Paraffin mask D etalney about how done paraffin mask for the face , you can read on page -. Cosmetic paraffin .There you are familiar with the beneficial properties of the product, and its healing effect on the skin.

E If in a nutshell, the process of laying mask of wax done in several layers.
With first molten liquid paraffin with a special flat brush or spatula to apply a uniform thin layer on the cleaned, greased and pre-moisturizer the skin (without touching the area around the eyes, where the cotton pads are applied).Then put on top of the gauze cloth, with cutouts for the nose and mouth, and on top of the napkin consistently applied even up to 5 layers of wax.
P arafinovaya mask should freeze, for this it is necessary to hold about 20 minutes on the face, and then taking the edges wipes gently remove the skin, wash with warm water and apply a moisturizing cream.

M asci paraffin primarily designed for dehydrated, dry, flaky and rough skin.This is a powerful moisturizing and softening action o

f wax, the skin after application becomes soft and smooth, like a child.
About sobenno actually do paraffin mask during the winter, when the weather-beaten face often, coarsens, and the skin is suffering from a lack of moisture.They are also recommended for mature aging skin, becausewax perfectly smoothes superficial wrinkles on face.

have the best effect paraffin facial masks can be the addition of a variety of natural products - vegetable and essential oils , beeswax, and others.

Masks from paraffin For example, if too dry, flaky and chapped skin, we recommend the following recipe:
H achinayte cosmetic wax melting in two containers.This is done in a water bath or (paraffin placed in a small pan, which is placed in another larger pan, boiling water) or using a special bath to melt the wax.
in one container, place about 1 tbsp.paraffin wax spoon - this part we will use for the first layer mask will be added here as additional ingredients.In the second container, place a greater amount of wax (up to 5 tablespoons.) - It will be used for subsequent layers of paraffin mask.
In of the melting process to add the first part of the wax 1 teaspoon of beeswax, and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of vegetable oil (corn, olive , avocado , peach or apricot ).
By hen all components are completely melted, apply a liquid and warm mass of uniform thin layer on the face (weight allow a few seconds to cool down, so as not to burn the skin), the skin at the same time must always be cleaned and lubricated moisturizer or nourishing cream (instead of creamYou can grease it with vegetable oil) used in the mask.On top put gauze, which gradually apply 4-5 layers of liquid paraffin.
In se, left to wait for 20 minutes, being careful not to speak and not to express any emotion, becausemask of wax, freezing, produces constricting effect.
P of gauze after the time taken by the edges and gently removed from the face with a frozen paraffin.The remains are carefully removed any flat spatula or fingers.At the end should wash with warm water and lubricate the skin moisturizer.

1 st twice a week is quite enough to apply paraffin mask for the face.
T akzhe likely for its application, you will need an assistant.

P When aging skin with the presence of age and facial wrinkles using a similar mask of wax, as described above, but instead of beeswax and vegetable oil is added to the first part of the wax 1 teaspoon of solid cocoa oil (suitable also shea or coconut ), and 2-3 drops of essential oil of lemon , orange , or roses.

In particular, when dehydrated, dry, rough, scaly, and aging (more than prone to dryness) the skin well to add to the wax 1 teaspoon of honey and lanolin.
H For example, perfectly combined mixture such as 1 tbsp.spoon cosmetic solid wax, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tbsp.tablespoon of vegetable oil.
And whether Article 1 .spoon paraffin, lanolin 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon.spoon the juice pressed from ripened in the refrigerator (not less than 14 days) of aloe leaves.

About Audience Retention graph, note that paraffin mask contraindicated rosacea , copious amounts of moles, the presence of warts, and increased facial hair, in various diseases of the skin, poor blood clotting, high blood pressure, as well as violations of the cardiovascular system.

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