popular eczema treatment H is, despite the fact that there are many ways treat eczema folk remedies , which help to eliminate the pain and itching in the affected areas of the skin, reduce the activity of the inflammatory process, and other manifestations of the disease, if not completely get rid ofhim, we still strongly recommend that you first seek professional help.Usually eczema treatment involved doctors, dermatologists and allergists.
More information about eczema, affecting the face area, of the reasons for its occurrence, as well as the characteristics of the main types of the disease on the page - Eczema on the face.

H he most common product used in the treatment of the national eczema on the face, hands and other parts of the body - a raw potato.It must be clear and well wash, rub on a very fine grater, wrap the resulting mass in a gauze cloth or napkin, attach to the skin lesion, and to fix, for example, using a bandage.After 2 hours, should be accompanied by fresh (new) potato mixture.So put on a dail

y basis, as time allows.
A nother version of the application of raw potatoes as a folk remedy for eczema - is squeezing its juice, and smearing the affected places this juice, again, as many times a day, how much it will be possible.A
if crushed by applying with potatoes, lotions or taken from its juice and potato juice further inward, the treatment efficiency can be improved by several times.Squeeze it will not be difficult with the help of juicers, or for example by means of gauze (crude and thoroughly washed potatoes in their skins rub on a very fine grater, and the resulting mass squeeze the juice through cheesecloth).Potato juice drink follows a half cups, 30 minutes before meals, at least 2 times per day.And to make it a more pleasant taste, can add freshly squeezed carrot juice (ratio: 50 to 50) or diluted with plain water.
important to know! All nutrients potato juice are only valid for 10 minutes after it is received.This means that you need to drink the juice immediately, particularly with regard to wet them and eczema affected areas of the skin.
T akzhe drink and use the potato juice is allowed only from July to February, becauseafter February it begins to accumulate a lot of solanine - a substance toxic, very harmful to the human body.

With o the next vegetable used for the national treatment of eczema - is kale.Due to its potent anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, cabbage, applied to the sore area of ​​the skin, helps to quickly relieve pain, reduce inflammation and speed recovery when applying of regular.
P ekomenduetsya as often as possible to put the whole fresh, and well-washed leaves of cabbage to the affected skin eczema places, periodically replacing used cabbage leaf new.
T akzhe for the treatment of eczema is good to mix finely shredded raw cabbage with raw egg white (about 3 tbsp. Spoon cabbage gruel 1 protein), and regularly applying the resulting mass (wrapped in a gauze cloth) to the sore spot, locking top bandage.
nalogichno And, as in the case of potatoes, as a folk remedy for eczema can be used freshly squeezed cabbage juice, in the form of lotions and rubbing the affected skin.And if you mix 3 tbsp.spoon juice of cabbage 1 teaspoon incomplete natural apple cider vinegar, significantly accelerate the healing process (lotions of juice and vinegar can cause a burning sensation).
P When soak (wet eczema) is recommended to apply a paste of the leaves of cabbage, boiled in milk.To do this, pour into a saucepan half a cup of milk, put finely shredded cabbage leaves, and extinguish them until soft state.

E ot very useful vegetable, effective in the treatment of eczema folk remedies - garlic is.
H Necessity grate on the smallest grater a few cloves of garlic, stir the resulting slurry with a small amount of honey or a little melted butter soft, and regularly rubbed into the ground in the affected areas.
And whether the boil until soft state a few peeled garlic cloves, then grind them to a pulp, just to add a bit of honey, stir, to turn the mixture into the cheesecloth attached to the affected eczema skin areas, and fixing the top bandage and leave fornight.And just to repeat this procedure every day before going to sleep to the disappearance of scales.
In particular, if we talk about the national treatment of eczema, garlic is very good not only for external use.Use it in food also contributes to the speedy elimination of the disease.

About Writ- ing further folk remedies for eczema, I would like to stay at vegetable and essential oils .
And s oils of vegetable origin, first of all, amaranth, flax and sea buckthorn oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, calendula, thistle, sesame, walnut oil, evening primrose, rosehip and black cumin.
And s essential - oil of lemon and tea tree, lavender, rose and geranium, jasmine and mint, bergamot, ylang ylang, fir, patchouli, sandalwood and myrrh oil.
B As for the technique is the use of these oils in the treatment of eczema, the vegetable oils can be applied in pure form directly on the affected skin area.
With essential oils is not the case - they must be diluted in vegetable oil in a ratio of 4-5 drops of essential oil to 1 tablespoon.spoon vegetable.After the resulting mixture gently smeared "sick" place, or soaking in the composition of a piece of fabric, make a kind of compresses.
X ochet also note that sea buckthorn , wheatgerm and black cumin due to their very strong action is also desirable to dilute with other vegetable oils in a ratio of 1: 1.

And finally some of the other products used in the treatment of eczema folk remedies:
H at, firstly, is freshly squeezed carrot juice, which is recommended regularly wet the lesions and the ingest half cup, 2times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating.Do not forget that as the potato juice, juice squeezed carrot after 10-15 minutes begins to lose its beneficial properties.
In a second, it is, of course, the aloe plant.It is necessary to apply a cut aloe leaf pulp to the affected areas of the skin, and to fix the top bandage.Alternatively, wet eczema lesions juice pressed from the leaves of aloe (to avoid burning the juice may be mixed with a small amount of honey).Just keep in mind that the leaves of aloe before application requires some preparation, for more details on the page - Applying aloe face.
And thirdly it is the grape.The national treatment of eczema using dark grapes sour-sweet varieties, which are milled pulp is necessary, as in the case of raw potato, put in gauze to the problem areas, fixing the top bandage, and keep for about 2 hours.

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