Sometimes a happy and measured life suddenly marred by sickness and intestinal problems.Unpleasant severity, coupled with a delay of stool are serious irritants that hinder the body to function normally.To get rid of these unpleasant circumstances, there is a mild laxative microlax.


  • 1 Features drug microlax
  • 2 Indications drug microlax
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 Dosage and method of administration of the drug
  • 5 storage conditions of the drug

Features drug microlax

The drug microlax

microlax - medicine, providing an excellent laxative effect.

microlax - medicine is practically instant laxative effect.The components of this combination product allows fast, efficient and sparing the intestine to release it from the accumulated feces.

He patented the American company "Pharmacia Corporation", and produced by the Swedish company "Pharmacia and Upjohn AB."Available in single tubes of 5 ml as microclysters sold packaged with four pieces.The preparation includes such components as:

  1. sodium citrate in an amount of 90 mg - the substance breaks down faeces and, by displacing them from the remaining water, converts them into a powder.In addition, it prevents reabsorption feces split primary components in the stomach.
  2. sodium lauryl sulfoacetate in an amount of 12.9 mg - by the action of a substance similar to the previous, in turn, enhances the effect of the drug.Furthermore, sodium lauryl beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis.
  3. Semidesyatiprotsentny sorbitol solution in an amount of 893 mg - having osmotic activity of a substance (liquid solution promotes the flow of the large intestine).In turn, this increases the amount of content, safely bringing the surplus.

as additional components in the composition of the drug, appear:

  • Glycerin as an emulsifier, binding together all the components
  • Sorbic acid - a natural preservative
  • Water

approximate cost of the packaging product, consisting of four tubes mikroklizmIt is 300 rubles.In addition, the drug is released without a prescription.A convenient form by the bottle and you can use it on their own, without anyone outside help.It should also be noted that, contrary to popular belief microlax glycerin suppositories, tablets microlax and another form of the drug other than provided by the corporation does not issue.

drug is largely relieves people who are constantly suffering from a rare stools and constipation, as well as facilitates the process of defecation hemorrhoids.

Indications drug microlax


microlax can be used for constipation in children and adults.

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The instructions for use of the drug indicated that it can be used for hemorrhoids, for the treatment of constipation and easing bowel motility.Use of the drug in its effect replaces the use of an enema before proctological research.Thus, the drug is given to the patient in the following cases:

  • Constipation in children and adults, regardless of its causes
  • Preparation colon to sigmoidoscopy, barium enema and other research
  • colon Preparations for gynecological research - in particular, the preparation ofto the US - Exploration.Using microlax an hour before the test, to avoid a succession of the most unpleasant purging
  • treatment of anal fissures - a procedure designed to remove remnants of feces, traumatic intestinal wall and anesthetize
  • Restoring the body's condition since Proctologic operations - microlax accelerates the healing of damaged tissues and reducesterm recovery of the body

taking the drug can also be when the period of pregnancy and lactation, however, about the possible risks and side effects of the use of a laxative, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.Since the concentration of the components in the formulation is very low, being dissolved in the blood is rapidly excreted, these substances do not cause any significant harm to the body, unlike most other laxatives.

microlax constipation - quickly and gently:


microclysters microlax

microclysters microlax contraindicated in intestinal obstruction.

Like any other drug, there have microlax contraindications and side effects, a list of whom are encouraged to review prior to the procedure.Among the contraindications are the following:

  1. Intestinal obstruction
  2. intestinal bleeding and other problems associated with damage to the intestinal
  3. Individual intolerance to the components of the drug substance

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about more precise information it is recommended to clarify the application and your doctor instructions.In addition, the drug has some side effects to be aware of before you perform this procedure:

  • Easy burning sensation in the rectal area
  • Sensitisation

should be noted that long-term use microclysters may increase the burning sensation, appearanceitching and maceration of the skin.In order to get rid of bringing discomfort, it is recommended to hold a series of preventive measures.

overdose drug information is not available, however, with frequent, even excessive, it is used there is a risk of dysbiosis.To prevent this, it is recommended to follow the instructions precisely, applied to the preparation.

Despite the seemingly short list of contraindications, it is not recommended to use the drug without thinking, without consulting with your doctor.There is a risk of developing diseases associated with components not contained in the composition of the drug, however, is directly dependent on the use equipment.

Dosage and method of use of the drug

Microlax for children

microlax can be used for both children and adults.

The instructions below are to the use of the drug in adults and children older than three years:

  • Wash hands thoroughly cleanse the skin in the anal area
  • Break off seal -nakonechnik microclysters, press until the exit tube of solution
  • Enter tiprectum and gradually squeeze out the contents of the tube with compressed
  • walls of the tube to remove the used packaging

difference in the use of micro enema for young children is that the tip of the tube inserted into the rectum only half.After the procedure it is recommended to make a circular massage the abdomen, holding his hand in a clockwise direction.The dosage is maintained for all ages is the same - 5 ml of the drug (one full tube).The effect is noticeable within the first 5-15 minutes after using the drug microlax.If changes are not observed, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor.

Many doctors prescribe microlax pregnant women suffering from constipation to ourselves childbirth.In addition, this tool is perfect for cleansing the body before the fights.

storage conditions of the drug

Microlax hemorrhoids

microlax effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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microlax shelf life of five years from the date of production.Keep it recommended at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in a dry place inaccessible to children.Analogues of the drug does not exist, however, due to its effective and rapid action, as well as affordable prices and purchase conditions, microlax in analogs and needs.

drug microlax having a laxative effect and the method of its application is micro-enemas, easy to use and has a very short list of contraindications.Its use is recommended in cases of constipation, bowel obstruction, hemorrhoids, as well as in cases when need urgent cleaning and soft body.

However, this does not mean that microlax is harmless means, the use of which encourages self.The appearance of bowel problems is a serious reason to see a doctor to check your own body.Remember that health preventive measures can not be back.

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