Sunny facial burns A eto!How many beautiful and warm association is the word.And no wonder, because the summer is one of the most wonderful times of the year.And certainly many, speaking of summer, imagine the sea, sun, beach, and other attributes of the summer holidays.
H have and, of course, if not all, then most eager for the period of time set off an intense shade of your skin tan.

In our time it is assumed that tanned skin - it is beautiful, fashionable and sexy.And indeed, smooth, beautiful and easy tanning is able to give a special glamor appearance.
H of a large number of people who are coming on vacation, want to become a "chocolate" quickly and immediately.The very first thing they rush to the beach, and substituted his light skin a bright and scorching rays of the sun, in anticipation of the expected effect.
And how then gets hurt, painful and unpleasant when they are due to receive a sunburn instead posmuglevshey skin.But the most unpleasant thing is, of course, sunburn face .

With the solar person may be burns of varying degrees, from light, accompanied by redness of the skin, to severe burns as a result of which are formed blisters and blisters on the skin.In the second case, we recommend immediately, without delay, apply to the medical institution.In the first case, you can try yourself to get rid of the effects of facial sunburn at home, using folk remedies.

By hen you burned face , the first thing that is recommended to do is to lower the heat, lowering her face in cold water.This will greatly reduce the potential damage to the skin.
W We recall, in severe sunburn face, never lubricate the skin oily substances (vegetable oils, petroleum jelly, etc.).This can further improve the heat and lead to skin infection by bacteria to its affected areas.
H A bit of amount of petroleum jelly to lubricate the skin can be only for sunburn mild, and that even then, when the skin is in the healing phase.

With amymi common folk remedies, if you burned face to the sun, are sour cream, yogurt and whey.And for a dry skin type, it is desirable to use a cream for oily skin is more recommended yogurt and whey.
P Simply lubricate the face of one of the listed products, but keep in mind that such a mask, in any case, should not dry out on the face.

P When sunburn face your skin contraction contraindicated, otherwise you give her even more pain.Therefore, as soon as you feel that you applied to the face cream (or yogurt) will begin to dry out, immediately remove it with a damp cotton ball and then apply a new fresh coat.For better results sour cream, yogurt or serum need to cool before use in the freezer.

H e less effective remedy for sunburn face is damp and cold egg white, which helps to relieve the heat, and eliminate pain.But then again, it is recommended to use in case your skin is more prone to fatty type.
With Collec application is similar to the protein recipe with sour cream.Just lubricate them damaged skin, and remove with a cotton swab dipped in cold water as soon as it starts to dry on the face.

By hen you have the sun burnt face, it is always accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations.Soothe the skin such help ordinary oatmeal:
W aleyte handful of lightly crushed flakes a little cold water to form a slurry, which is put on the face.Once oatmeal mask will begin to dry out, remove it cool damp swab and apply the next layer.
D la compresses with sunburn face, you can use oatmeal: Dissolve in 1 cup of clean, warm water 1 tbsp.a spoonful of oatmeal, and then cool the resulting composition.Before use, you can add a couple of ice cubes.

B else can ease your suffering in those situations when you face burned in the sun, so it's frozen curd.Freeze it in the freezer until solid state, and then wrap it in a piece of gauze and apply to face.

E slit some folk remedies that can help in mild stages of sunburn face, this raw potatoes and cucumber.Just put on the face of fresh cucumber slices or peeled potatoes (can be grated mass).But then again, it is desirable that the vegetables were cold.Therefore, before using them in place while in very cold water or in the freezer.

By ompressy of weakly brewed tea and very cold, like black and green, are also a good remedy for sunburn.

H y and even that may be advisable to reduce fever and pain in cases where the sun burned face you, so drink it antipyretic and analgesic tablets.For example, aspirin and analgin.

And remember, if your skin is naturally very bright, and more burns than sunbathing, try to sunbathe only in safer times of day.It is from 7-8 am, and up to 11 hours of the day, and then only after 16 hours.And do not substitute particularly strong under the sun face .

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