Effective therapy for varicose veins involves the use of various drugs - injections, tablets and various tools for external use.

Effects ointments or to count

Considering varices, meaning varicose veins, often shin.Abnormalities in esophageal veins for obvious reasons is not treated with creams.Hemorrhoids (varicose veins of the rectum) - is an independent disease, and varicocele requires surgical intervention.

Ointment refers to soft drugs that are therapeutically applied to the mucous membranes and skin.There are several options ointment preparations - creams, gels, liniments, pastes.They differ in the method of manufacture, texture and proportion of components.The main ingredients are the active substance, which has healing properties, and fat base.

Ointment with constant use helps:

  • heal sores;
  • restore the natural flow of blood;
  • strengthen the wall of blood vessels;
  • reduce pain in the legs;
  • reduce the formation of blood clots;
  • improve venous valves;
  • eliminate soft tissue swelling.

Cream of varicose veins is used as a prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

Doctors claim that the best therapeutic result at the initial stages of the disease is achieved by using local resources in combination with medical compression hosiery.

Note the active current components!

to pick the cream of varicose veins suitable for you should be familiar with the composition of the drug.Action means completely independent of its active components.

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The injections for varicose veins

How to treat varicose veins of the legs

  • chestnut extract - reduces swelling and pain in the extremities, it has a strong influence of venous and participates in the resorption of blood clots.
  • Heparin - increases blood circulation in the blood vessels, reduces swelling, increases blood flow, helps eliminate blood clots formed.
  • hazelnut extract and horsetail increase the tone of the venous wall, making it more elastic, as well as contribute to strengthening the metabolism in the connective tissues.
  • oak bark comprises tannin, improves microcirculation, anti-inflammatory action.
  • calendula and nettle have a regenerating and hemostatic effect.
  • Ginkgo Biloba - a natural remedy to stimulate circulation.
  • Troxerutin - helps to eliminate inflammation, pain and swelling.

ointment against varicose veins may enter into mineral oils and vitamins.Components of local products provide an adequate result for the prevention of disease.

So what to choose?

The windows of pharmacies you can see a wide variety of creams from varicose veins.Let's look at the most popular tools.

venoruton Venoruton - gel with the active ingredient vitamin P (rutin).It penetrates through the skin, it affects the level of cells.As a result of reduced membrane permeability and vein wall is securely protected from the traumatic effects of free radicals.With continued use reduces swelling, it is venotoniziruyuschee action and, as a result, the pain decreases.It means well tolerated, but it is better not to use it in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Venitan - is produced in the form of gel and cream.The active ingredient of horse chestnut extract.Helps to restore the vessel wall, "pull up" the veins stretched, eliminate swelling and inflammation.Do not apply for injuries of the skin and the formation of trophic ulcers.

Ginkor Gel - consists of routine, and the extract of leaves of Ginkgo biloba.The active substances reduce the permeability of the vessel wall and increase skin tone and fight swelling of local tissues.Tool blocks the enzymatic chain inflammation.Great for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Heparin ointment - by heparin reduces blood clotting, dissolves blood clots and increases the metabolism in the blood vessels.It consists of benzocaine, which has a local anesthesia.

ointment Vishnevsky - astringent, antiseptic and wound-healing effect, used in the development of venous ulcers.

also often used for diseases such as an ointment Ichthyol, venozol, aestsin gel gepatrombin, lioton 1000 and troksevazin.

What effect expected

creams play a very important role in the treatment of varicose veins.However, their effect is only sufficient for the prevention and the first symptoms of the disease.They effectively fight the disease symptoms - swelling, pain.Other effects such as the improvement of the blood flow, vascular strengthening, removal of thrombi, provided in conjunction with other forms of drugs.Choose carefully

means not negligent attitude to their own health and be sure to consult with a specialist.