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"> H Necessity remove the tan from the face occurs in different situations, we describe some of them.
P Answered sunbathing glasses leads to the appearance of the eye highlights, hairstyle with bangs is fraught with excessive darkening cheeks and insufficient - forehead, wearing a hat with a wide brim leads to a sharp contrast between the color of the neck and face.In addition, after a visit to a tropical resort, you can purchase a shade that suits your skin is not strictly or provoke the appearance of freckles , age spots.
P about these and other reasons, every woman at least once in life thought about the question, how to whiten the face after sun ?

By ak know, dark shade of skin gets because under the action of ultraviolet light in it accumulated an excessive amount of dark pigment melanin.But the dermis is constantly updated, so eventually pigmented cells die and are replaced by new ones, in which the melanin contained in doses specific to your skin type.To remove the tan from the face, simply to speed up the upgrade process.

P When applying for service in the beauty salon, you will be offered to remove the tan surface using fruit peels, laser therapy or photocorrection.These procedures contribute to the rapid exfoliation of cells with a high pigment content, evens out skin tone, rejuvenate it, eliminate the wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
D TED kinds of bleaching can not be called cheap, and requires, as a rule, a few sessions, so do not skimp on the sunscreen before going to sea or going to the solarium.

By ak know, desperate situations do not happen, and this motto is fully applicable to the case when you want to remove from the face of the tan, and money for the trip to the beautician is not enough.
H For example, you can buy professional products for peeling with citric, tartaric, lactic, malic, glycolic acid, and to do it at home.Do not forget that fruit acids should be applied on clean using foam or cosmetic milk skin.Do not peel more than 1 time per week, preferably at bedtime, so that the skin has had time to relax and refresh before the next meeting with ultraviolet light, the sun and other harmful factors.First means for peeling is applied to the forehead and nose, and then - on the cheeks and chin, carefully keeping an eye on it, so it does not hit on the delicate areas around the eyes.After 10 minutes - 15 wash your face with warm water without soap, and put on him a moisturizer.

How to whiten the face after sunbathing D THER ways to remove the tan from the face, encourages traditional medicine in which you can find recipes on almost all occasions.This is not surprising, since conventional medicine, there is no more than 200 years, beauty - even less, and folk methods of treatment and rehabilitation appeared in ancient times.
Home mask of cucumber - a popular nutritional procedure with good whitening effect.To a cucumber is better to keep on the face, it should be rubbed on a grater with holes of any size and add a raw egg.You can apply on face and round plastic cucumber, but in this case, the lighting may be uneven.
About gurechny juice can be frozen and used for morning refreshment and toning the skin.Thus, you will not only be able to remove from the face of the tan in a short time, but also get rid of morning puffiness.

X watered bleaching properties are citrus, especially lemon and grapefruit.The juice of these fruits is mixed with honey, in equal amounts and applied as a mask.Such procedures can be done as often as they nourish and moisturize the dermis.
P After use the fruit pulp, bleached face after sun as possible and dried crusts.Crush them into powder and add a little sour cream or yogurt to make a thick paste.Apply it on the skin and wait until dry, then rinse with warm water.Finish the procedure by applying a nutrient or moisturizer, depending on the time of day.

About bychnaya Parsley has long been used by women to lighten the skin, helps to remove the tan and it is a person, and besides - to refresh, soothe, relieve swelling, reduce acne and delay formation of wrinkles.
By ompressy from the juice of parsley is particularly useful for dry and irritated skin, infusions, decoctions, and derived from them is used for washing the ice for any skin type.Vitamin mask of finely chopped and grated green with the addition of sour cream or cottage cheese is perfect for dry skin whitening, with the addition of yogurt or whey - for oily.

B aster remove the tan from the face will help to use moisturizing and nourishing creams bleaching series.They are produced all popular cosmetic brands.Typically, these creams contain vitamins C and E, which are powerful antioxidants, plant extracts with bleaching effect (cucumber, lemon, parsley, sorrel, grapefruit, bearberry, etc.), fruit acids, substances which accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis (eg, aloe).

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