this way to make the hair on the face is almost imperceptible is the most simple and inexpensive.But be careful, especially if you have sensitive skin , as some means for bleaching the hair can cause skin irritation.

Clarification of hair on the face One of the simplest methods lighten hair on the face is wiping their 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.It is necessary to drench a cotton wool in the solution, and wipe her areas of skin, which are unwanted dark hair for 5 minutes.
to the result, this procedure should be done every day.After some time the hair on his face brighten considerably.
Instead, hydrogen peroxide can also use lemon juice.Just keep in mind that it should be svezheevyzhatym, or its properties are simply lost.

There are several means to bleaching hair face, which also includes hydrogen peroxide.
For example, it is recommended to mix in equal proportions of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution of any shaving cream and apply the composition to the face where there are hair for 20 minutes.After the time necessary to lath

er rinse thoroughly, and then lubricate the face of nourishing cream.Also, to great effect in this compound, you can add a couple drops of ammonia.
Such a method should be applied at least every other day, and after a 4-5-minute treatments of discolored hair, and their growth will slow down significantly.

In preparation of the next tool to lighten hair on the face, in addition to hydrogen peroxide, you will also need more pills gidroperita and ammonia.
interpret powdered gidroperita tablet 1, and add to it a few drops of ammonia and the same amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.All the mix, such as some stick to form a homogeneous thick mixture.The mixture was put on hair, which are available on your face and leave for 10 minutes.Then thoroughly rinse all and apply to the skin nourishing cream.
This procedure is well lightens hair, making it more fragile and brittle, but it must do no more than 1 times a week, and then only if on the face where there are hairs, there are no wounds and pimples, orthis composition may cause severe irritation.
You can also just buy the most common bleach hair (the same gidroperit), and apply it for 10 minutes on the existing facial hair.

Another prescription ointment that helps to lighten hair on the face:
Mix 1 teaspoon of lanolin with half a teaspoon of Vaseline, and add 4 drops perhydrol (30% solution of hydrogen peroxide).All stir until smooth, then add 2 drops of ammonia, and a very small amount of any shampoo (no more than half a teaspoon).Whisk this mixture, preferably by means of a mini mixer, and move to some small jar.
Then simply apply it gently with a spatula or a cotton swab to the hairs on the face that you want to lighten up, and leave to dry completely.
Then the ointment should be thoroughly rinse with warm water and lubricate the treated areas of the skin nourishing cream.
Use several times a week.

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