This manipulation is still a couple of decades ago was one of the most common tools to help in case of delay of the chair.Now children with constipation enema is used much less frequently, since other alternative means established - drugs.

However, setting cleansing enema is still applied in exceptional cases.It is important to thoroughly prepare for it, and take into account all the nuances of this responsible action.


  • 1 Causes of constipation in children
  • 2 What can be done to enema
  • 3 Indications and contraindications for the use of enemas
  • 4 Compositions for enemas and liquid standards
  • 5 As an enema babies
  • 6 enema children from one year and older

Causes of constipation in children

Constipation in children

constipation in children occurs when a child is drinking enough.

Depending on the age and characteristics of children's diet constipation different criteria apply.So, for infants breastfed norm can be a chair at intervals of 2-4 days, so effectively digest mother's milk.

For formula-fed infants of the same age is important everyday chair, as well as for pre-school age children.So, if the defecation takes place less frequently than once every three days, while the baby defecates with great difficulty, it is believed that he had constipation.

often with hard stool consistency so that the act of defecation baby brings suffering.The next time he tries to delay this moment as far as possible, and a vicious circle.

All the time a child is suffering, afraid to go "in the large", the liquid from the feces is absorbed into the intestinal wall. hardened stool again cause a lot of discomfort, and further urges ignored again.In addition to the psychological, there are other causes of constipation:

  • diet nursing mother contains products that trigger constipation in a child;
  • not suitable mixture for infant formula-fed or fed complementary foods are not appropriate capabilities digestion;
  • preschooler does not want to break away from the game, or an interesting occupation;
  • little baby drinking;
  • children's diet is not balanced, it is dominated by meat products, sweets, sweet pastry;
  • toddler suffered a course of antibiotics, dysbiosis arose;
  • child can not relax in a public toilet (in the school, in kindergarten);
  • child suffered a disease accompanied by high fever and diarrhea, and, as a consequence, there was dehydration.

Rarely constipation is caused by the desire of the child, who is under the overprotection, anything to control himself in his own life.

What can be done to enema

Enema children

If constipation can use glycerin suppositories.

If constipation in children does not cause significant discomfort and is not required to take immediate action to remedy it, you can try to do without an enema.

For example, constipation due to dysbiosis can gently remove carefully selected physician prebiotics and probiotics.

restore intestinal microflora normalizes bowel movements process without the use of an enema.
If the cause of constipation in the diet of baby properly compiled, you need to stimulate defecation by introducing an additional amount of vegetables, fruits and juices.

great results leads normalization drinking regime or the use of lactulose - a prebiotic with a laxative effect.Cropped constipation in infants helps careful selection of mixtures for artificial feeding and the revision of the diet nursing mother.

With the ineffectiveness of such measures pediatrician may recommend a special spark.As a first aid suitable glycerin suppositories.If children are not able to buy a candle, the candle can be used for adults, divided into four parts.

Typically, the effect of such treatment of constipation occurs after a quarter of an hour.No less effective microclysters microlax.Their active ingredient which occupies a small volume, which is especially useful for their use in infants.

Indications and contraindications for the use of enemas

Enema children

often use an enema can not.

impossibility yourself to commit an act of defecation, discomfort, carried the baby, crying, complaints of abdominal pain in combination with a delay chair provide a basis for the use of enemas.

By this means you can not resort regularly.Enema for constipation in children is made when alternative measures have been exhausted, and the effect is yet to come.Potential consequences of regular use of enemas:

  1. intestine becomes "lazy", it weakens peristalsis;
  2. washed useful microflora, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, are responsible for the normalization of digestion;
  3. imbalance;
  4. microflora leads to a decrease in immunity.

If you put an enema without consulting a doctor, there is a risk that dangerous diseases and conditions, and exacerbate an already difficult situation.Absolute contraindications for enema:

  • painful procedures;
  • prolapse of the rectum;
  • suspected appendicitis, peritonitis.

Enema children with constipation put full confidence of parents in the absence of contraindications.It is used in addition to constipation still in the preparation of a diagnostic study of the digestive tract.

Compositions for enemas and liquid standards


water enema should be at room temperature.

This procedure is done using boiled water a little warmer than room temperature.Cold liquid provokes a spasm of the intestine, very warm water will be actively absorbed through the intestinal wall, pulling toxins from feces.

optimal water temperature - + 26 + 30 C?.More effective would be an enema, if the water add glycerin (1-2 hours. L. Per liter of water), or do it with a decoction of camomile.You can use soap and water solution from a small piece of children's soap.

Too small amount of water to be administered in the child's intestines will not have his action, too much fluid can cause the baby pain.Calculate the correct amount of liquid will table:

  • newborn - 25 ml
  • 1-2 months.- 30-40 ml
  • 2-4 months to 60 ml
  • 6-9 months to 75-100 ml
  • 9-12 months.- 120-170 ml
  • 1-2 years - 200-250 ml
  • 2-5 years - 300 ml
  • 6-10 years - 400-500 ml

For the manipulation necessary to prepare a small soft rubber bulb, whichpreviously it is necessary to boil and cool to room temperature.Plastic tip can damage the delicate tissues baby, it is better if it is rubber.

As an enema babies

Enema babies

Enema infants should be placed with extreme caution.

To put an enema, dim surface changing table or bed oilcloth and diapers.Little need to put on the back, lift his legs up.It is better if someone helps carry out this procedure, hold the baby.

pear deflated and take it to a liquid enema.Then lightly tighten the bulb to got out excess air, and there was only liquid.

tip smeared with Vaseline and very gently introduced into the rectum 3-4 cm toward the navel, and then along the spine.

liquid can not be discharged from the sharp pears into the intestine.This is done by careful small shocks to the complete emptying blower.The compressed pears withdrawn from the anus if it let go ahead of time, all the fluid from the intestine, suck back into the syringe.Buttocks child squeeze for a few minutes, an average of 5-15 minutes you can see the effect of the use of enemas.

As clysterize baby, tell footage:

Enema children from one year and older

Enema for children from 1 year

Enema children placed in exceptional cases, when other measures have failed.

methodology of this procedure does not differ from the enema for infants.

up to three years in children are not applicable pear with a plastic tip.Older children easier to do an enema, when they lie on their sides, with knees slightly bent legs.

surface, which has a child, was covered with oilcloth disposable.After an enema is better to squeeze the buttocks for 5-10 minutes, not allowing the fluid from the rectum pour too fast again.

enema to a child - an exceptional measure.It is used as a last resort if all other measures have had no effect.Carrying out this manipulation requires careful preparation.It is necessary to take into account the amount of enema, fluid temperature, carry out the procedure with the utmost care.

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