Hirudotherapy refers to non-traditional methods of treatment and has been known since ancient times.Despite the development of medicine and the emergence of new technologies and products, leeches for medicinal purposes is still applied.

What is the essence of the method?

leeches Treatment of varicose veins is based on their ability to be injected into the blood drugs.The first thing to say about this anticoagulant is hirudin, which thins the blood and prevents its rapid coagulation and formation of blood clots.Proponents of the method say that apart from hirudin in the patient's blood to the enzymes that increase the permeability of capillaries, and anesthetics, painkillers bite.

Thus, leeches for varicose promote dissolution of existing clots and prevent the formation of new, reduce swelling, prevent thrombosis.

How is the procedure?

For the treatment of varicose veins are only used medicinal leeches, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.To begin with the patient examined, the doctor evaluates t

he severity of the disease, the feasibility of the method, the presence of contraindications.In addition, the doctor determines the number of leeches, course duration, number of sessions.

To prepare for the procedure should be as follows:

  • shave off the hair on the place in which to put the leeches.
  • Take a warm shower without hygiene.
  • Before the procedure, not to eat foods with a strong odor.

Formulation of leeches for varicose goes according to certain rules.Depending on the type of disease the physician selects the placement of the point, and this will be different places.The main area where the leeches are usually - a liver and sacral area, lower abdomen.From the fourth session, they are placed in areas with dilated veins.Leech should be staggered not at the veins themselves, and not too close to them, and they go, otherwise it may break blood vessels.Do not put them on the place of edema.It is not recommended to place on the inner surface of the tibia, where many veins.

leech therapy
Where and how much to put leeches for varicose defines girudoterapevt

first leech bite through the skin, then begin to drink blood, at the same time throwing into the bloodstream active substances in their saliva.After the leeches get drunk, they fall off.


Medical leeches are not suitable for everyone.From contraindications include the following:

  • hemophilia (poor blood clotting);
  • anemia;
  • hypotension;
  • pregnancy;
  • children's age;
  • cancer.

views of experts

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Does vinegar with varicose veins?

Doctors have expressed different opinions about treatment with leeches.As is known, varicose veins is to increase the lumen venous incompetence of valves and pathological discharge of venous blood.Phlebology and vascular surgeons believe that stuffing hirudin for the purpose of thinning the blood does not affect the veins and incompetent valves, so the leech does not cure varicose veins.At the same time girudoterapii supporters argue that dissolve varicose veins, pain and swelling go away.According to the statement of Phlebology, the effect of these procedures is minimal, does not last long, and soon comes the aggravation, even more severe.

Possible complications

Recently increasingly heard about the insecurity of this method.It is known that leeches are annelids and addition of hirudin isolated in human blood many bacteria living in their throat.This leads to numerous complications, including:

  • resistant pigment spots in the field of placement of leeches;
  • bleeding after biting, which can not take place for a long time;
  • dermatitis;
  • lymphadenitis;
  • allergies;
  • suppuration (cellulitis, abscesses);
  • sepsis;
  • trophic disorders;
  • erysipelas;
  • thrombosis, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis.

Today, treatment for varicose veins is possible with modern less traumatic methods.As for hirudin available to physicians have a highly efficient and safe anticoagulation with persistent action.