Warts H e rarely in childhood could be heard such horror stories, if you take it into the hands of a toad, or even just pritroneshsya to it, on the body or face can be formed warts .In fact, it is, of course, all nonsense, and even someone who is not exactly a toad but have no relation to the warts, and even more so do not call them, and do not spread.
In se types of warts caused by a form of HPV, which can enter the body through direct contact with people they already infected, or through a variety of things and objects of common use.

B orodavki are small growths, or in other words, benign tumors that can form in almost any part of the human skin.Also, there are times that at the beginning of the infection vozniknuvshey benign warts subsequently become malignant.
External Expansion In view of warts and the amount may be different depending on the kind of warts, but usually they resemble "papillary" growths on the skin, ranging in size from a few millimeters to 1-2 centimeters.Color warts can

range from white to dark brown, almost black.

With uschestvuyut following types of warts:

Ordinary (simple) warts - is often dense, not inflammatory nodules, the size of a match head to a large pea-size, with a rough and uneven surface of the solid toyellowish-gray.
About brazovyvayutsya simple warts mostly on the hands, namely, on the dorsum of the hands and fingers.Less commonly found on the hands, face, lips, scalp, and dorsum of the foot.
And x amount can be varied.Sometimes neighboring warts may merge, forming uneven plaques.
About bychno common warts do not cause pain, but for them is a long and chronic.Although sometimes it also happens that vozniknuvshey warts disappear spontaneously within 2 years after their formation.
T akzhe is believed that among the common wart usually has a parent wart, which differs the largest size, and if it is to identify and remove the warts disappear and others followed her.
W Contamination of this type of warts may be exposed to people of any age, but usually simple warts are more frequently observed in children and adolescents adolescence.

With o the next appearance of warts - is youth or flat warts.
And converging their name, youthful wart disease are almost exclusively children and youth.
P gloss, smooth, slightly elevated above the level of the skin nodules, often rounded shape, the size of a pinhead to lentil.Flat warts can occur in a relatively short period of time, and usually in a pretty considerable number.Basically, they are formed on the back of hands and fingers, as well as on the skin of the face (forehead, chin).Their color can vary from normal skin color, but sometimes there are yellowish-brown juvenile warts.
P gloss warts usually do not give any subjective feelings, but for them is long.However, as is the case with common warts, juvenile warts may not rarely disappear spontaneously.

3 th appearance of warts, which is the most painful and uncomfortable - it plantar warts .These warts are formed in areas of the plantar surface of the foot exposed to the greatest pressure.They are reminiscent of the corn horny tight formation yellow, towering above the skin.Their value is equal to the average size desyatikopeechnoy coins.
P overhnost the central part of the plantar wart is more friable and easily crumble.It can even just a scrape, but the naked bleeding "papillae".
By The number of emergence of plantar warts are usually not large (1-3 warts), but even one such wart can cause very painful, complicate walking and wearing shoes.

E slit one type of warts - is filamentous warts (akrohordy) , which have a narrow and elongated shape, and form most often in people of older, in the neck, face, eyelids, nostrils,lips, chin and underarms.The length of the thread-like warts can reach the 1st centimeters.
P When formation of this type of wart is necessary to prevent irritation of affected areas, as this could lead to further widening them.For example, if there is a thread-like wart on his neck, it is advisable to abandon the tight collars, woolen scarves and other Tacna that can cause skin irritation.
And if the wart formed on her face, his massage should be avoided, and the use of various cosmetics, which can cause skin peeling, and irritation.This could include a variety of body scrubs, alcohol cleansing lotions and astringent and dries the skin creams and masks.
About Audience Retention graph, note that the thread-like warts is not recommended to treat yourself.

And meyutsya are other types of warts, such as genital warts, which affect mainly the sexual organs, but it is on the part of urologists, gynecologists and venereologists.

main methods of treatment and wart removal

Folk remedies for warts

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