All the ingredients for the preparation of creams and oils can be found in pharmacies.

Eye cream very nutritious homemade eye cream : Melt in a water bath for 1 tbsp.spoon interior unsalted pork fat and add the 2 tbsp.vegetable oil (olive oil is well suited, peach, and apricot kernel oil).Thoroughly mix all to obtain a homogeneous mass, which put in some jar.The resulting cream is recommended to lubricate the eyelid skin for about 3 times a week, before going to bed, and do not wash off until morning.The composition can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 20-25 days.

Natural oil age : In a small jar pour in 1 tbsp.of olive oil and add to the same 3 drops of Vitamin E in the oil, and the same amount of vitamin A in the oil.Stir everything, for example with a cotton swab, and use the resulting composition for moisturizing the skin around the eyes, morning and evening.Just apply a small amount of the oil obtained under the eyes, and lightly driven into the skin.That the skin under the eyes did n

ot shine much, then 30 minutes after applying the oil, blotted it with a napkin.Instead of olive oil you can use almond, peach or rose hip oil.

recipe nourishing cream for age Wrinkle : 1 tbsp.spoonful of soft margarine or butter thoroughly rub with 1 raw egg yolk, and Article 1-1.5.tablespoons finely chopped rose petals (roses can be used instead of the wild rose petals, lily of the valley and jasmine).It is also recommended to add into the ground even stamens and pistils of flowers, on which there is pollen.Very good all mix and apply a cream under the eyes at night.Store in refrigerator for up to 7 days.

For good skin nourishment century, very well apply it every night before bed diluted wheat germ oil, olive oil, Aevitum oil, grape, peach and apricot kernel, or rosehip oil.Century oil can be alternated, for example, one week using one oil, following another week, etc.Or you can mix the oils listed in equal proportions.

Nourishing and Moisturizing Eye Cream: Stir ingredients such as 1 teaspoon of liquid honey and the same amount of glycerol , 1 teaspoon gelatin powder , and 4-5 v..spoons of boiled or mineral water.Dishes with a mixture put in hot water for 10 minutes, then stir again all, or even better, if possible, to beat.The cooled mass is used as a cream for eyelids, which can be stored in the refrigerator up to 1 week.

Recipe softening domestic eye cream that helps smooth out fine wrinkles: Melt using a water bath 1 teaspoon of lanolin , add to it 2 tablespoons.spoon of almond oil, and half a teaspoon of lecithin powder, dissolved in 2 Art.spoons of mineral water, and even better in rose water .Again, put a container with the mixture in a water bath, and stir for 1-2 minutes.After the beat structure of a fork or spoon, and leave to cool.The cream is ready.It recommended for use at night.

Oil century against the "crow's feet": First, you need a basis for a good fit olive oil or peach oil or grape seed.In 2 Art.basics of spoon, add 2 drops of rosemary essential oil, the same oil of geranium, verbena and oil.All the mix, the oil is ready.Just drive in it into the skin around the eyes at night before going to bed.

Or another similar oil recipe for age: 1 tbsp.spoon basis, same as in the previous recipe, stir with the same amount of avocado oil, and add 2 drops of essential oil of fennel , mint and orange.Use the same as written in the recipe above.

For instant removal of bags, bruises and facial wrinkles in the eye area can be purchased special collagen mask Liqiuskin .

Homemade Eye Cream To prepare these natural eye cream, you will need a lot of ingredients, but you can buy them in pharmacies without difficulty, or cosmetic stores.It is also advisable to carry a mini mixer, and a syringe with graduations so that you can measure out the right amount of milliliters.If suddenly this syringe you do not, then work out how from a rough calculation: 1 tablespoon - a 15 ml.Also, 1 ml - about 20-25 drops.

So, the list of ingredients that are necessary for the preparation of 20 ml of the first moisturizing cream home for a century:

Natural oils:
raspberry butter - 1 ml;
jojoba - 0,5 ml;
poppy oil - 0.5 ml;
evening primrose oil - 0,5 ml;
cupuaçu butter - half a rectangular piece (similar to sugar)

Essential oils:
sandalwood oil - 1 drop;
oil rose - 2 drops

Pure, mineral or boiled water - 11 ml;
ceramide complex - 10 drops;
Biozol - 10 drops;
dense gel gialuronka - 1 teaspoon (well suited gialuronka of a set of fragrances).

Candelilla wax - 2.5 pieces;
Nikkolipid - 0.5 g

process for the preparation of a cream:
Put in some small bowl or other dish, cupuaçu butter, poppy seed, jojoba oil, candelilla wax and nikkolipid.Heat the mixture in a water bath, then warm up by the same water the water bath (in another bowl).Add the water gialuronka, stir, and then mix it with the first part of the composition, and start beating with a mixer.Continuing to whisk, add the raspberry oil, evening primrose oil, essential oils, ceramides complex and biozol.Whisking a little longer all the ingredients and all the cream is ready!
This eye cream is advisable to use not more than 1 month.

second recipe homemade cream for age, for the already mature skin:

To prepare 20 ml of cream you need:

Natural oils:
castor oil - 0.4 ml;
pomegranate seed oil - 1.4 ml;
oil kiwi - 0.5 ml

Essential oils:
sandalwood oil - 2 drops;
oil of nutmeg - 1 drop;
carrot oil - 3 drops

infusion of parsley on jojoba oil and avocado - 1ml;
emulsifier for cream and milk - 1ml

Water based:
rose Hydrolat - 5.5 ml;
cornflower Hydrolat - 8 ml

active additives:
Aevitum - half of the capsule;
kelp extract - 0.4 ml;
extract of red vine - 0.6 ml;
silk peptides - 0.4 ml;
hyaluronic acid - 0.1 ml

Silk Mick (sericite) - 0.2 ml
Parabenovy preservative - 0.12 ml

cream preparation technology for a century:
To begin, measure and pour into a small container 2 ml Hydrolat cornflowerand to pour the same hyaluronic acid.Stir and leave for some time, the composition should be swell gel.It is advisable to do this procedure in advance.
Then add in the resulting gel supplements: red grape extract, kelp extract, Aevitum and silk peptides.Following prepare water-based:
Pour into a separate container Hydrolat pink, and the rest of the cornflower Hydrolat.Now
vozmitee another container and pour it in castor oil, pomegranate, and the infusion of parsley.Then add the emulsifier composition to milk and cream.Further
set composition with water-based and oil composition with a water bath and heated until dissolved until the emulsifier, and then pour with an emulsifier composition and oils formulated with an aqueous base.Thoroughly whisk all of the mini mixer and place the container with a mixture of cold water, then continue whisking or stirring the cream until it is thick.
resulting thick cream to move into a small jar and pour the same to the composition that you prepared the very first (hyaluronic acid Hydrolat cornflower + supplements).Thoroughly mix all and add parabenovy preservative oil kiwi, and essential oils (sandalwood, carrot and nutmeg).And the most recent add in cream silk ics.Once again, all good stir, homemade eye cream is ready!

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