Smoking women And esearch has shown that in Russia regularly smokes every fifth woman and have a tendency to increase these figures.
M legged girls somehow think that the lady with the cigarette looks spectacular, others have burst into the inner sanctum of men - smoking room, and others - so calm nerves.Horror stories of doctors, that smoking women leads to flowers a variety of disorders, including problems with the lungs and heart, not particularly afraid, because when they appear, and will be there anyway, is not clear.Every girl, no doubt thinking that can avoid trouble by her side.The more that the internal organs are not visible and can not see what harm smoking causes a female body.

X lthough not.To see the effects of this habit can be, on the face.By the way, each beautician immediately be able to identify his client smokes or not.And it's not that you got a brilliant specialist, just skin smoking woman often is in such a state that does not notice it is simply not possible.
W We recall the beautiful, clean and fresh leather and smoking - incompatible things.Smoking girls differ early wrinkles, especially in the nasolabial area and the area around the eyes.To this should be added bags and black eyes , gray facial color, and often increased skin dryness.

The Impact of smoking on the skin of women - an indisputable fact.Do not believe me?Then, perhaps, you have just started to smoke, or look in the mirror too often, so as not to hurt your delicate psyche, or too fond of foundation, powder and blush.Although just scare you, no one is going, let's understand the problem with facts.

And so smoking in women (in other matters, as well as in men) invariably leads to oxygen starvation of the body.And, perhaps, it is not necessary for a long time to dwell on what is fraught with a lack of skin substance, it knows each of us.Well, who still resides in the very young and tender age and are not aware of this, be aware that the constant lack of oxygen very quickly leads to the formation of early wrinkles.Scientists have shown that only one smoked cigarette lowers the oxygen level in the blood at 5%.If you smoke five cigarettes a day, you can already diagnose anoxia.Also, regular smoking for ten years, leads to the fact that wrinkles are five times more visible than in women who do not suffer from this addiction.Oh, this figure is already "five".And that's just the beginning.

In s always been proud of its smooth and even facial skin with no visible flaws?Look, what you have now will be proud of, as regular smoking of perfect skin in a few years, you can forget.A
ate that microparticles which exhaled by smoking, are deposited on the face, and clog the pores.The skin is contaminated, and it becomes a good medium for the bacteria that cause acne and blackheads face.But that's not the worst.
E If you still do not understand how smoking affects the skin and above the arguments for you weightless, then hold on.

By AWO smoking women ages five times faster than non-smokers.It all takes place under the influence of free radicals produced in the skin cells with each inhalation of cigarette smoke.Free radicals - the remains of chemical compounds that contribute to the destruction of skin tissue, and as a consequence - it leads to premature aging.
By osmetologi note that if the free radicals found in the body in excess, begins the destruction collagen and elastin - proteins, which are mainly responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
By rum of nicotine washes away from the body of vitamin C, and its lack of again leads to ... well, premature aging of the skin.After all, vitamin C actively promotes the formation of collagen in the skin, which was written above.
T akzhe nicotine reduces the elasticity of blood vessels and can lead to vascular mesh on the face called rosacea.

H Averno, having read this far, half of the women had already fled to the nearest mirror to see their skin and figure out how to return it to a condition called "blood and milk".Come back, ladies, we will think, how to fix it.
And so, it is best, of course, quit smoking - there is no reason, no problem.True, after, above the skin will still have to work to return it to its former beauty.
H to stop smoking if you just can not, then we should carefully pay attention to skin care, information about anything on our site more than enough.

Face Care at home

H about, again, in any case, the sooner you give up smoking, so will be more likely to restore the condition of your skin.
D well and also the harm of smoking for women is not only a bad skin.Add to that nicotine yellowed teeth and nails, bad breath, stained hair and clothes ... and this is only a minimum list, affecting a woman's beauty.But the horrors of the impact of smoking on women's health, you can probably write a whole book.

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