Facial Hair M May not doubt that hair on face has almost every woman.However, someone has a very small, light, soft, and not conspicuous hairs, the presence of which does not even notice, and someone on the contrary, facial hair is pretty long, hard and dark, and are clearly visible, as well asmost their owner and others.
And is the second type of facial hair can bring a lot of problems to representatives of the female sex.

P Accelerating hair growth on the face usually clearly expressed on areas of the skin, as the chin, cheeks, and the area above the upper lip, which resemble hairs like male antennae.
B it for the reasons intensive hair growth on the face in women, it may be several, ranging from heredity, excess male hormones in the body, or from long-term use of hormonal contraceptives, and ending with the transfer of the high stress, or other long-term illness.
T akzhe hair growth on the face can worsen during pregnancy, puberty, or vice versa, with the onset of menopause.
B ashche everything from excessive hairiness on the face are affected mostly dark-haired women, and women of Eastern nationalities.

s an And many methods of hair removal on the face, and some of them though are the most effective, but it will cost you is not cheap.Such methods include electrolysis and laser or photoepilation.
H about in this article, we will consider it home ways to remove hair on the face, which does not require special financial costs, and the extent to which they are effective.

Shaving - This method is the most common, but that's only the result of its use usually is not reassuring.
B rite of hair on the face contributes to the splitting of hair ends, which is why they become even thicker and more noticeable.And besides, if you start to shave the hair on your face, then you will have to do this procedure almost every day, thus further enhancing the growth of hair and skin irritating at the same time.

Plucking - this is another no less common method of hair removal on the face, but also as a shaving, it is not particularly effective.
In by plucking the hair follicles are damaged, which can cause irritation, and as a consequence - formation on the skin of small scars.As well as shaving, plucking the hair on the face and provoking even greater growth and thickening.
In yschipyvanie recommended only if the face has a small amount of unwanted hair, arranged as far as possible from each other.But even in this case, in place of the pulled out a thin hair can grow thicker hair.
H about yet, if you choose between shaving and plucking, it is better to use the second option, as hair after it will grow much more slowly.

wax or hair removal sugar is the most effective way to remove facial hair.This procedure allows you to pull out the hairs by the root, resulting in significantly slowing down their growth, and the newly grown hair is much thinner.
In oskovuyu hair removal can be done by yourself, at home, but have little to spend on a special wax, which can be purchased at beauty stores.It is sold in the form of plates or tablets.
E first you must melt in the fire, and with a special wand to put on hairs that are on the face.After the wax hardens, it is removed with the fingers.Together with the wax removed and adherent thereto hair.
B To reduce the pain, it is recommended to apply the wax on the hair isolated small strokes, then one by one they tear.To avoid irritation of the skin, after the procedure is necessary to lubricate its nutritional or moisturizer (you can baby).
P Performan after waxing can be kept from 2 weeks to 1 month.

P rimerno same way done and the sugar hair removal.The sugar is melted by fire in some container with a thick bottom, and then some flat stick is applied to areas of skin where hair has.After the sugar hardens, it is removed from the face of the fingers.E
dinstvenny drawback epilation wax and sugar that grow back after the hair to be removed again only if their length is not shorter than 5 mm.

E st is another pretty simple recipe homemade clay for hair removal .For him, you will need 1 kg of sugar, a bottle of green paint, a little more than half a glass of water, and about a half cup of vinegar.
In ysypte sugar in a saucepan, then stir the water with vinegar, then add the sugar to the composition.Put the pan with it all on low heat and gently stir until the sugar has melted and the composition does not turn into a syrup medium thickness.Then add about a third bubble green fodder, and continue stirring until the mixture is smooth and dark green.Turn off the heat and let cool a little weight at all.
D alley cook the other, at least deep container (pan, bowl or seledochnitsu), the main thing that this capacity was not plastic, and a bed at her usual clean plastic bag.And on the package pour your syrup is cooked.
In Behold now leave it up to complete cooling, and the resulting clay can already safely used to remove facial hair.
spolzovat And it is very easy, just tear off a small piece of it from a frozen lump and thoroughly mash fingers to the soft state.Just do not overdo it, the weight should not overheat and leak.
have the soft clay smear fingers thin layer on those portions of the skin, where there is hair, and Clay immediately stick to them.After that, it immediately peel off.Ie, these actions must follow immediately one after the other: stuck - unstuck, stuck - unstuck, etc.
About Audience Retention graph, note that you need to stick the clay along the growth of hair and unstick against the line of their growth.

And there's even a recipe rather unusual method of removing facial hair :
D To him you need 3 green walnuts, ietogether with a green rind.Or rather you will need is this upper peel.Remove it, for example by means of a knife, and put in some dry place until the rind is not to become completely dried.
W ATEM try to completely burn the skins, and the resulting "ash", add 1 teaspoon of water.All stir and move this mixture into some small butylek or jar.
W ATEM simply apply a small amount of this popular ointment on the hairs, are available on the face several times a day.
By ak promise folk healers, soon hair disappear for a long time.
H about the only drawback of this tool is that the skin after use may remain brownish spots, which go only a few days.

And s an another inexpensive option of hair removal on the face, it is buy a cream for depilation .It contains substances harmful effect on the proteins in the hairs, and after a while they disappear.
H of this cream is not able to exert any influence on the hair follicles, so its use does not slow down or reduce the growth of facial hair.And besides, depilatory cream can cause irritation to the skin areas treated them, and the result is stored after use for long.

T akzhe have another home remedy , which must be done at night, and as a result of which the hairs on the face disappear:
W aleyte 1 cup boiling water 1 tsp (heaped) of baking soda, stirand after the composition has cooled slightly, soak it in a small piece of cotton or gauze, gently squeeze and attach to the place where there are unwanted hair.On top of the gauze or cotton wool you need to fix something (can be ordinary plaster).All this, leave for the night.
have after 3 treatments of hair on the face is easy to fall off, but keep in mind that soda can cause peeling and dryness of the skin.

H y and the latter method, which can also be done on their own, it lighten hair on the face .And coloring agents recipes you will find the link below:

methods lighten hair on the face

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