redhead, redhead, freckled, killed his grandfather with a shovel ...

About can be proved, not all people are happy appearance of the first warm rays of spring sun.Owners freckles it brings mainly a disorder alone.

Freckles With ovsem little deeper into scientific terms:
Freckles , or as they are popularly called "konopushki" - is one of the disorders pigmentation of the skin.They appear in the spring under the influence of sunlight in the form of yellow-brown spots are not large on the face, chest, back and upper extremities, and keep the whole summer.Autumn and winter are usually pale freckles, and it happens that and disappear altogether.

B ashche konopushki all are people with red hair and a bright color.But sometimes there are exceptions.

M The man, whose skin has freckles, this fact a little worried, but not so on the female.Many of these different methods all attempt to get rid of them.Only if it is really necessary?

In ed there are many girls who are deprived of this gift o

f the sun, and are specifically put on the face konopushechnye point stick, and some even do vesnushechny tattoo.And because so many women freckles give a special charm in appearance, but they do not notice it.

Freckles H of all, if you can not live with the unbearable presence konopushek skin, try to get rid of freckles using the popular recipes.But again, to get rid of freckles, it is unfortunately not possible, they can only lighten and make it less noticeable.It is better to try to prevent their occurrence, and this requires:

1. Already since February start to eat more of the foods that contain vitamin C. It oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits, sour apples, kiwi, berries Viburnum, bell peppers and sauerkraut.You can also use vitamin C, and vitamins in the pharmacy.

2. Before going outdoors in sunny weather, use a sunscreen for your skin, it can also be a little face powder crumbly powder.This will for some time to create a kind of shield against the sun's rays.

3. Always wear sunglasses in sunny weather, and it is desirable to completely hide your face from the sun, wearing summer hats such as caps, panama hats, caps and others.

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