wax on the face.But there is that - warm paraffin increases the temperature of the skin involved about 1-2 degrees;created as to the effect of the sauna, where the well open the skin pores, and start sweating.But due to paraffin "blockade" exiting out the moisture evaporates and the skin is nothing left to do, how to absorb this moisture back into itself, so that its water balance perfectly restored.

T akzhe due to the influence exerted by isolated thermal paraffin carried out a number of other important processes well softens the top layer of the skin, contributing to a better penetration into it all the nutrients contained in a cosmetic wax;It accelerates blood circulation, which helps to rebuild tissues and toxins.But in contrast to the toxins released moisture can not penetrate back into the skin, as their molecules of a size considerably larger molecules of water, and if they can still leave through the enlarged pores, then get back becomes problematic.

P arafinoterapiya face is especially recommended when lack of moisture in the skin, which is characterized by its extreme dryness, feeling of tightness, redness, peeling, or even shrinkage (in the case of already mature, aging skin).
In particular, the use of paraffin true in winter, when the skin is often weather-beaten face and coarsens, and when it is swelling.
By the same result from the paraffin appears immediately: the skin becomes very gentle, soft and smooth, like a baby, it is clearly a moisturizing, visibly smoothed wrinkles , and the skin itself gets healthy and rejuvenated appearance.

Paraffin therapy at home D To use cosmetic wax at home you need to own wax, which can be bought in specialized stores of cosmetics, pharmacies (or order via the Internet), and desirable mate as yourself apply paraffin mask on the face is not verycomfortable.
E slit for more convenience, you can buy a special bath to melt the wax, but you can do without it, and to heat the product in a normal saucepan through a water bath.

P Before the start of the session is required to wash your face, better clean it with a scrub to the skin could be no pollution.Then it will be a good deal of vitamins, moisturizing, nourishing cream or other, which will also be the basis of the mask, assuperimposed on top of wax will ensure its maximum absorption.

T EPER it is time to cook the most basic tool for home paraffin.Paraffin wax is necessary to put in an enamel pan and put the pan into another large-sized container of boiling water.Preheat need to complete melting of the wax, and then in the liquid and the form of heat apply it on your face.Again, we repeat, but not very well to that in the process you helped someone.

With first need to do a little smear of paraffin, such as the forehead, to check its temperature.If it does not burn, and quite tolerant, you can start laying the paraffin mask on the entire area of ​​the skin.
P After the first coat (it is recommended to use for this purpose any flat and medium-sized brush or spatula) cover the face of pre-cooked gauze with openings for the mouth, nose and eyes (the eyes are not sure at the very beginning to make cottonwheels; now you understand that the presence of the assistant a must), and immediately apply a napkin over alternately 4-5 uniform layers of liquid paraffin?.Ie cosmetic wax at the time of application should not be removed from the water bath, in order to avoid cooling.
About happened to wait in a calm relaxed state for 15-20 minutes (during which time the wax on the face should have time to harden, and to fulfill all their necessary functions).Then, very carefully remove the gauze from her face, moving from the chin to the forehead, with the gauze should withdraw and paraffin.Remains rinse with water, and in the end be sure to apply a moisturizer on your skin or your other daily moisturizer.

In by itself and all the wisdom of the use of paraffin in the home.
T akzhe mask can be made of wax with addition of various other components, such as beeswax, vegetable oils, lanolin, honey, etc. -. paraffinic softening skin masks face.

In the end I would like to draw your attention to some of the existing contraindications to the use of cosmetic wax for the face.This is primarily expanded or are close to the skin blood vessels, increased facial hair, warts , a large number of moles , the presence of any skin diseases, and in particular cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and poor blood clotting.

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