Varicose veins are a lot of familiar firsthand.Most often, the disease affects the vessels of the legs, and the blame for that - walking upright.In the veins the blood rises, overcoming the attraction of the earth, which is very difficult.If the blood vessels and valve device initially weak, then they eventually got worse and worse to cope with the work, and this leads to a stagnation of blood in the legs and edema.Vessels gradually lose their elasticity and expand, forming unattractive painful knots.None of the treatment method at present can not completely get rid of this disease.Therefore, prevention of varicose veins is extremely important: even if you can not prevent the disease, it is always possible to delay the start or pause if it has already appeared.

Who is at risk?

Prevention is needed, above all, those who are at risk.This category includes a large number of people, among them:

  1. Women.Often varices develops during pregnancy (20-40% of expectant mothers), which is explained by the produc
    tion of hormones, which are necessary when preparing to leave, but at the same time they weaken the vascular wall.When child-bearing clamped large vessels designed for venous outflow and increased by one-third the total volume of blood circulating in vessels.Furthermore, varices in women can be associated with taking hormonal contraceptives.
  2. People leading a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Office workers, drivers, computer programmers, accountants and anyone who spends most of his working time in a sitting position.
  4. representatives of professions such as hairdresser, salesman, teacher and others who are forced to stand for long periods.
  5. People whose parents suffer from varicose veins.
  6. Athletes, especially dealing with weight lifting and jumping.
  7. Elderly.At this age, there is wear and tear of all the organs and tissues, including the veins.
  8. Persons with overweight.

What is prevention?

Prevention of varicose veins - this is the best treatment, and it is necessary for almost everyone.

Firstly, in order to prevent its occurrence.Do not relax, if the parents do not get sick: the risk factors of the disease, in addition to genetic predisposition, very much.
Second, prevention is necessary in order to deter the progression of varicose veins, reduce the number of relapses and avoid dangerous complications such as phlebitis, thrombosis, trophic ulcers.

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Healthy lifestyle and good habits

Prevention of this disease - it is a comprehensive approach.The first step is to change your lifestyle.

  1. Weight loss.People with excess body weight are at risk: overweight promotes varices and inhibits cure.
  2. Refusal of bad habits.As is well known, cigarette smoking adversely affects vascular wall.
  3. Physical education within reasonable limits.The movement has a positive effect on blood vessels and blood circulation, as well-trained calf muscles pump the blood from the lower extremities to the heart, preventing stagnation.Physical inactivity in this disease is contraindicated.Good to walk, swim, ride a bike.If you have varicose veins running is allowed, but not for long distances.
  4. Nutrition and the fight against constipation.Voltage constipation blocks blood flow in the veins of the lower extremities.
  5. Prevention of varicose veins involves compliance with work and rest.It is important to sleep a sufficient number of hours and time to go to bed.Chronic fatigue harm vessels.
  6. hygienic procedures.Daily pouring feet with cool water.When varicose veins is important to follow the skin of the lower limbs, to avoid damage, irritation and itching, which can lead to phlebitis.
  7. can not go to the steam room, take a hot bath, sunbathing, soar feet, if you already have varicose veins.Vessels like the cold.
  8. necessary to refuse high heels in their daily lives.Optimal its height should be 5 cm.
  9. For the prevention of varicose veins, you need to avoid sitting in the pose of the foot on the leg or foot for foot.When sedentary work is necessary to get up every half hour and do simple exercises for the legs, such as lifting on socks.
  10. If varicose veins has already developed, it is desirable to find during the day time to relax and sit with legs raised to the level of the heart.
  11. Do not wear tight and slimming clothing that compresses the body at the waist, groin and legs.

Compression knitwear

stockings anti varicose veins exclude all risk factors in the present conditions is impossible.Sedentary work, for a long time spent in traffic jams, frequent flights - all this prevents the normal circulation of the blood.What is the prevention of varicose veins with sedentary work?The most reliable and effective way is to wear a special jersey that supports the veins, preventing them to grow, to prevent swelling, relieves fatigue, relieves heavy legs.Products contribute to the outflow of blood from the legs through a special distribution of compression: the ankles - 100%, in the knee - 75%, from the hips - 50%, in the groin about 20%.Special jersey should be selected strictly on the size.

Wearing it is recommended and in sports, especially while running, jumping, weight lifting.It is indispensable in the flights, hours of travel on a bus or train with seating.Wear tights should be in the morning until you got up from the bed.Legs with the need to keep upbeat.This ensures the correct form veins.When wearing tights vessels are squeezed with such force that blood circulation is not affected.In addition, there is micro coinciding with venous blood flow.If desired, you can purchase a device that facilitates donning.

for the prevention of varicose veins stockings are three compression grades.Products of class I can buy and use without the advice of a doctor to prevent the disease, when it is no sign.If the symptoms of varicose veins were used pantyhose II or III class compression, depending on the stage of the disease.This jersey to be worn only on prescription.Tights are not treated, they merely ensure proper blood circulation and comfort.

Medicines for the prevention of varicose veins

External funds

advise to read:

injections for varicose

Treatment of varicose veins

feet Today on sale there are many such forms of treatment and prevention of varicose veins, as an ointment, gel, cream.Many of them are affordable.These tools provide quite significant primary effect.They cooled, improve microcirculation in tissues, relieve swelling, pain, night cramps.Especially popular are gels Lioton, Troxerutin, Troxevasin, Trombless, Venoruton, heparin ointment.They should be applied to the field with modified spider veins and veins several times a day.

Preparations for oral

is not enough just to apply the cream for the prevention of varicose veins.Together with external agents need to periodically take oral medications that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and blood thinners.Effective and popular today are ventoniziruyuschie Venarus pills made on the basis of bioflavonoids.
Action medicines:

  • increases the tone of the venous wall;
  • reduces the typical symptoms: pain, cramps, swelling, heaviness in the legs;
  • effectively and early in the disease, and in the bright stage of clinical manifestations;
  • reduces the appearance of possible complications of the disease.

From krovorazzhizhayuschih funds used Cardiomagnyl, Aspekard, Thrombotic ACC.

should remember that uncontrolled use of medicines is unacceptable: all the drugs and dosage should be determined by the attending physician.For the application of many of them there are contraindications.The use of external funds is not permitted ulcers and open wounds on the feet.