Firming mask Firming Mask at home is not a panacea in irreversible age-related changes of the skin, where there is hardly anything will help except for plastic surgery.But at the first sign of wilting, shallow wrinkles , and hint at the oval face floated they may still be something to correct.
D The action of such masks is aimed at improving the tone, skin elasticity, the return of the former definition of facial contours, as well as the elimination of small and more amenable to smooth out wrinkles.

P ervaya part recipes home pull-up face masks of egg whites, clay and mud is on the page -. Lifting mask oval face.
M s also consider here the mix of products such as honey, gelatin, and Cosmetic paraffin, which also have a fairly good lifting effect.

Honey firming facial mask:
To prepare you will need only 2 teaspoons of liquid honey (honey candied thick first need to melt in a water bath).But
required other ingredients - pharmacy clay or flour, and citrus juice.
So, connect the honey with 1 teasp

oon of clay powder, which should be pre-diluted in a small amount of water to form on the average density of the pasty mass.If you use flour, 1 teaspoon of it just as diluted with water, so it did not work very thick "dough."
Add 1 tbsp.a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit juice.
Now a little explain: when the skin is prone to dryness and contraction is better to use a pink or red clay, oats or rice flour (rice or oat flakes resin in a coffee grinder), and the juice squeezed from an orange or tangerine.When
markedly increased fat content of the skin, however, as in normal skin suit white, blue, green, yellow, or black clay, regular wheat flour, lemon, orange or grapefruit juice.
Grind all the ingredients with a spoon, and the resulting mass apply on cleansed face, paying particular attention to the bottom of the chin, for 15 minutes.After a good rinse with water, and be sure to use moisturizer.
Oh, and before you apply the firming mask, is to make sure whether you have allergies to honey.To do this, apply a little honey on the inner bend of the elbow, and hold for 20-30 minutes, if the allergy is still there, it will manifest itself by redness, itching, or even any skin discomfort.

Paraffin firming mask at home:
For the procedure will need to purchase a special paraffin, used for cosmetic purposes (ask at pharmacies and cosmetics stores).Usually
paraffin recommended for moisturizing and softening dehydrated and rough skin, but at the same time it also has wonderful firming and smoothing effect.
When applying the wax is melted to a liquid state by means of a water bath or a special bath (subject to availability), and a flat brush or trowel applied to the cleaned, oiled and always face moisturizer (also seize the transition area of ​​the chin to the neck) evenly.On top put a gauze cloth, which is applied on top of another 4-5 layers of liquid paraffin.It is desirable that the application process is carried out assistant, ason the eye at the very beginning should be accompanied by cotton pads.
This firming mask to hold 15-20 minutes, while forbidden to speak, and to make any facial movements.During this time, should have time to harden the wax, and then easily removed with gauze (take a gauze cloth on the lower edge, and gently peel it away from the neck to the forehead).Then quietly remove the remnants of the mask with your fingertips, rinse your face with warm water and grease moisturizing cream.
to enhance pull-up properties of the blend for the first layer of wax, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey.Then you have to melt it in two containers in one place about 1 tbsp.spoonful of solid paraffin, and when it melts, add honey, put in another container a larger quantity of paraffin wax to be enough for several other layers.
As for contraindications to this firming face mask of wax, it is - rosacea, increased hair growth face an abundance moles , warts , any skin disease, poor blood clotting, high blood pressure and disorders of the cardiovascularsystem.

very good at doing face masks for skin elasticity of gelatin.After gelatin - is cleaved collagen (a protein that is responsible for the tone and are tight human skin).
Details about the beneficial properties of gelatin and its preparation and use as a face mask, see page -. gelatin to rejuvenate the skin.
See also - smoothes, softens and other gelatinous mask -. All of these recipes also contribute to the tightening of facial contours.

way, noticeable effect differs home firming mask for the face of the freshly mashed potatoes.
must only prepare mashed potatoes, without the addition of salt, pepper, or any additives (for dry skin to make milk, with other types - water).Puree should get thick.Refrigerate it until comfortably warm to the touch, apply a thick layer on the face and the neck, hold for 20-30 minutes, then carefully remove the potatoes with your fingers and wash with water at room temperature.

The sooner you start using the mask tightens the skin (at least 1 time per week), in order to retain them longer turgor, clear oval face, a young, fresh and radiant appearance.

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