diseases of the rectum is engaged proctologist.The most frequent reason for seeking this specialist is hemorrhoids.Irrespective of its extent, the chief complaint Proctologic almost all patients appear spotting from the rectum.Bleeding hemorrhoids it is characterized by specific symptoms and requires more detailed consideration.

Why hemorrhoids blood

Only severe forms of hemorrhoids do not bleed, appearing protrusions from the anus and severe pain in the area.All typical cases of chronic hemorrhoids to the fore bleeding.This is due to the nature of hemorrhoids.After all, his structure is rectal venous plexus that are anatomically everyone.But in patients with hemorrhoids, they developed and expanded over the type of varicose veins on the legs with varicose veins of the lower extremities.In the case of hemorrhoids all the same, only different localization process (rectal instead of legs).

Given these data, not difficult to guess why bleeding hemorrhoids is a basic symptom.It arises as a result of the

critical stress haemorrhoid at its maximum magnification.Against this background, there is mucosal break with the flow of blood, which was its contents.

Distinguishing features hemorrhoidal bleeding

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What could be signs of internal bleeding?

Because, not only is able to manifest hemorrhoids release of blood from the anus, it is important to know those diagnostic criteria that are specific to him.Hemorrhoidal bleeding characterized by such features:

  1. arise with increasing venous pressure.This is why hemorrhoids bleed mainly during defecation or heavy exertion.
  2. Provided the first portion of dark blood.Immediately after the release of stool from the anus begins to bleed throbbing little trickle of bright blood.This is due to the fact that though hemorrhoids venous plexus is presented, but their blood supply is carried arterial vessels.
  3. Bleeding hemorrhoids stops on its own after some time, and rarely require medical interventions to stop it.
  4. hemorrhoidal bleeding does not occur at rest and never accompanied by brown discharge or otherwise.
Bleeding hemorrhoids - it's always fresh blood during physical exertion or defecation.If the blood has accompanied any allocation, you need to think about other diseases directly or colon.

Diseases simulating hemorrhoidal bleeding

Bright blood from the anus can be not only for hemorrhoids.Sometimes she accompanies certain diseases rectum and sigmoid.Therefore, it is desirable to have them in mind, especially for people who suffer from chronic long hemorrhoids.After all, it is often the cause of other rectal pathology.Reminding the symptoms of hemorrhoidal bleeding can:

  1. Acute and chronic anal fissure;
  2. Bleeding polyps rectum and sigmoid;
  3. Cancers;
  4. Erosive and ulcerative proctitis any origin;
  5. damage and foreign bodies of the rectum;
  6. Medical manipulation.

therefore can not be regarded as bleeding hemorrhoids only manifestation of the disease.It should be systematically examined in order to prevent the progression of more serious diseases.

candles from hemorrhoids
Rectal preparations for topical use - the most effective way to eliminate hemorrhoidal bleeding

Possible complications and dangers

Since hemorrhoids rarely bleeds heavily, the immediate threat to life, such bleeding is not carry.But health, nevertheless, may be affected.After all, the regular loss of blood can not pass unnoticed, due to the limited resources of the organism in relation to its ability to upgrade to the restoration of circulating blood volume elements.Sometimes profuse bleeding hemorrhoids can be opened, which may cause a large loss of blood-stage, demanding urgent measures for their stop.Much more common anemia (decreased hemoglobin level and red blood cells - anemia) due to bleeding hemorrhoids.This is especially true for women with heavy menstruation.Against this background, it can be a critical decline in red blood cells.

Treating bleeding hemorrhoids

Considering that hemorrhoids are rarely intensively blood, therapeutic measures should be aimed at the elimination of this disease.Cure diseases, will disappear, and bleeding.The exception is the intense and prolonged bleeding for which conservative measures do not bring the desired effect.In such cases, performed emergency surgery, during which time bleeding hemorrhoids or sewn or completely removed from the ligation of vessels and suturing surgical wounds.Fortunately, this treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids is rarely required.

Typical cases of bleeding hemorrhoids do not require any specific actions for their stop because their own ends.If it does not need to perform these actions:

  1. Compliance dietary regimen.The diet excludes acute and roughage;
  2. exception of physical activity;
  3. struggle with constipation: dufalak, pikolaks, micro enema;
  4. Strengthening veins: detraleks, normoven, troksevazin.In high doses, helps to effectively stop the symptoms of hemorrhoids;
  5. rectal suppositories and ointments: proktozan, Proctosedyl, ultraprokt, Relief;
  6. Hemostatic agents: vikasol, etamzilat, aminocaproic acid;
  7. Introduction ointment or impregnated with hydrogen peroxide the tampon into the anal canal and rectum.It is shown with continuous bleeding.

hemorrhoidal bleeding - is often a benign problem.But no one can be safe from its progression or transformation into a more complex disease.It is best used to treat mild to serious illness, than to be treated seriously by the late detection more difficult.Keep this in mind and take care !!!