B To prepare facial masks from natural products , in addition to vegetables, fruits, berries, honey, tea, coffee, and milk products for this purpose, suitable, and a host of other eatables that are most likely already have inyour home.
T ak, for example, it may be bread, cereals, yeast, mayonnaise, because you see, most of these products are purchased on a regular basis, so in fact, why not use their small part to the benefit of our skin.

Masks of the products Masks of eggs - In this section you will learn about the benefits of using egg masks for the face, namely, any action on the skin have a chicken yolk and white.
P omimo recipes individual masks of albumen and yolk to oily and dry skin, you'll also find a few recipes of masks from the whole egg for normal and combination skin.

Masks of protein for oily skin

Masks from the yolk for hydration and nutrition dry skin

Oat mask - Masks of oat flakes can be successfully used for all skin types.Moreover, the mask can be made, as flakes of dried and steam

ed in water or milk (oatmeal).
About vsyanka has a soft and a good cleaning effect, and depending on the mixed products can perfectly be used for food such as dry skin, and for eliminating greasy oily skin, as well as for the recovery of troubled skin.

Recipes facial scrub from oatmeal

Masks bread - For the preparation of bread masks is recommended to take the usual white bread or loaf with dry skin, and black or rye bread at a fat skin type.
T ak well as oatmeal, bread is very good, and most importantly gently cleanses the skin, and has many other useful features, chief among them - is the food, easy drying and matting skin.

masks from yeast - Masks of the common baker's yeast is particularly well suited to care for oilier skin.They can be used to clean, slightly dry skin, remove it shine, to align the complexion and make the skin velvety and matte.
T akzhe, if you mix the yeast with certain nutritious foods, you can prepare wonderful mask for a dry skin type.

Masks mayonnaise - Mayonnaise, even without mixing it with any natural products or can be used as an excellent nutritive and moisturizing facial masks.
M ayoneznye mask is especially recommended for dry skin in the presence of, or to moisten the normal and combined (mixed) skin.

Recipes mayonnaise at home

Oatmeal, and the mask of oatmeal - Oatmeal - a well-known natural product that is made from oat grain.Learn more about what is oatmeal, and how it is produced.
H have and, of course, in this section, you will find simple recipes face masks on the basis of oatmeal.

Masks flour - Face masks made of flour to help cleanse the skin gently, just her Dry the while.That is why they are primarily recommended for oily skin.
H of and in the presence of dry skin type, you can pamper yourself with masks made from flour, not from ordinary wheat, and, for example, rice or oatmeal.
And , of course, the addition of other domestic products in the mask will increase its nutritious, refreshing, invigorating, and other cosmetic features.

Rice mask - Ready or based on rice flour (which you can do on your own) or softened whole grains (which are kindly requested to fill in warm water and leave for a certain time).
About shows cleansing, nourishing, leveling and smoothing effect on the skin.

Corn mask - The basis of the composition is not taken corn grain, and three products derived from this golden cereal.This corn flour, starch, and oil.
flour and starch, diluted with water or milk products is good ground dull and soothe the skin greasy and problumnuyu, milk or juice - nourish and smooth the normal, dry and aging skin.
And what effect has oil?

Masks semolina - Can be used as raw semolina and semolina, boiled in milk or water.
Depending on the preparation method, the mixture may have a rejuvenating and smoothing, nourishing and softening, further purifying the skin effect.

Masks cinnamon - Homemade masks of Queen cinnamon spices help stimulate circulation and accelerate the metabolism in the skin cells, thereby allow nadolshe prolong her youth.
T akzhe making masks of cinnamon and other ingredients can significantly improve the complexion, get rid of the unhealthy pallor of the skin, freshen, tone, cleanse and enhance skin elasticity.

Masks Turmeric - This eastern spice is also popular in the home of Cosmetology.Yellow-orange powder is especially recommended for rejuvenating mature and already "sluggish" of the skin, in particular, it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and can be used against acne.

Masks nuts - more suited to drier skin as produce good nourishing effect.In addition, the mask perfectly vitaminize nut, align and clean the skin.
most often used for the preparation of mixtures of pine and walnuts, but you can take and others.

Gelatine for person - Another product of animal origin, if not eaten alone, but widely used in the preparation of many confectionery and other dishes.No less popular is its use in home care for skin.
About acquainted more in beneficial effects on our skin gelatin, about how to cook it, and, of course, try to effective home masks based on it.

rejuvenating, softening and other gelatin facials

Recipes masks of gelatin, p.2

Applying aloe skin person - Although aloe and can not be attributed to natural food, it would be wrong to bypassby his side.This houseplant has virtually every home, housewives and widely used in various medicinal purposes.But aloe - this is not only a wonderful doctor, but also an excellent beautician!
And spolzuya juice and pulp of aloe can achieve amazing results in improving skin condition: eliminate acne, soothe irritated and sensitive skin, moisturize well, improve elasticity, slow down skin aging, and more.

softening, moisturizing, toning, and other masks of aloe

People use aloe vera for acne

Masks with ginger -. Ginger - many well-known spice often used in Japanese cuisine for heckling taste,It has recently been used as a tool to help you lose weight.
Ginger masks also have a beneficial impact, especially in the fight against a lackluster complexion.In particular, their use is ideal for rejuvenating sluggish skin and soothe oily skin problem.

Masks caviar - Did you know that black and red caviar - is not only a tasty delicacy, but also a great natural cosmetics for face?
Thus, the mask from the eggs well contribute to a healthier, fortification, food and especially the rejuvenation of all skin types.Caviar procedures are recommended for mature skin care after 40 years , and for the prevention of aging of the skin is still young.

masks from seaweed kelp - Laminaria, or as it is called, we - seaweed can be used not only in food, or for body wraps.As it turned out, the mask for the face of kelp provide a truly miraculous effect.
About Blood nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating properties of this seaweed can improve the condition and appearance of any type of skin is literally after the first application.However, try it yourself!

benefits of fish oil for skin - This unpalatable and unpleasant to the smell of the product has a very positive effect on the drier and start to wither wrinkled skin.When it comes good external use enrichment skin beneficial nutrients, a person literally smoothed, eliminating its dryness, wrinkles disappear smaller.

Cleansing Mask with soda - As at home, baking soda is often used for cleaning utensils and surfaces, as well as in skin care facial mask soda helps remove black dots, clean the skin.
And thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, in particular soda helps prevent acne spread, drying existing pustular rash.

Masks of salt - for face care is suggested to use sea salt becauseUnlike ordinary table salt, it contains a considerable amount of beneficial substances, such as, for virtually the full range of trace elements and other minerals.
With Olevia mask helps to improve complexion, align and gently cleanse the skin, making it smoother and more elastic.

Masks sugar - "Do not eat a lot of sugar, spoil the face and figure."Yes, the statement is true, but it turns out that with the help of sugar a person can not only ruin, but also "beautify"!Little hard to believe?See for yourself.
With obstvennoruchno prepared mask based on sugar perfectly moisturize and cleanse the skin.After their application face becomes smooth, radiant, smooth and velvety, pleasant to the color, and tender to the touch.

Masks with colorless henna - Many of us tend to think that henna is mainly intended for the hair, and in most cases this is true.And only a few are aware that the colorless henna - it is also an excellent remedy for skin care.
The use of this natural product is absolutely no doubt about it.Masks on the basis of a colorless henna perfectly relieve acne inflammation, nourish, cleanse, tone, restore and rejuvenate the skin.

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