With ovetuem you first become familiar with the main types of occurring warts .

Removal of warts P Before you start treatment for warts , you need to make sure whether it is a wart?Since many often confused with ordinary warts or calluses, moles, and that serious of all - cancers.However, if treatment of warts will take place in a specialized doctor in the clinic, such entanglement should arise.
T akzhe want to note that half of the warts can disappear spontaneously, even without any of their treatment.And if the formed body growths do not cause much discomfort you may not be worth it and touch it?
X hile on the other hand, warts - it's still a viral disease, and there is a risk of their proliferation throughout the body, as well as contamination of the surrounding people.
In any case, the appearance on the body of any superficial tumors should immediately consult your doctor dermatologist and have him decide to delete them or not, or what kind of treatment to use.

And s an several treatments and wart removal , and below we look at the main ones a little more detail.

Local treatment of warts - This method comprises the use of so-called "ink", which contains solutions of lactic and salicylic acids, and has a viscous base.Such a paint is applied to the wart with a brush, and more particularly it is effective for ordinary warts on hands, warts as well as that there are folds in the skin or on its wet surfaces.
M Local National treatment should be used continuously for many days in a row, until you see the first results.
T akzhe specialist doctor can prescribe and use of more active acids, such as nitric, kantaridinovaya, trichloroacetic, and carbolic acid.These acids are more rapid action, but also require a certain duration of application to the moment until the results appear.
About bychno with plantar warts using salicylic acid, when flat warts - ointment ammonium mercury, and TCA, while genital warts - drug kondilin.But then again, the use of these funds should be given only under medical supervision.
P ubtsy or scars after such treatments for warts are formed rarely.

With o the next method to remove warts - is electrocoagulation .This method is the application of high frequency electric current that kills the virus and destroy the wart, cauterizing the tissue surrounding it.
P When electrocoagulation used local anesthesia and the procedure itself is different, as well as its speed and maximum efficiency.
E dinstvenny electrocoagulation disadvantage that after application to the skin may remain small scars.

E slit one method of wart removal is cryotherapy or cryosurgery .
have The pressure of warts is due a treat them with liquid nitrogen or carbonic acid snow (dry ice).The procedure involves freezing the wart one of the substances listed above, and may be still quite painful.
H and place the treated warts usually bubble is formed, which can last up to 10 days, gradually turning into a crust.Once the crust is no longer only a slight pinkish spot left on the skin.

B orodavki affecting vast areas of the skin most often removed surgically.This method is called surgical excision .
P The procedure for scraping warts is a special scalpel, and then inside the skin are closed with stitches, which are removed at the end of the week.
X irurgicheskoe excision is performed under local anesthesia, and after it, as a rule, there is only a small scar.
H of this method has its drawbacks.Since the removal of warts occurs contact with blood, there is a risk of re-infection with, and as a result - the formation of new warts.

O ne of the most modern methods of wart removal is laser , which allows more quickly, efficiently and safely remove any warts on the body.
P When laser excision of warts using local anesthesia, and in place of the removed wart leaving no scars or blemishes.

And remember, no matter how you choose the method of disposal or treatment of warts, you should consult a doctor before this dermatologist.
T akzhe in any case do not attempt to scratch or otkovyryat wart, it can only worsen her condition.
H have and keep in mind that the wart - a viral infection, and even after they are deleted, they can reappear.

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