Lifting mask Lifting Mask - it masks contribute to tightening of the skin, improving its elasticity, and adjustments "floated" facial contours.
In Posted in General, the word is commonly understood lifting plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures for skin tightening, performed in beauty salons or specialized clinics.But today on the market of cosmetic products represented a lot of money, have a lifting effect that, if you start to use them immediately, at the first signs of sagging skin on the face, provide a very tangible result.

Pets lifting facials , independently made from natural ingredients (food, mud, dirt, etc.) Have no less, and often even better action than the purchased drugs, but require, of course, small time-consumingas well as strict compliance with regularity.

X ochet noted that the lifting mask has astringent property of, and may be a little to dry skin.And as generally their application is recommended at a mature age, when facial skin itself becomes drier than in his youth, it is desira

ble prior to applying the composition to lubricate the skin with a thin layer of moisturizer.After using the mask on the face lift as well, always apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream (you can buy a special moisturizing cream with lifting effect).

H from that, we proceed to recipes?

Very good doing household lifting mask on the basis of raw egg protein.Those.on the face, pre-greased with a small amount of cream evenly applied to a protein, and kept until it dries.This is followed by a good wash with water at room temperature.

in particular of a protein can be prepared masks for the face oval, or rather to his suspenders, adding the following ingredients:
On 1 crude protein is taken 1 tbsp.Spoon rice or oatmeal (in the absence of these or you can take an ordinary wheat flour).The whole was stirred to obtain a homogeneous dough.If the mixture is left very thick, dilute it with a small amount of lukewarm clean water.
If possible, it will be good to add to this lifting mask 3-5 drops of essential oil of rose , fennel or sandalwood, which also helps to restore elasticity and firmness of the skin and eliminate the vagueness of the contours of the face.
composition even layer is applied to the cleaned and greased desirable cream (can be lifting) face, is left to the complete drying of the mask, and then washed off with plain water.
At the end do not forget to use a moisturizer.

Similarly lifting mask made at home from a cosmetic clay.
In pharmacies you can buy a different clay.So, when excessively dry skin is better to use red or pink clay.In other cases, buy white, blue, green, yellow, or black clay, one way or another, they all contribute to a marked tightening of the skin.
Grown clay small amount of water, so as to form a creamy mass without lumps.At 1 time is enough to 1 full teaspoon of clay powder.
already divorced clay is applied to the entire facial area (except for the skin around the eyes) with the fingertips, and left minutes 15. During this time, she should have time to dry out, and you will feel a palpable skin contraction.
Keep in mind that while holding a clay mask (as well as other similar tightening and lifting facial masks) can not talk and show any facial expressions.You must be absolutely calm and relaxed.
After the procedure, the clay is removed by wet sponge or a wet cotton swab, or just thoroughly washed off with water at room temperature.Then the person is required to apply moisturizer.
way in this mask for tightening facial contours can also add 3-4 drops of essential oil of sandalwood , fennel and rose, as mentioned above, they do a good job with skin sagging.
Again, with increased dryness of the skin before applying the mask of mud to lubricate the face with a thin layer of moisturizer.

Good mask with lifting effect obtained from therapeutic Dead Sea mud (mud or other cosmetics sold in pharmacies).
about 1 tbsp.Spoon this very dirt diluted small amount of warm water (if the package specifies a different way of cooking, dilute the dirt under the instruction), so that in the end we got a medium density paste.
For very dry skin instead of water better to take warm milk, it will soften slightly astringent effect of the mask.In particular, dry skin, before laying on a mud mask face lifting should be lubricated moisturizer.
resulting mass is necessary to impose on the face area, without affecting the lips and area around the eyes, and wait for its drying in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, not talking, not making any facial movements.
After the dirt is removed by wet soft sponge (or a swab of cotton wool), and the remains are washed away by washing with warm water.At the end of the skin is required to apply the cream with moisturizing and nourishing action.

All of the domestic lifting face mask should be done systematically 2 times a week, for at least 2 months.After the appearance of visible results, to further maintain the oval face, elasticity and skin tone masks lifting can be done once a week.

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