Sun effect About can be proved, in order to make your skin more dark, not necessarily expose it under the bright rays of the sun, to visit a solarium, or be smeared with tanning agents.Easy tanning effect can be more simple and accessible folk ways. Folk remedies for sunburn particularly relevant to those people who are unable to get a natural tan, spending time on the beach.
By f course, tanning effect of these funds will be much less pronounced than that of the artificial tanning or the use of a variety of tanning.But, first, you do not bring absolutely no harm to his face, because, as you know, tanning lamps are several times more harmful sunlight and causing a person to tan, you can simply get the effect of "dalmatian".

In se below folk remedies are intended to give the effect of a small tan skin.But if you have enough endurance and patience, you can use them for the whole body.

P Obtain the effect of facial tanning can use products such as coffee, cocoa powder and tea.For example, the easies

t way is to make a strong organic coffee or black tea, cool, and clean them every morning face.This procedure not only makes the skin dark, but also very refreshing and toning it.
D A healthy and ruddy complexion great choice of refreshing ice cubes, frozen of strong brewed black tea and natural coffee.

T akzhe of natural ground coffee you can prepare homemade mask for sunburn effect.To do this, dilute ground in a coffee grinder coffee beans with a little water to form a dough, which is superimposed on the face for 10 minutes.For very dry skin instead of water is recommended to use vegetable oil.By the same recipe made mask of cocoa powder .

E slit one folk remedy for sunburn - is carrots.It can be used as a mask for superimposing face grated carrots for 15-20 minutes and wipe the face juice pressed out of it, mixed with a small amount of olive oil.After wiping carrot juice facial skin as well as the carrot and after masks should wash after 15-20 minutes, and then put on the face moisturizer.

H to be careful with carrots, especially if you have a snow-white skin.Instead of the expected effect of tanning, facial skin can become just a yellow.Carrot is desirable to use at a swarthy complexion by nature, or for longer to save an existing tan.

E ffektivnym folk remedy for sunburn is a herbaceous plant rhubarb, or rather its roots.To give a person a light tanning effect, it is necessary to lubricate the juice pressed from fresh roots of rhubarb 2 times a day.
H to keep in mind that rhubarb juice can cause skin dryness or contraction, so it is desirable to use at a greasy type of skin.If you have dry skin it is recommended to wash in 10 minutes after applying the juice, and then lubricate the face moisturizer.

P etsept 1:: Thoroughly mix 1 tbsp Do the same for dry skin, you can prepare homemade mask for sunburn from the juice of the roots of rhubarb and
.juice spoonful of rhubarb roots with 1 h. spoon of nutrient or moisturizer for the face, which you use to obtain a homogeneous mass.This cream - mask can not wash off.

P etsept 2: Thoroughly rub 1 tbsp.a spoonful of sour cream or 1 raw egg yolk with 2 Art.tablespoons of juice from the rhubarb roots.The resulting mask apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

T akzhe to give the face tanning effect, you can use a decoction of the roots of rhubarb.To do this, pour 1 tbsp.spoon of dried roots and 1 cup of cold water, bring to a boil, and boil for 15-20 minutes on low heat, stirring regularly.After remove from heat, strain and cool slightly.Wipe face broth obtained using a cotton swab and wash after 10-15 minutes.

With ok and a decoction of the roots of rhubarb even used in folk medicine for the treatment of vitiligo (white patches on the skin), as well as for coloring hair at home.

have diffuseness strong infusion of these herbs like chamomile and succession also contributes to the effect of facial tanning.To prepare the infusion, pour 7-8 Art.tablespoons dry grass succession, or inflorescences of chamomile (you can use a mixture of these herbs) 1 liter of boiling water, and densely covered with a lid, leave for 2 hours.After strain, rinse and received infusion face every morning.

And finally, eat more fruits and vegetables red and orange colors, such as apricots, peaches, carrots, tomatoes, squash, etc.According to experts, these products are also able to give the skin a bronzed tan.

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