problem of constipation is familiar to everyone.Demand creates supply, and pharmaceutical industry offers every year new laxatives.Most of them very effectively cope with the problem, but not all, eliminate the cause of constipation by acting on the symptoms.

In addition, virtually no drug has no contraindications.If constipation is not one of the symptoms of a serious disease, to effectively get rid of it will help non-traditional folk remedies.


  • 1 How do you know that constipation becomes a pathology
  • 2 more dangerous chronic constipation
  • 3 Home remedies as unconventional therapies
  • 4 How to take herbs and feesconstipation
  • 5 constipation treatment in children with the use of popular recipes
  • 6 Use in pregnant women folk remedies to eliminate constipation

How do you know that constipation becomes a pathology


constipation - a condition in whichthe intestine is unable to empty for two or more days.

Constipation is a condition in which the intestines can not em

pty itself for two or more days.When the act of defecation is still going on, the chair often difficult.These signs of constipation can join:

  • Pain and swelling in the abdomen.
  • false desires, not ending defecation.
  • The feeling after a bowel movement that the bowel is not completely emptied.
  • Increased density of feces.
  • Inability to empty the bowel alone without the use of laxatives.

To clarify the causes of constipation, especially chronic, should consult a gastroenterologist, surgeon, physician.

If constipation episodic, occurring against the backdrop of change habitual environment, changing rhythm of life, a long trip, you can try to deal with it on their own.

more dangerous chronic constipation

Chronic constipation

Chronic constipation can cause anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

If you do not take action for the treatment of this disease, constipation can become a habit.In addition to the discomfort experienced by people suffering from chronic constipation, they, in turn, can significantly complicate his state of health.Possible consequences:

  1. appearance of anal fissures and hemorrhoids because of the constant straining and seal feces.
  2. intoxication waste products putrefying bacteria.
  3. Kalomazanie when the stool for a long time in the possession of the sphincter of the rectum, can leave marks on clothes.
  4. Chronic irritation of the rectum may contribute to the appearance of tumors.
  5. appearance of breath, skin rash.

Consequences frequent use of laxatives can lead to so-called "lazy bowel" when it significantly loses its contractile function.Additional minus the frequent use of laxatives - a metabolic disorder due to incomplete absorption of food through the intestinal wall cells.

Home remedies as unconventional therapies

potato juice

When constipation is recommended to take potato juice.

addition to diet, the use of physical education as auxiliary measures to combat constipation, you can use proven by many generations of recipes of traditional medicine.Juices and teas are recommended for constipation:

  • potato juice.Two-week course includes a 2-3-fold reception of juice before meals for half a glass.The spacing between the reception and food juice - 30 minutes.
  • tea infused dried apples, cherries.
  • onion juice.It is necessary to use freshly prepared 1 hr. Liter.shortly before the meal.It should be 2 courses, each lasting 3 weeks, between them - the three-week break.
  • juice radishes, beets, carrots, pumpkin, cucumber and tomato juice, brine remaining after sauerkraut.
  • ordinary water.It is necessary to drink for 1 st.l.with half an hour intervals between breakfast and lunch.
  • oats decoction or discharge in any dosage.
  • Cucumber pickle.It should drink per day for at least four glasses, where in brine should not be spicy spices and seasonings.
  • effective means for constipation are considered to be milled wheat bran.For this purpose, they can be purchased at the pharmacy.First, the bran should be prepared for use.To do this, they poured boiling water for half an hour, the excess water is drained venture.Gruel, resulting after this infusion, is added to any dish.The first week is enough to put a teaspoon per meal, then this rate doubles after 1-2 weeks it is adjusted to 2 tbsp.l., just enough 2-3 receptions so many bran per day.In addition, we can recommend these home remedies for the treatment of constipation:
  1. powder of ground carrot seeds and 1 g one hour before meals three times a day.
  2. Peas, milled to a powder (one teaspoon per day), regulates digestion perfectly.
  3. Plums, eaten on an empty stomach, are considered first when using single locks.
  4. infusion of 2-3 bulbs.They should be chopped, fill a half-liter bottle to 2/3 volume.Pour vodka or 50% alcohol, keep the container tightly closed 10 days in the warmth.To achieve the effect, take 10 drops once before eating.
  5. A mixture of 100 g of honey and the same amount of aloe juice, taken from old leaves, infused for 3 hours, it is very useful in this pathology, to use it for 1 hour. L.for an hour before a meal.

General rules for the application of these tools: the products must be fresh and of excellent quality, with signs of allergy are hypersensitive to the components of these recipes - seek emergency medical attention.

How to take herbs and fees in constipation

drug plants

Herbs are also great help in the treatment of constipation.

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rich natural pharmacy for the treatment of constipation has a large arsenal of herbs and fees, made from medicinal plants.Components for these prescriptions must be purchased at the pharmacy to verify the shelf life of herbs, berries and fruits.

When using berries, fruits, herbs, collected his own hands, you need to follow a calendar collection of medicinal plants, their right to dry and store.If these conditions are not met, it is quite possible that funds will not have made the desired effect.The most effective and easy-to-prepare recipes:

  • fruits of Actinidia Kolomikta eat raw.
  • infusion of 1 hour. L.flaxseed and drink a glass of boiling water once before bedtime.Filter does not need to.
  • nipplewort ordinary - 1 tbsp.l.dried herbs to brew in boiling water (1 cup).This infusion of 2 hours to filter, take 50 g (2 tbsp. L.) Before meals.
  • bark of elderberry - grind one item.l., boil for 8-10 minutes, to insist for an hour broth to drink 2 tablespoons.l.before meals.
  • elderberry leaves, boiled in honey - an excellent laxative, used for chronic constipation.
  • Goutweed - infusion of 3 tsp..herbs and two cups of boiling water is maintained for about 2 hours and take half a glass of strained broth before eating.
  • Fruits zhostera - used in the form of decoction and infusion as a mild laxative.Dosage - 1 tbsp.l.per 200 ml of boiling water.
  • Cook-so the fruits are kept for two hours and the infusion is taken at night for half a cup.The effect of this means is shown in 6-8 hours.
  • infusion of dried hop cones - folk recipe of Karachaevo - Circassia.Cones insist on kvass (2 tbsp. L. To drink half a liter).Infusion drink morning and evening.

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And these recipes attributed to the Bulgarian clairvoyant and healer Vanga.She has successfully treated many diseases using the most simple herbs and foods:

  1. Baked apple pour hot syrup.Cooled down to eat an apple.
  2. Prepare marmalade semblance of boiled berries of black elderberry, sugar is a means to add is not necessary, it is possible to put a spoonful of honey.

about how to get rid of constipation folk remedies will tell footage:

Here are some simple recipes, the material for which there is everywhere:.

  1. Broth 1 tsp.dandelion root in a glass of water, boiled for 20 minutes on low heat, take a quarter cup before eating.
  2. Insist 2 hours. L.dandelion root, chopped into 200 ml of cold water for 8 hours of taking at the same dosage as in the previous recipe.
  3. enema infusion of 3 g lemon balm and a glass of boiled water will be effective for constipation in the amount of 30-40 ml.
  4. roots of sorrel (3 tbsp. L.), You need to boil for half an hour in half a liter of boiling water in a water bath.This decoction should be taken at night, drinking a cup of broth.The effect is the following day.As the dose decoction will act as an astringent.
  5. tea 10 g grass toadflax and cups of boiling water, drunk at night hot, acts very gently.

order to achieve a stable and lasting effect can prepare herbal teas of the following composition:

  • nettle - 4 hours,
  • buckthorn bark - 5 hours,
  • fruits zhostera - 4 hours,
  • fruits of anise - 2...h,
  • licorice root -. 1 h

Half a cup of brew made from a tablespoon of the collection, brewed 250 ml of boiling water and mix thoroughly strained, to take on an empty stomach in the morning and before going to bed..

Another herbal, effective for constipation, chronic colitis accompanying:

  • reed flowers of calendula - 1 tsp..
  • blackberry leaves - 2 tsp..

This amount insist 2 hours in 220 ml of boiling water.Dosage - 100 ml for half an hour before meals.Using recipes based on herbs, it is necessary to take into account the propensity to allergic reactions, choose recipes individually.Do not use them for long periods of time without consulting a doctor.

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treatment of constipation in children with the use of popular recipes

dill Vodicka

dill Vodicka - an excellent drug for the treatment of constipation in infants.

This problem may occur even in newborns and infants when an adaptation of the immature intestine to the new conditions of life, to the new food.Frequent constipation in older children because of violations of the diet, side effects from the use of antibiotics, excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

for newborns and infants traditional remedy for constipation is considered dill Vodicka.Despite its name, the main component is not considered to be some water fennel and fennel - spicy vegetable crops.If you can not buy the finished product, this means easy to prepare himself.

In the absence of fennel seeds, can be replaced in the fennel seeds.In the cup boiling water 2 g of crushed seeds, half an hour later strained broth is ready for use.He does not fit more than one day, and then prepares a fresh batch.Children are his teaspoonful 3-6 times a day.

Preschoolers and older children can be given a compote of plums, raisins, as well as dried apricots and prunes as dried fruit, dessert, made with aloe juice and honey, powdered sugar rosehip leaves.If the child will not refuse to unusual food, he, as well as adults, will help the introduction of the menu welded bran, seaweed, oatmeal.Attach the resulting effect is possible only with the elimination of the causes of constipation, diet correction.

Use in pregnant women folk remedies to eliminate constipation

Med milk

for pregnant women to eliminate constipation can eat honey dissolved in milk.

Effect of progesterone - a hormone that is very active during pregnancy has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the intestine, so the problem of constipation is not uncommon in women expecting a baby.Very easy to pick up for a pregnant woman laxative, safe for the unborn child, and traditional medicine will come in handy here.

for the prevention and treatment of constipation help these recipes:

  1. potato juice diluted in 1: 1 ratio of raw water.His drink before each meal.
  2. Broth 2 crushed fruits dried figs in a glass of milk.This number must be divided by 4 divided doses.
  3. honey dissolved in milk (half a teaspoon a third cup) taken at bedtime.
  4. compote of dried fruits (cherries, apples, raisins, prunes), which glass is boiled in a liter of water.Boiled fruits to eat, too.
  5. Flaxseed oil (only fresh), ground flaxseed, which need to be added to food.

to treat constipation traditional medicines can be very effective when used for the manufacture of only fresh and checked raw materials, finished products, respecting the exact proportions.If signs of allergy medicines intake should be stopped immediately and seek medical advice.Means of alternative medicine should be taken only with a few cases of constipation, uncomplicated by other symptoms.Otherwise, should consult a gastroenterologist.

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