main and most common symptom of heart failure - a shortness of breath that occurs not only in the load, but in a calm state.It is always a serious reason to make an appointment with a cardiologist.

Apnea is characterized by a sense of lack of air and a change in the depth and frequency of breathing.It may be physiological, i.e. occur in a healthy person, such as when running.This is a normal reaction to the load when there is a need to increase the amount of oxygen.Breathing may become more frequent and excitement in response to the release of adrenaline.But breathlessness and abnormal happens, that is a symptom of various diseases, including heart failure.

pathological cardiac dyspnea

If breathing is difficult under mild exertion, such as walking or climbing stairs low and at rest, then most likely, we are talking about the development of the disease.

Wheezing occurs when the heart can not handle the load.Blood flow in the pulmonary vessels slows down portion of the liquid passes through the vesic

les and pulmonary vascular wall.Light can not fully saturate the blood with oxygen.Developed anoxia of tissues, which is why breathing quickens, it becomes difficult to breathe.In addition, there is congestion, edema.If a healthy person makes about 15 breaths per minute, the patient with heart failure - twice.

classification of heart failure according to the type of exercise

begins with the fact that there is shortness of breath during physical activity, but as the disease progresses, the situation is changing.Thus, depending on the load are four functional class of heart failure:

  1. first class.The appearance of shortness of breath due to significant physical exertion.
  2. second class.Shortness of breath occurs in moderate physical activity.
  3. third class.Shortness of breath caused even minor everyday stress.
  4. fourth class.The man is at rest, while he observed rapid breathing.


The dangerous atrial fibrillation?

most severe dyspnea in heart failure - a nocturnal seizures.The patient can not sleep, because the shortness of breath is amplified in a supine position, and a man suffocates.This is because as soon as he takes a horizontal position, increases blood flow to the heart from the veins, and it is not able to cope with this flow.The pulmonary vascular congestion occurs, causing shortness of breath and there.As a result, patients have to sleep sitting, the legs are lowered to the floor.In this position, part of the blood is sent to the vein, making it easier for the heart.A most comfortable, these patients feel, sitting on a chair.

How to distinguish dyspnea in heart failure?

Dyspnea in heart failure has a number of specific features, which you must have an idea.

  1. Difficult breath.
  2. Dyspnea appears or gets worse during physical exertion.
  3. Dyspnea appears or worsens in the supine position, as in finding a patient in a horizontal position, the heart works in a busy schedule.If you sit down, or at least take accumbency, it decreases.
Apnea often occurs during exercise

This pathology turn another acute and severe condition - pulmonary edema.At the same time there is a severe weakness, breathing becomes difficult, his lips turn blue, serves cold sweat, having panic attacks.Thus it is not possible to get rid of the conventional methods of dyspnea.

How to provide first aid in acute heart attack of shortness of breath before the arrival of emergency?

1. Open a window to let in fresh air, open collar, loosen clothing in the chest area, to ensure patient comfort.
2. The patient should take a sitting or semi-sitting position, legs folded down.
3. If possible you need to use with cardiac dyspnea, oxygen tent.
4. Give the patient a tablet of nitroglycerin under the tongue.

How to treat shortness of breath?

To reduce dyspnea in therapy require primarily underlying disease, in this case - heart failure.It is important integrated approach.Treatment is not just taking medications.It is necessary to get rid of bad habits, adjust diet, try to contain their emotions and not to exclude moderate motor activity.

to normalize heart function prescribed drugs such as glycosides, which have antiarrhythmic, and cardiotonic action, ACE inhibitors dilates the arteries and contribute to the restoration of vascular function and diuretics that promote the conclusion of fluid from the body, which facilitates the state.To minimize oxygen starvation and reduce heart rate in some cases administered beta-blockers.Drug treatment helps to reduce the symptoms of shortness of breath and feel better.

With regard to nutrition, heart failure is recommended to include in the menu more fiber, vitamins, protein.It should reduce the consumption of fat, carbohydrates and salts.In severe forms of heart failure from salt have to give up completely.

Movement has always been and will be the basis of life, so even if cardiac dyspnea can not give up physical activity.Loads need to control what can be done only by the doctor.The most affordable and harmless pastime - it's walking, which should be daily.

special trust patients have a national methods.The plants used in the treatment of cardiac dyspnea include hawthorn, peony, motherwort.However, treatment of folk remedies in any case requires monitoring by doctors.