Before treatment of warts by folk remedies highly recommend that you first consult your doctor dermatologist.

folk remedies for warts Very ancient folk remedy for warts :
Cut in half a little crude and crude potato.Each of the halves of all the rub on your body or face warts, then fold the halves together and tie them tightly with thread.
Then throw potatoes on the street, and when it is completely rot, and the warts disappear.
Optional throw potato on the street, you can simply wrap it in paper and put somewhere else, as long as the potatoes start to rot.
also can be used instead of potatoes apple, beet, or any other vegetable or fruit.

A similar procedure for getting rid of warts can be done with a conventional thread.To do this, take one strand, and over each wart on her tied one knot (preferably done it on the waning moon).Then the string with knots need to throw out on the street, over the left shoulder, or even better - to bury.It is believed that once the rot string, followed by the lost and warts.

in the treatment of warts by folk remedies will work well and regular ash.
Take a few wooden matches, break off their sulfur head, then completely burn these matches.The resulting coal grind into powder, then add to it a small amount of water to form a thick black paste.Properly lubricate the wart this gruel, and that it does not crumble, cover on top of the wart, for example, a conventional plaster.
Every day on the warts is necessary to impose a new ash, burning a new match, and already after a few days you will find that the wart will "shrink", as if gasping for breath and dry out.

should not be less than a good folk remedy for warts is to rub their extract celandine.This infusion can be purchased at the pharmacy.Also at
warts is recommended to wipe them with fresh juice, pressed from the stems celandine, juice pressed from fresh stems and leaves of dandelion and marigold, sundew juice and tea tree oil .

Treatment of warts with acetic acid:
For him you need to acetic acid, which is stronger than the usual vinegar.
Take one strip of adhesive tape, and cut the middle of a small hole in it, the size of an existing wart on the body.Now you need to glue the patch so that the slotted holes protruded from the wart, but the skin around it was protected by a plaster.
Add to acetic acid a little flour, stirring so that when formed thick "dough."Apply a small amount of dough to the wart, slightly pressing it to her fingers and the top Wrap anything, such as a bandage.
Every day apply to the warts novoprigotovlennoe dough, and in the near future they will begin to dry out and fall off.
However, after this remedy on the skin after the wart may leave a small scar.

Against warts can also prepare an infusion of lemon peel.To do this, remove the rind from 2 lemons, chop it, put in a jar, and pour half a glass of ordinary vinegar.Bank to close tightly and leave for 7-8 days, shaking it daily.After strain, and has a liquid infusion gently moisten the wart several times a day, until a result.
order not to burn the skin around the wart, you can use the procedure described above with the plaster.

Folk remedy for warts on the hands with salt:
in a small bag or pack poured 1 pack of large salt, after which he dropped his hands and rubbed with salt (as if you lather your hands with soap) about 5 minutes.Then, a hand shake salt, but not necessary to wash the hands of at least 2-3 hours.
This procedure should be done 2 times a day, morning and evening.A few days later at the hands of watery blisters will form, and the skin begins to hand slazit small scraps, together with the existing warts.
Despite this terrible description, the process is pretty painless, and the skin heals quickly enough.

Some people are very successful get rid of warts, zamatyvaya their usual bandage.You only tightly wrap each wart, removing the bandage only when it becomes dirty, to bandage the wart again.In other words, the warts should be under the bandage 24 hours a day.However, with this procedure the warts begin to disappear no sooner than 3-4 weeks.
Also, for more results of such national treatment of warts, before applying the bandage, warts it is recommended to grease the following "ointment": A small amount of baking soda a few drops of dilute castor oil so as to form a thick mixture, which resembles an ointment.Only in this case, the bandage should be changed more often becausethis should be lubricated with ointment warts at least 2 times a day.

Onion folk remedy for warts:
Cut 1 small onion, so to get a small flat slices in size slightly larger than the size of your existing warts.These slices on the lower 2 hours vinegar, and then attach them to the warts on the night, for example using adhesive tape or bandage.
desirable repeating this every night.

In order to get rid of warts, take 1 tbsp.spoon salt and dissolve it in half a glass of warm water.Then the brine, add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of vinegar, stir, and then lower it a plum pulp for 2 hours.After remove the drain, grind into mush, and apply to the wart.
As in previous use of funds plum mush on the wart you need something to fix, and it is desirable to leave on all night, or at least 2-3 hours.
Apply daily until the result is displayed.

Folk remedy for warts made from wormwood:
Pour 3 tbsp.spoon of dried wormwood 1 cup of boiling water, cover, and leave at least 2 hours.After a day moisten strained infusion warts several times a day.

also to the disappearance of warts is well suited wetting their fresh juice, pressed from the sour apples and berries of mountain ash, aloe juice, fresh tomato juice, and even his own urine.

the treatment of plantar warts is recommended that the following procedure:
The affected foot steam out in hot soapy water with a little soda.Then carefully scrape off the top layer of soft warts, dry the foot attach to the wart piece of raw meat, on top of which is attached a small piece of oilcloth, all Wrap bandage.
This bandage must be worn on the foot without removing at least 3-4 days, and in any case it is not wet.
Upon expiration, remove the bandage and again rasparte foot in hot water with soap and soda.After that, the wart should be easily steamed otedinitsya.
If suddenly a wart on the sole is quite large, and is not separated from the first time, the procedure with steam, by applying dressings and meat must be repeated.

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