I recall an old anecdote "mouse, why such big eyes?Constipation!".This, of course, ridiculous, but in the situation of each of the mouse we have visited at least once in life.And painful thought - what would drink a cure for constipation?But the anecdote - is often a true story, a fact of life.How to cope with the problem?First you need to figure out what exactly is constipation.


  • 1 Constipation - definition and symptoms
  • 2 Constipation.The causes of disease
  • 3 Constipation - what to do?
  • 4 Home recipes for the treatment of constipation
  • 5 Constipation - go to the pharmacy
    • 5.1 Browse popular laxatives.The herb senna
    • 5.2 drugs lactulose
    • 5.3 Glycerin suppositories
    • 5.4 Laxatives for kids
    • 5.5 Pregnancy and laxatives
  • 6 Preventive measures

Constipation -definition and signs

Constipation - this is a problem

Constipation - this is a problem as a health and social nature.

Constipation - or constipation - this difficulty, sustained systematic emptying the rectum by faeces.This probl

em is both medical and social.According to the Ministry of Health in developed countries up to 50% of the population suffer from this problem.What is the norm?

If you go to the toilet at intervals up to 3 times a day, but not less than 3 times a week.That is, defecation more often than 3 times a day - this is diarrhea.But, if you walk regularly and without problems three times a week - this is one of normal variation.There are 2 kinds of this pathological condition:

  1. Acute constipation - develops within a few days
  2. Chronic - with defecation problems there are more than 3 months

Symptoms of constipation:

  • small amount of feces during defecation
  • Kal and drysolid
  • Feeling neoporozhnennogo intestine after using the toilet
  • Violation of the normal rhythm of defecation

If you go to the toilet every day, but you do not have the above symptoms, then you do not have constipation!You're absolutely healthy!

Constipation.Reasons pathology

Violations of the act of defecation is not an independent disease.It is a symptom or a result of certain pathological conditions.Causes of bowel movements:

  • Malnutrition - abuse of flour, fat heavy food.Low consumption of vegetables, fruits, crude fiber.
  • Violation of the water balance in the body - the rate of water per day from 1.5 to 2.5 liters, depending on the human dimensions.
  • sedentary lifestyle and low physical activity.
  • Stressful situations.
  • Patience - the situation in a series of "I can not go to the toilet at work - shy".The result is a chronic sprain of the rectum, urge to defecate disappear.
  • reception laxatives - the body gets used to the dosage, and work on their own does not want to.
  • The use of certain medications.
  • Diseases of the anal region - cracks, hemorrhoids, dysmotility and innervation abnormalities in development.
  • Some diseases of the spine and pelvis.
  • Endocrine diseases.

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Constipation - this is a consequence!It is important to find the cause of disease development, and not fight with the investigation!

Constipation - what to do?

The best method would be to do an enema

best method would be to do an enema.

Violation of defecation - this is a problem for the body, which begins to render waste own life.The issue of violation of defecation should be solved!The methods of struggle are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Mechanical - sometimes enema - the best method
  2. Home or folk methods
  3. Medicines

Better to start with the first two methods.Well, if it does not go, only to resort to drugs.

Homemade recipes for the treatment of constipation

all begin to fight with toilet problem with home remedies.What can be used without fear for their health?Pet medications:

  • Plum in all forms - fresh, dried, stewed fruit, jam, prunes - has a mild laxative effect.
  • dried apricots or Apricot - the best in fresh or dried form.
  • decoction of chamomile - relieves inflammation in the intestines.It has a regulating effect - diarrhea strengthens the chair has a laxative effect in constipation.The broth is prepared by classical technology - to 5 g of dry raw materials need 1 cup boiling water.Fill, wrap, drink cold.
  • fresh one-day kefir allows to cope with the problem.
  • From exotic foods have a laxative effect perespevshie bananas and pineapples.

At home, a good prevention of constipation is a high physical activity, consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Constipation - go to the pharmacy

What has to offer the modern pharmacy to solve delicate problems?There are several classifications of laxatives.Here are some of them. Classification of laxatives on the mode of administration:

  • Oral (tablets, drops, toothpaste, chewing cubes)
  • Candles for topical administration

According to the mechanism of action:

  • Drugs irritating the receptors of the rectum.Operate within 6-8 hours after ingestion and cause a single stool.Typical representatives - herb buckthorn, senna leaf, Guttalaks, castor oil.
  • preparations, holding water in the intestines, and stool softener.Popular magnesium sulfate, Carlsbad salt, lactulose.
  • Bulk laxatives - these substances increase the volume of intestinal contents, causing the urge to defecate.These include - the bran, cellulose, agar-agar.
  • oils, softening stool - almond, olive oil, paraffin, liquid paraffin.

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With drugs need to be careful.Many laxatives are addictive.Do not set them for himself alone or with a prescription grandmother on the bench.We need to find the cause of the disease, rather than try to deal with the investigation.

Browse popular laxatives.The herb senna

The herb senna

herb senna is a laxative.

herb senna is the wild plants and is widespread in Europe and Asia.This plant is grown specifically for the needs of pharmacy.only the leaves of the plant used for medicinal purposes.Senna is considered the most effective natural laxative.Components of the plants are in the intestine, increasing its peristalsis.This contributes to emptying the rectum.Indications for Senna:

  1. constipation associated with a weak tone of the intestinal wall - in the postpartum period, surgery, atony of the gastrointestinal tract
  2. Preparation for radiography
  3. Hemorrhoids and mechanical damage to the rectum
  4. Ulcerative colitis

Contraindications to receive grasssenna:

  1. Idiosyncrasy
  2. Pregnancy and lactation
  3. Some gastrointestinal diseases
  4. Frequent use of laxatives can lead to leaching of nutrients from the body.

drugs lactulose

most famous of medicines on the basis of lactulose - syrup "Duphalac".In Ukraine, there are even ads with the slogan "Yakscho you want a good - do not forget about Duphalac".Translated - if you want to solve issues with defecation, do not forget about this medicinal product.The drug released as a syrup.The main active ingredient - lactulose stimulates peristalsis, increases the osmotic pressure.

This leads to the restoration of the physiological rhythm of defecation.Dose is calculated according to patient age.Duphalac approved for use in infants, pregnant and lactating women.Contraindications to the appointment of "Duphalac»:

  • Galactosaemia - a metabolic disorder
  • ileus
  • Idiosyncrasy
  • Intolerance to milk sugar
  • bleeding of unknown etiology

Despite the fact that the drug is approved for use in patients of any age, touse is necessary to consult with your doctor.

Glycerin suppositories

The drug from constipation

Glycerin suppositories - a means to an emergency.

This is a preparation for rectal administration.The main active ingredient of candles is glycerol, which has an irritating effect on the receptors of the rectum.In addition, the structure of the oil candle softens the stool and facilitates their removal.The drug is prescribed for both children and adults, and pregnant women.Defecation occurs in 10-15 minutes after insertion of the suppository.Contraindications for the purpose glycerin suppositories:

  • acute phase of hemorrhoids
  • Allergy to the main or auxiliary substances
  • Any neoplastic processes in the gut

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Glycerin suppositories - is a means of emergency, apply them consistently should not be.

Laxatives for kids

Problems with defecation are not only adults, but also among the brood.Most moms are wondering - how to help your child and not harm him.Of course, it is better to consult a pediatrician!Doctors recommend the following medications:

  • Prelaks or Duphalac - syrups based on lactulose
  • Forlaks or Tranzipeg - osmotic laxative powder means
  • herb senna and dandelion, decoction of chamomile

All drugs should be appointed physician, not a girlfriendor neighbor.Absolutely not allowed enema with a solution of soap and salt.The same applies to the use of a bar of soap as a rectal suppository.Experiment, mom, for yourself!

Pregnancy and laxatives

Remedy for Constipation

remedy for constipation during pregnancy.

Waiting toddler - is a joy, but also a lot of work.The growing uterus puts pressure on the intestines, disturbing the natural process of peristalsis.In addition, women are often in the position prescribed iron supplements to prevent anemia.These factors contribute to constipation.As with medication to solve the delicate problem does not harm the baby?Safe at this time of the following means:

  1. Preparations based on lactulose - Duphalac, Prelaks
  2. bifidopreparaty - normalize the intestinal microflora, promotes bowel movements than
  3. Glycerin suppositories

Any other means during pregnancy should not be accepted.For the girls in the family way you need to move more, eat fruits and vegetables.

Preventive measures

Constipation - this is not a sentence!The main thing is not to allow the development of the pathology and not to get involved laxatives.What can be done to prevent violations of bowel movements?The recommendations are simple and concise:

  1. Physical activity
  2. drinking regime
  3. adhere to the rules of healthy eating
  4. not appoint myself independently laxatives
  5. take the drug only on doctor's advice
  6. undergo preventive medical examinations

Remember!Constipation - this is not a disease but a consequence!And the need to treat the cause of the disease, but do not take laxatives!

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