treatment of hypertension should begin at an early stage of the disease.Task polyclinic doctors identify hypertension in a patient, conduct a survey to choose an effective treatment.Unfortunately, sometimes this is not feasible due to the patients themselves.At a young age is hard to believe that the onset of the disease of the cardiovascular system.

Breaks in the dispensary observation leads to the fact that the initiation of treatment of hypertension does not give results, crises are repeated, lost earning capacity.If the patient does not want to be treated, in such cases the medicine is powerless, employment outlook - a disability within a few years.

Stages of treatment of hypertension

Health facilities must comply with the principle of continuity in the treatment of diagnosed hypertension.

current treatment of hypertension requires that the patient has to go through the steps of sequentially:

  • stationary;
  • outpatient;
  • sanatorium.

After hospital treatment extract transmitted GP for furth

er continuation of therapy.In the clinic, you can take a course of physical therapy, which is not completed in the hospital.Ideal for the patient - to get to the hospital after rehabilitation cardiology department, all the known methods of treatment where applicable.Such units are based on the local resorts.In any case, hypertensive patients have a lifetime to adhere to certain rules and modes.

How to treat hypertension?

daily routine and work

Treatment of hypertension is impossible without the normalization of work and rest.Of great importance is the correct schedule.After two hours of work needed vacation.Sleep should be longer than that of a healthy person - nine o'clock at night and day to two hours.It is proved that the non-severe morning work helps to reduce the pressure.Night work, related negative emotions increase blood pressure.

Defective sleep, conflicts at work, family quarrels, constant noise - these causes in individuals with increased nervous excitability leading to the progression of hypertension.Smoking and attempts to relax with alcohol only worsen the situation.For the treatment of hypertension should seek to eliminate all that causes the excitation of the nervous system.The patient should develop an adequate response to a number of irritants.To do this, feel free to consult a psychologist.Recommended classes auto-training, yoga.It is better to start them in the group, under the supervision of a specialist.

In the initial stage of the disease the patient can and should do the job that suits him, in view of the proper construction of the mode of life.


Exercise hypertension train neurohormonal mechanism for coordinating the work of the heart and blood vessels of the body.During exercise expands the bloodstream and ten times increase the number of active capillaries (the smallest blood vessels), increased tissue metabolism.

Physiotherapy - is in any case not strength training and stretching muscles

course of therapeutic exercises are best explored in a sanatorium.It must take into account the functional characteristics of the organism.

good exercise for hypertensive patients are morning walks on the way to work.

Diet for hypertension

Any treatment regimen include hypertension diet food.patients with hypertension diet should:

  • counteract the development of atherosclerosis,
  • contain potassium is sufficient to maintain the heart muscle,
  • in the presence of metabolic disorders and obesity have low-calorie, does not lead to overeating.

appointed "Table №10» in the hospital and nursing home.

prohibited : cholesterol-rich meals of fatty meat, fried and smoked meat products, sausages, hearty soups, butter, lard, sour, spicy and salty condiments and sauces, mayonnaise, any sweets (jam, candy, cook products), alcohol, beer, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, sweet cakes, white bread.

recommended : boiled and stewed dishes of lean meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, soups, cereals, legumes, pasta from durum wheat, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegetables should be 0.4 kg per day, greens, greentea, fresh juices.

Not recommended drinking plenty of fluids, especially if you have symptoms of heart failure.

Most physicians believe that the amount of salt should be limited to 10 grams per day, and after a hypertensive crisis to 5 g for a few days.This means that the family must prepare food without salt.At the table, healthy family members will prisalivaem dishes to taste at ease, and high blood pressure will put in front of a small cup with a teaspoon of salt (without the "roller coaster") and will be out of it salted food throughout the day.

to lower cholesterol should be consumed daily 400 g of fruits and vegetables

In normal weight and the content of cholesterol in the blood can be once a week to afford that kind of "unprofitable".However, obesity or high cholesterol should strive to restrictive daily energy intake, frequent smaller meals, to arrange weekly fasting days.

Drug therapy

For the treatment of hypertension is mandatory and have to take pills, injections and the necessary drugs.
Drug treatment requires compliance with basic rules:

  • have to take medication for life, and the drug dose prescribed by the doctor, spontaneously can not be replaced or cancel the reception;
  • treatment begins with the appointment of a single drug (monotherapy), it is necessary to monitor drug tolerance, the patient is easier to adapt to the reception;
  • if treatment with one drug does not work, then the second drug for the treatment of hypertension is appointed only after the maximum possible increase in the dosage of the former.Not all doctors follow these rules, trying to immediately appoint a high dose of the two drugs.
  • advantage of available long-acting drugs that can be taken once a day, this technique is useful for the treatment of hypertension forgetful patients, psychologically well accepted.
at the pharmacy
should not engage in self-hypertension, all drugs are prescribed only by a doctor

main group of drugs

  • Diuretics (diuretics) help discharge blood circulation, removing excess fluid.But with such a fluid displays a useful element for the heart as potassium, so the use of these funds is strictly metered, requires correction potassium preparations (asparkam, Pananginum).Examples of diuretics: hydrochlorothiazide, indapamide.
  • Drugs that can influence the effect of cardiac output on the muscular contractions of the heart (beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers).These include bisoprolol, carvedilol, metoprolol, amlodipine.
  • Medicines acting in different ways on vascular tone.When expanding vascular deposition occurs on the periphery of the blood and the pressure decreases.Examples of medications: lisinopril, monopril, losartan, valsartan. These drugs are absolutely contraindicated in hypertension in pregnant women.

doctor prescribes a drug or combination based on the actions of other organs and systems, it takes into account the presence of chronic diseases and individual tolerance.

In addition, with the help of medication held prevention of atherosclerosis, reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol.

Physiotherapy treatments for hypertension

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These techniques have a significant impact on the state of vascular tone, improve cerebral blood flow and coronary vessels, relieve stressannoying and negative reactions, help to reduce the dose of essential drugs.Applied in the first to the second stage of the disease.

well established in the treatment of hypertension diathermy cervical sympathetic ganglia, galvanic collar with a solution of magnesium sulfate and novocaine, total darsonvalization, electrosleep.

Electrophoresis with bromine has an overall calming effect, normalizes sleep.

Massage the head and neck area allows you to relieve stress, to expand the vessels of the brain.

Spa treatment

hypertension treatment in a sanatorium is recommended in the first and second stage, in the absence of marked symptoms of circulatory failure.

Hypertensive difficult to tolerate the acclimatization process, so better to choose a resort in their climate zone and do not seek the sea in summer.In the presence of complications from cerebral vessels, coronary circulation and kidney damage not shown spa treatment at the resort Matsesta (Sochi) and Kislovodsk.These are sent to only patients with an initial stage of the disease.

Any cardiological sanatorium has an opportunity controlled Terrenkur (walking a certain distance), of course massage and physiotherapy.

for lowering blood pressure are recommended warm baths, showers, static, oxygen inhalation.

With training exercise therapy, dosage should exercise in the pool to start the day.

Folk remedies

possible to cure hypertension among herbs and other healing agents?No you can not.It is necessary to use drugs.However, traditional remedies in all cases, will assist in calming effect on the nervous system.They are treated very gently, without causing addiction.

Most Popular Recipes: Beet and carrot juice, mix the juice of red currants and lemon, blackcurrant and strawberry, hawthorn tincture.

use of complex treatment, monitoring of blood pressure and a quarterly doctor's medical check-up will allow long to maintain the ability to work at any age.